Scam letter(s) from Natalia Orlova to Ian (England)

Letter 1
Good day Ian You are very pleasant for me that so have quickly answered my letter in agency of acquaintances. I thought that it will be longer. But I am very glad that you could to answer quickly. I liked your structure in agency and it very pleasantly that now we can communicate. I think that to you it as it will be interesting to find out about me more. I think that my photo can tell about me much, but nevertheless it can't tell about me all. I was born December, 27-th 1977 year in city of Kanash, it approximately 60km from Cheboksary. Now to me while 28 years. My growth 172cm, and my weight 54kg. As you may see in my photo I the blonde. It is my present color of hair, but many people nevertheless think that I paint my hair. You can see the rest in my photo. To mine regret I have no parents as they were lost in a road accident when to me was only 12 years.
I was brought up by my native aunt, she is the sister of my mum. At her as the son, my cousin his name Dmitry was, but she always loved me and never concerned to me as to the niece. She always loved me as the native daughter. And I am very grateful to her for that that she has brought up me as good and responsible persons. As unfortunately she too has left this world 4 years back. And now I practically do not have relatives except for my cousin. But he as it is far from me because he lives and works in city of Vladivostok. It on a coast of silent ocean. I began to live from city Cheboksary in 1995 year. Then I have arrived in the Chuvash state university I studied as the manager of cultural - entertaining institutions. After I have finished it I have decided to remain in this city. Because it has very much liked me also I has found good to the robot here. Now I work as the manager in cafe " Sloboda ". This very beautiful and cosy cafe in which always happens many visitors. And my task would be that visitors which come to us felt like well and cosy. It seems to me that I well cope with the work. I hope that further it will be as. As I want to tell to you about the city. It is not so big city in it lives approximately 460 thousand persons. It very quiet and cosy. It is located on a watercourse "VOLGA" it is very beautiful river and I always like to walk on quay of the river. In summertime Cheboksary are very beautiful because here very many plants and it seems that all city is covered green coverlet. It is very beautiful and romantic. I shall send you a photo of city for that what you could to see it. I hope that it was pleasant to you. Ok, it is time to me to go now as I am tired also I want to sleep. But I hope that you will write to me soon and will tell more about yourself. I very much would like to find out about you as much as possible. As if you have any questions that ask me I shall try answer to you on them. As I am very glad to our acquaintance and want to wish you all good. Your new girlfriend Ludmila!
Letter 2
Hello my far friend Ian I am glad that you again have written to me. It is so pleasant that you again write me. It really is very interesting to me for finding out about you more. I hope that to you as interestingly to find out me. Probably our correspondence will give us a lot of interesting and pleasant. I think that you as think? To me it was sad that you too have lost the parents at such early age. It is very pleasant for me that you liked to a photo which I to you have sent. It will be pleasant for me if you will send me the photo. It was pleasant for me that I got acquainted with you through the Internet I shall be very glad if at us with you the friendship will develop. You have told to me about yourself, but nevertheless it not so is a lot of. I understand that probably you have no a lot of time, but I hope that you will speak about yourself more further. I as want to tell to you more about myself. I spoke you about the work slightly. Now I want to tell to you more in detail about it. I hope that to you it interestingly? As I already spoke I work as the manager in cafe. It is interesting work for me. I shall not speak you that enters into mine obligations because you know than managers in cafe are engaged. But I think that to you interestingly to know why I like this work. For me my work consists not only in that that visitors would not have bad impressions about our cafe. It is very pleasant for me when visitors leaving from cafe thank me for that that we have helped them pleasantly to have a rest from heavy day at work or simply to note any personal holiday. I think that you understand me. But as our cafe works with 10 a.m up to 11 p.m I as I get tired also to me too it happens necessary rest.
