Letter(s) from Irina Petrova to Glen (Canada)

Letter 1

Hello my friend Glen! How are you today? I hope you fell good. I'm very happy that you communicate with me, you such interesting man! What can i say you today? I want to tell you about my hobbies. I'm very like to embroider! I'm like embroider, first time i embroider small ilands in carribian sea, it was in winter and i want somewhere where is warm sun caress your body... I'm was 16 year old and i don't know what to do in cold winter evening. I try it first time and i very much like it! Now i do it every time i have free minute. Also i like to start kites in the sky. But it's children fun, last time i do it was about 3 or 4 year ago, but i'm very like it too! It make me happy and it's some type of active sports =) I'm have many hobbies. Or not many but enough. I'm like to play card games, i can say that i'm professional in game named "Fool". Do you know this game? It is very helpfull when want to kill some times actually in evenings or on break on work. I'm also like entertaiming, my mother said that i have a talent in it and i can be a designe. But i think that i can't be real designer, it's not mine. I just like to hold my house in cleanliness and beauty. Now i should go, i hope to read you next letter soon, goodbye =) Your Larisa

Letter 2

Hello my friend Glen ! I hope you really fine today, because i'm fine too. Today i want tell you about my work. As you know i work as a saleswoman in school kitchen. I'm some type of a cook too =) I cook sweet rolls, sweet breads many thing which is sweet =) I'm like to cook, i think that i have a talent, because mine rolls can cheer up everybody! Pupils and teacher very like to eat in my kitchen, and when they have a break from lessons, they go to mine kitchen and there always to much happy noise =) I like that sound =) But i don't cook only sweet rolls, i'm also cook pies with cheese(it calls hachipuri), pies with fish(rastyagai), pies with beef(echpochmak). And favourite dish in our school pancakes with eggs and buckwheat and slices of pork! It's like a taco but not such sharp. mmm... It is very tasty! I work while at school someone is, sometimes i leave my work place at 6 or 7 o'clock on evening. After my work i can go home or go for a walk. I like walk alone or with my friends, i can just do step by step or go to one of my favourite place in my city. If i walk alone, i always dream about something. It's just a child fun =) When i'm with friends i automatically become centre of company. I don't know why, but they think that i'm interesting. And what do you think about it? I don't think that i'm interesting, i just sometimes said something smart, or so foolish and not understanding that it's automacly comes to smart. =) Ok i think that i should end this gastronomic and "smart" dialogue and say you bye =) With best wishes Larisa.

Letter 3

Hello my dear friend Glen! What's new about you today? I so am glad to receive your letter, I feel that we become more close to each other and we learn about each other more. I am very glad to this, I like new people and things. And to me to like to communicate with the person of other culture, other country that is you =) Today I have left on street and was surprised very much, on streets there was no snow! Around only slush and a dirty, pools and the cloudy sky! As though the winter has left for holiday in warm territories =) There is situation with weather in Volzhsk, and in all European part of Russia. Probably you heard something about it on the TV or in the Internet. And how with weather at you in the country? From now on I live separately from the parents. I rent an apartment with my cousin Katya. We for a long time are familiar with her and for a long time planned to rent the apartment, but could not find a suitable variant. Now we have found it. We rent the apartment only for 2 thousand roubles. While the normal price is 4-7 thousand roubles. I am very glad that now I live separately from parents, I love them, but I cannot live on their neck all life? I am very amicable with cousine Katya and I think she the senior sister, not cousine. She is older me for 2 years, but it seems to me that she older than 100 years because she very clever and wise. She works as the teacher, but unfortunately not at that school where I work. Glen tell to me please, you would like to live as with the brother? I now should go. I expect to receive from you the answer tomorrow, with best wishes Larisa.

P.S. I really want to send you a photos with where is me with my cousin but i haven't it. But i think that you will happy if i send one of mine photo =)