Letter(s) from Irina Petrova to Royce (England)

Letter 1

My love me did not let in aboard the plane, and I now am all also in Moscow, the plane has taken off hour back, and I could not pass this control, this money all the same was necessary to me.
Other people could give it which have been registered onboard the plane, I did all as you spoke, they understood me, but spoke, it is the law and can do nothing, we should follow these rules! I was all in tears, after all I so hoped to see today you and to be with you! You simply do not represent as now to me difficultly and I write you the letter and at me tears drip from eyes. I did not know what to do, I asked them as it is possible to make, that I was at you, they said, what I to any will require this money, I spoke them and how mine the ticket aboard the plane? They said, that can exchange only it for later term within this month October.
Therefore I can exchange it and spoke, I will well do by it other flight this month, and I should fill some statement and then to me will give the new ticket without what or money! But they warned me that I did not forget to have this money at myself
And so we have time my love to find this money till the end of October so we should hurry up my love!
I will soon move back to myself home and I will write to you about it as I will arrive back.

Letter 2

My love Royce!
To see fine again your letter!
I saw, that you sent money and I received them today, all well and now I have 1700 dollars, we became even closer with you my love!
Nevertheless I still require in nearby 2400 dollars, into this sum also enters both purchase of the ticket and journey to Moscow.

Letter 3

Today you sent money, I am good tomorrow I receive it and I have a first part of money, it is really expensive way to send money, but to us not to have to choose.
You sent 1016 dollars and at you remain about 200 dollars, likely it left to pay for transfer of money, it is a lot of.
This week I receive my new tickets aboard the plane and at once I inform you time and number of flight of my arrival to you, and you will meet me.
Please do not worry other money should arrive soon to you,

Well I think, that I can already book my ticket to you, I will do it for October, 29th and as soon as to me give the ticket I I inform you all data and an arrival time that you could meet me at the airport, now

Letter 4

My love!
Fine news today I received tickets and I give to you data of my arrival!
Moscow - Malta on December, 03rd 2010
Lufthansa flight LH1274
Start from Moscow 07:05, Domodedovo
Arrival in Malta 12:00, Luqa Airport
So now you can know data of my arrival to you and can meet me!
I am happy as never my love soon we will together, all our dreams and desires I will be together!
Now I need to run to buy the ticket to Moscow I will write to you more tomorrow!
And on Thursday I will leave to Moscow!
There were 3 days my love!
I love you!
Yours for ever Katya