Earlier I did not know what to do when I can not go and take a walk with my friends. And now I know that I can come and write for you the letter. I really now feel that while I write you the letter I I have a rest also is very glad that I have person with which I can to speak about much. I as want to tell you that I have no many friends because I constantly am am borrowed at my work. And basically all my friends it is those people with which I work. But most my close girlfriend is the second manager of our cafe. Her name Christina. We have got acquainted with her when entered the university. And since we always have good relations. And at you it is a lot of friends? Whether also there is at you a best friend? It is a pity that I have told to you so a little, but I should go. But if to you something is interesting to find out that ask me about it. I shall answer necessarily to you. As I would like to ask you you always understand my English? If I write something not correctly that please inform me about it? Because sometimes one misunderstood word may change the whole phrase. And I would not want that between us was any misunderstanding. Well I would wish that at you all was Ok!!! With the best regards!

Your girlfriend Ludmila!
Letter 3
Hello my Ian I am glad that I can to write to you the answer today on your letter. It is very pleasant for me. I hope that for you as pleasantly to receive my letters. It very well that I can share the ideas with you. Though we both did not see you earlier and were not familiar, but somehow you became for me very dear person and I am very glad to this. I might is very a pity to me that so to be mistaken about death of your father, I bring the apologies. It is pleasant that for you to like me my English language, I would try what to not do mistakes. To me to like a photo which you send me, they such interesting. I as am glad that to you to like a photo which I send you. As it is very pleasant for me to know that you have visited so many places so travelled. I did not have such opportunity to visit what be the country. But I have dream what to visit abroad, to me it would be so interestingly. It is very pleasant for me to know that you like to look films, I want to tell that to me too interestingly to look the cinema from foreign directors. Especially to like me films about love. I had free day recently and I think that will be interesting to you than I was engaged this day. I spoke you about my girlfriend whom call Christina, in my last letter. We have decided to take a walk with her on city. It was very solar and warm day. We walked with her on city and talked about different things. She asked about you very much and asked my opinion on you. I have told to her all and she has told me what even envies me slightly that I could find such good and interesting person as you. And you spoke with the friends about me? If yes, that they think of it? We walked on city approximately 2 hours then she has told to me that she with the boyfriend went to bowling-club and that she very much liked it. And we have decided with her that we would go there for that that try to play it. I as send you a photo which we have made in this club. I hope that they will like you. I when did not play bowling earlier. But now I understand that it is very interesting and cheerful game. We played probably 4 hours and it was very cheerful. And you try to play bowling? After we send from club we have decided to go home as I felt like very much tired. When I have come home I have wanted to listen to music. I have included a disk of group Linkin-park, and I liked their songs. I did not hear their songs earlier, but now I understand that very good music which they execute. How you think? You listened sometime to this group? I not always listen to similar music, I spoke you that I listen music on mood and consequently I like different directions in music. And you love any certain directions in music? Well my dear, I hope that you is nothing I name you dear? I should finish my letter as I should go.
But I shall hope that you soon will write to me. And I shall write to you as. Well, I want to wish you what at you all was good and that you would have excellent mood. Ok bye for now! C best regards Lyudmila!
