Romance scam letter(s) from Sandra Taylor to Charles (UK)
Letter 1
Hello my dear thanks for the mail and I have to think and write u this okay and my dear all I can say is that when am with u there my dear I will always be in Bed with u my dear and when u are back from work I will gently remove your Cloth with my teeth and send u to the dinning table and from there I will also take u to the Bath room to bath u my dear and I will also suck your cock whiles I am bathing u my dear and from there we come back to the living room and I will kiss u my dear and I will let u kiss me especially my nipples and my dear I will keep on sucking and kissing u my darling and I will let u hold me in your arms and we go to the Bed room my dear so that we can go and have a nice sex that have never been happened in this world before and I will let u raise my leg on your shoulder and I u gently put that nice and wonderful dick in my pussy and my dear and I will let u have sex with me always as I am your my dear and from there my dear we will go to bed and when we wake up in the morning I will prepare a table for u and my darling and we go to the bath room as for this one u are going to bath me there my dear and from there we dressed up and u send me to the beach and continue our love there my dear as well my dear I love u so much my dear and the title of my story is (I LOVE U CHARLES) and this is the end of my story my dear and I can not wait for the to come true my dear and my dear I will like u to know that Visa will be 150Euro my dear I will like to know when u are going to send me the money so that I can be Prepared and I think that am obedient now..
Letter 2
Okay my dear and my dear the Address is MARGARET ANNAN
AGONA BRAKWA Dear this is the address that u will need to send the money okay.....and my dear i will also like to know that if i can scan the photo for u now u are going to send me the money now okay so that i can go and apply for the Visa ok so that we can see what will happened net my dear i love u so much my dear and i can not wait to be with u there....
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