Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Petrova to Steve (USA)

Letter 1
Darling Steve,
I have read your letter today. I think of you within day much.
Today, I have taken advantage of a case, and have asked the director about when I will have vacation this year?
Last year my vacation was in the summer and I wish to have a rest again in the summer. The director has told, that cannot name exact dates of my vacation now, but promised that as soon as will plan dates of my vacation at once will inform me.
You will have vacation soon? Steve now I do not have plans for a forthcoming vacation.
It will be good, if we can have a vacation during identical time!
Today during the lunchtime I have visited cafe together with the colleague. We ate, and talked.
The girlfriend has told to me, that has noticed change in me recently. I began before usual to come for work.
I am a lot of time I spend behind the computer. Also my colleague has told, that recently I look very happy...
I did not expect to hear about it. When I read your letters I plunge into other World. I try to present, that we nearby and talk.
Please, do not laugh over me... I trust you and consequently I tell to you about it.
I will finish the letter to you now. I wish you pleasant day! Remember that you have a friend in Russia. Katya.
Letter 2
Hi Darling Steve,
How are you doing? Weather in my city today solar and my mood at height!
Thanks for the letter. I am grateful to the Internet that we have got acquainted with you.
I wish to tell, that I did not go by horses - I think that it very interestingly.
My mum was at me on a visit. I have told to mum that I have a friend from other country.
I have told that we have got acquainted on the Internet and already we communicate a lot of time.
Mum has approved ours with you dialogue though she has told, that I should be cautious.
In the last letter, I have told to you about the feelings to you. In letters it is difficult to speak about feelings.
I believe, that we will meet you in any day, and we can talk endlessly. Each word which I speak you, I speak is realised!
You think of our meeting seriously? I very much want, that ours with you a vacation was together.
I hope, that next days, the director will tell exact dates of my vacation that we could agree about a meeting.
Even, if you is occupied any part of day, I do not wish to refuse travel.
I promise, that I will be patient, and I will wait ours with you I will meet every day.
I very much would not like to finish the letter to you now... It seems To me, that I can write to you infinite letters.
However, I am compelled to work now.
Please, write me the letter faster... Sincerely, yours Katya.
Letter 3
Hi dear Steve,
Thanks for your new letter. I miss on you...
I send you the phone number: +7(916) 867-00-43. I will be very glad, if you phone to me. I do not know, whether I can accept trunk calls, but I very much would like to hear your voice.
By the way, I talked to the director about a forthcoming vacation. The director has told, that my vacation will begin soon.
Now it is necessary for me to finish some affairs, and I can be on a vacation.
Steve, I now think of travelling to your country on a vacation. Now my desire has grown, because I had a friend.
During ours with you of dialogue we became good friends and I have a big desire to meet you. You wish to meet me?
I will be glad to spend all time with you. Time which we will spend together will help us to learn each other.
Certainly I understand, that you have a private life. I understand, that you should work or meet friends.
I do not wish to be a burden for you, and is ready to wait patiently ours with you I will meet every day.
Steve, I am assured, that when we will meet, ours with you feelings will be even stronger.
In your city there is an international airport? I could arrive to what airport for our meeting?
I said to you, that I have a passport which allows me to travel in the whole World. I think, that I will need to make out the visa to travel.
My full name: Ekaterina Petrova. Please, tell to me your full name?
Next days I plan to visit travel agency in our city to learn more in detail about travel.
I promise, that I will inform you any news which at me will be.
I wait your letter. In the following letter I can inform you any information on my travel.
Yours Katya.
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