Letter 4

Hello Ian Today when I have woken up in the street there was very beautiful and warm weather. The sun in the street shines, but to me was very sad. When I gathered on work I have decided to go in Internet - cafe for that what to check up you have written to me whether or not. When I have seen that you have written to me I were so are happy and glad to this. My mood at once became good. I so am glad that you have written to me. I would like to speak you that I would not have phone that you might call to me, I want to tell if you to me will send me the phone number I shall try to call to you. I want to tell you that you have sent me a photo of Cheboksary, but I could not look at it. But I very much would like to look at it, I shall be glad if you will send me again what I might to look at it. I spoke you about that that I have cousin who lives to Vladivostok. We meet with him once a year. I visit him there so seldom because it very far. Last time I was at him in this summer. It is very beautiful city, but very big and noisy. There it is a lot of automobiles, as they very much cheap there. Basically it is automobiles from Japan. Very much it is pleasant to me that this city is on a coast of silent ocean. You know that I love the sea and ocean and in general all that concerns to water. In Vladivostok there is an old fortress which now is a museum. Then we went to this fortress, it was very interesting. As my brother this fortress told to me would be constructed for that what to protect this city and port which is in this city from attacks. There stand very big guns and very beautiful kind on the sea. I as want to put to you a photo which I have made in this fortress. I hope that you will like this photo. As we with my brother were rolled on inflatable canoe on the river which is as not far from city. I when earlier not try it and it very strongly was pleasant to me. All over again I very much was frightened because the river very fast and there many whirlpools. But then I have calmed down also it it was so interesting that I have persuaded my cousin to sweep once again. He has agreed and when we have come back home I was very much tired that I have fallen asleep on an armchair. But then Dima has woken me and I have lain on a bed, and he has left on work. As he works in fire protection and he frequently happens in night shifts. Not so long ago we spoke with my cousin and he has told me that he marries soon. I have congratulated him and have wished good luck him happiness. I as am familiar with his girl, she very beautiful girl and I is very glad that they have decided to marry. He as called me to himself on wedding, but I unfortunately can not visit him now and consequently I have refused, but he would tell that I have necessarily called him and have congratulated him. I was there during one week, but I have received so many impressions. And you have any memoirs on it. It would be very interesting to me if has told to me about something interesting. About any your travel or an adventure. You probably had such? If yes that tell to me about it. And now I should finish the letter as I should go, but I hope that you will write to me soon. Because you letters deliver to me huge pleasure. With best wishes Ludmila!
Letter 5
Hello my Ian! Today at us very bad weather and because of it at me sad mood. Now there is a rain and I your letter was cold also is very glad to receive as your letters always give to me your heat. It gives me a lot of pleasure and always causes in me a gentle smile on my person. Probably this most pleasant for me to receive your letters. I not so love bad weather and I am especial do not love when coldly. But nevertheless I should go on work. But I think that what cold would not will stop me for that what to go in Internet - cafe and whether to check there is a letter from you. As I hope that you understand that I always can not write to you frequently. As not always there are free computers in Internet - cafe. I certainly would would like to write to you more often, but it depends not on me unfortunately. I hope that you understand me and will not take offence at me for it? I want to send you my some photos which which I did in the summer. When we went on a beach with Christina. There on a beach there is not big, but a pleasant cafe. In it the cafe is not the big exhibition on which scarecrows of animals which completely artificial are shown. It would seem to me that silly to **** animals only for that what to do of them a scarecrow. Therefore I like this cafe as there not the present animals. Also it is all it is made very interestingly. I send you those pictures which I did then. I hope that it to like you. It is cheerful, how you think? We frequently came into this cafe after would go on a beach for that what to have sunburn. As it is not so far from my house I left there only in a bathing suit and shrouded itself in a towel.
And Christina as. And near to you there is something similar? It would be very interesting to me to find out about it. Oh unfortunately I should go now, but I shall write to you more then. I hope that you as can write to me soon? As I very strongly miss your letters and always I would wait what to find out more about you and your life. With wishes of goods Lyudmila!!!
Letter 6
Good day my Ian! It really very pleasant day for me as I can read your letter. It always gives me happiness. I hope that at you all well and that you have good mood. I really feel heat of your good ideas and words which you write for me. It is very good for me as at us here becomes colder every day . As I already spoke you at us the holiday at work was. It was very pleasant for me, but for my girlfriend it was day which, probably, there will be the happiest in her life. I spoke you that she has not remained on a holiday up to the end. As behind her guy has gone and has invited her at cinema. And today when Christina has told to me that there was then I was so am glad for her. She has informed that then her guy has proposed her to be his wife. She all the day accepted congratulations from our colleagues and from familiar. She such happy. She as the sun to shine with happiness. I even sometimes envy her, but nevertheless I am very glad for her. I hope that once and I shall be as am happy as well as she now. They have already appointed day of their wedding and tomorrow they would collect all friends for that what to celebrate this event.
They as called me, whether but I yet do not know exact I can come there. But I necessarily shall try. I already second time become the witness of such event. Remember I wrote to you about that that I went in Vladivostok to my brother and there I as told to you that my brother marries, but I unfortunately might not visit him then as it was very far also I was very strongly borrowed at my work. But I hope that I can be on wedding of my best girlfriend. I hope that I can do it. It is surprising, but I when was not on wedding. Never saw as it it happens. I read in books about it as I saw it by the TV set much much, but never was on one wedding personally. It probably is interesting, cheerful and pleasant. But I think that I soon shall find out it, when I shall be on wedding of my girlfriend. You may tell to me what feelings cause in you such actions as wedding or any family holiday? For me it would be very interesting to know your feelings and opinions concerning it? Ok I now finish my letter as it is necessary to me on work. But I hope to receive letter from you soon. Probably I can write to you still today if it can be released earlier. I want to wish you as good day and excellent mood and state of health. I hope that you please me the letter. For me it will be very pleasant as you very dear for me and very close though you and are far from me. With the best regards
and love
Letter 7
Good day my dearest Ian! It very pleasant that I can write to you again. It really brings to me happiness when I read your letters. It is a pity that I not always can answer you at once, but at me it is a lot of work. I hope that you understand it? I hope that with you all well and what you feel perfectly? Today Christina would ask me that I would go with her in shop for that that the help to her to choose a dress for her wedding. We very long went shopping and chose for her a dress, but at once could not find that dress which she would like. About one hour we went with her, but then in one interior she has found that would be desirable her also she at once began to try on him, and I should approve him. Eventually she has chosen this dress and we have gone with her back on work as our break was finished also we even were late slightly, but the director of our cafe was not today and us who did not abuse for our delay. It very interestingly is to observe of the person at which soon wedding. You noticed it? In such time people too strongly vanity. So it seems to me because even when Christina dressed a dress and this dress it was very well looked on her, to her that something always seemed not and she was constantly than that is not pleased, but I nevertheless have convinced her that all well. I hope that she not will so behave constantly differently I simply from mind shall go out to calm her. Though I was possible simply I do not understand her as I did not have such situation in life. How you think? Ian Probably it is not so interesting to you to read my letters as I speak about myself recently very little. I as notice it, but I hope that you understand that it very important for me as she my best and probably the unique girlfriend. I would like to ask you what you asked me all that would be interesting I to you shall know about me to answer you on all questions. I hope that you as will answer all my questions?
Because I very much would want to know all about what you think and that is interesting to you. Because I think that when the person tells the ideas and interests is a first step to warm and confidential relations.
You agree with it? Certainly now at me in life all is good as at my relatives for me people all well. My brother has written to me that he feels very well himself and at him all is good with his wife, Christina as is happy. But nevertheless I feel that in my life of something does not suffice. As you know in a circle of me very many people with which to me interestingly to communicate, but I for some reason feel lonely. Probably it because of that that in my private life that is not present and only your letters and your attention to me gives me pleasure and is warm which to me so does not suffice. I, as well as any other person, hope that at us with you all will be good, but I as do not exclude an opportunity of that that our relations will be only friendly.
Though to me it would would like that ours with you relations were more than simply friendship. Even it became seems to me that they already more than friendship. What you think of it? It is difficult for me to speak about it as we never in life saw each other, but nevertheless I feel to you more than friendship. I hope that you understand me? But it seems to me is very strange because we spoke much each other in our letters, but nevertheless we practically do not know each other. I think that the Internet may not transfer all that that we would like to tell and consequently I have such feeling. I think that you as agree with me Ian. Yes? To my regret I should finish the letter because I should go, but I very much would want to know your opinion on my ideas. I hope that it probably? I would like to know in what you agree with me and in what it disagree?
It is very serious and very important for me also I hopes that you as will take to this with all gravity. If my words of you something have offended, I am sorry for it, but I only have shared with you the ideas. Ok now I want to wish you what at you all was good and that you would be healthy. Ian I hope that you will answer me as soon as can.
Letter 8
Hello my dearest Ian! Today when I went in Internet - cafe to me it was very interesting that you will answer me. And I am very glad that you have answered me this letter. It is very pleasant when road for me the person correctly understands my ideas. I hope that you as agree with me. I am very glad that you have replied such serious for me. For me it means that you as very seriously treats to ours with you to relations. It is not so interesting now here, probably it because of that that becomes already very cold and consequently I would not leave on street for that what to walk on streets. But at me so it is a lot of memoirs from summertime and I want to tell to you about it. I hope that it to like you. As you already know I a lot of time I spend with my girlfriend Christina and we with her very much frequently went to walk on our city. It is very beautiful when you walk on a coast of a gulf. This most attended place here in our city. It is on a coast of river Volga. This very beautiful place. I send you a photo of this place I hope that it to like you. As to me very much to like to be rolled on walking boats which do trips on the river. It is very pleasant when you stand on a deck of a boat and it goes with the big speed and in you all blows a wind. It is very pleasant, but it would be much more pleasant if we were there together but then I did not think of it. Because we did not know each other. But now I very much would like to have walks with you and an opportunity to speak with you personally at a meeting. I hope that we can meet once but while I can not speak about it precisely. It would be interesting to me to find out from you. You thought of our meeting and whether you had dreams concerning it? If so that you may tell it to me about the dreams? I would be very glad if you have informed me about it. I many times tried to present for itself our meeting but while I can not do it. Probably because of that that I do not know it about what you dream? Ian How you think? I very much would want to know about your dreams. If you may tell to me about it that tell to me about it please. Ok, I should go now and it is a pity to me that I have written today so a little, but I shall try to write to you more next time. I hope that with you all will be good also you have good mood and as I want to wish for you all good. With the best regards!
Letter 9
Hello my dearest Ian! I am glad that I at last can to write to you. Very much pity that I not always write it to you frequently, but I hope that you me understand that at me a lot of work and consequently I can not write to you constantly though I very much would want it. I hope as that for you it would be as pleasantly my dearest! I think it it would be fine if you arrived in Moscow and we would meet you there. I without problems can arrive in Moscow, only I ask you to inform me some day before when you will arrive there because I owe a host holiday at my work. I hope you understand that I do not want to lose my work. It will be already absolutely fast wedding of my girlfriend. And I begin to worry very strongly. Because you know that I when was not on wedding and consequently I do not know that to me there to do. But I nevertheless hope that it will not have problems. And I as hope that wedding will be remarkable. I very much would want that all was good and what my girlfriend and her groom were happy. Unfortunately it becomes very cold now and consequently it not so cheerfully for me because you know that I do not love cold a season. It very much is not constant now because sometimes there is a rain, and sometimes there is a snow and then it is all thaws and again freezes. It is simple very much not pleasantly for weather. This most not liked season for me. Though certainly I am sure that our correspondence will not give to find out to us each other on all of 100 because it is possible only at personal meeting and some time of dialogue personally. But nevertheless it gives us any representation about each other. How you think of it? As Christins constantly asks me about ours with you relations and speaks that it would be very interesting and pleasant if we might be the husband and the wife, but I speak her what very much early to think of it because we have not decided about ours with you feelings. I think that you agree with it. But nevertheless sometimes I have some dreams of it, but I shall not speak you about it because I think that it is very frank dreams and I shall tell to you it only then when we can meet you in the person and we shall have conversation on us with you. I believe that it once will be real. And how you think of it? I shall wait for your letters and as shall try to write to you more often on how many it probably. As want to wish you all good my dearest! With best regards
your Lyudmila!
Letter 10
Hello my dear Ian!!! The moment has come when I again can write to you the letter and it brings to me so a lot of happiness. I so am happy that in the world there is such opportunity as the Internet and it has allowed us to find with you each other. I hope that you are glad to this not less me. I so am glad that even so we may communicate with you. Though I think would be best to talk really. My dear, I so want to be with you together. My dear I it is very glad, that you want to arrive to me. It was very pleasant for me to see you and to find out you. For me it was very big pleasure, but at the same time I too very much would like to go to you and to see where you live. It was very interesting to me to know all this. I very much hope, that you too very much want to arrive, but my friend give at first hardly we find out each other and then we shall think of our meeting. I hope, that you agree with me. Today at night I saw very good dream about which I would like to tell to you. I hope to you it will be interesting to read it. All over again I saw as I go along the street in the morning as usually on my work in restaurant, it will seemed that that it is usual day, around there were usual people. Then unexpectedly all I have changed also did not understand that happened, because around was so many people and all of them spoke in English. Then I have understood that I am at the airport and it seems that I have arrived to other country. I did not know where to me to go and have decided to ask one men where I should go, I have touched him for a shoulder and when he has turned I nearly have not lost consciousness because it there were you my dear. You held in hands an inscription " I wait Lyudmila!!! " I have embraced you and you it seems too have become puzzled slightly because you of nothing might tell and only smiled, on your person I have read expression happiness. I too was absolutely happy you see at last I there was at the same time the person to which I feel such warm feelings. I have embraced you even more strong and our lips have merged in a kiss, he such long that was seemed that he last eternity though that such five minutes when we with you waited for this kiss so long.
When we with you nevertheless have come off our kiss that we with you might not tell anything each other, we simply looked against each other and anybody is not necessary for us any more, you see we have found each other and now were absolutely happy. But as you know each dream has property to come to an end and I have woken up. To me was so it is a pity that this dream was finished also I should gather on work. To me was so difficult leave my bed, but I nevertheless have made effort and the beginnings to gather on work. All day I thought of you and volume as it would be fine if my dream has turned to a reality. I think that you too want it my dear Ian!!! I so hurried up today in library to write to you the letter and to tell to you about this dream. I hope to you it will be interesting to read this letter. I with impatience shall wait for your letter. I so miss you and without your letters. I hope that all that day will come when we with you shall be together and all our dreams become a reality. Your Lyudmila.

Letter 11
Hello my dear Ian!!! I am very happy to write to you again the letter my dear. I so am happy that we with you have found each other and never shall cease to speak you it, because you the most special the man in my life. I so miss your letters my dear. I read your last letter and did not know as me to answer you because it has woken in my heart so many feelings and I at all did not know as me to consult with my emotions because I all at work and I think my colleagues would not understand me if I have begun to cry on a workplace my dear. I do not know as me to you write that occurs in my heart, I only know one that there would be nobody in this world to whom I have such strong feeling. I do not know there may be it and there is a love. Yes, I seem now sure in it that I love you and anybody in the world can not dissuade me from it. I did not think that the love this such feeling which may bring so a lot of happiness.
When I receive your letter to me it seems that with it I receive a part of you my dear, you see from it I shall find out that you feel to me my dear. And when I write you my answer I too in each word of my letter I invest a part of my heart because I can not act differently my dear. I have understood now what happiness have persons to which you may to tell " I LOVE YOU!!!! " And this person you, Ian. I do not understand those people which speak that the biggest happiness it to not love and do so that other people of you liked, I think that the biggest happiness consist in that to like, you see love this such fine feeling. It allows us to find out as far as strongly your heart, it is capable of what feelings. I so am glad that I nevertheless could to understand mine feelings my dear, because to me was so difficultly to doubt. In my heart two feelings struggled, one is that that I thought what strong feelings I to you feel and as I want to tell you that I love you, but other it was that that I did not want to frighten you my words my dear. You see there may be you will think that very much I am in a hurry also our relations develop very quickly my dear. I so worry now you see I have opened to you my feelings and I do not know that you now will think of me my dear. I with impatience shall look forward to hearing from you. Your Lyudmila!!!
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