Scam Letter(s) from Nelya to Frank (Germany)

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Letter 1

Hello Frank. I am pleasantly surprised by what you wrote to me, I really like this. I read your profile, and realized that I would be very interesting to talk with you and maybe get something more, I hope that we will know each other better and maybe take the first step to a serious relationship. I'm really serious solely on the creation of strong mutual relationship! For me is very important mutual understanding and trust! In my life was a story that I do not like to talk. The only thing need to know my chosen one, is that I will not tolerate deception and infidelity! I am kind and sincere girl, I love to joke and laugh, I'm sociable and positive. If I see that people treat me with all my heart, I am always able to appreciate it and support in difficult times! I'm not greedy and human relations for me is more important than financial success, although I'm very fond of presents and attention, probably like all the girls. My mom always taught me to be honest with people and with myself! I live in Ukraine in Makarovo, a small town here all know each other. My family consists of five persons, mom, dad, two brothers, 25 and 30 years old and 2 dogs breed sheep. I love dogs and I believe that these animals understand everything and never betray. I was born on August 6, 1984, the sign of the zodiac I am a lion, a good sign, at least my friends say so. I can listen to and understand very well than to help his companion, if he has a problem. I can not say that I am completely flexible, if you offend me, I can not answer. I work in a a fitness club instructor, step aerobics. My father works in the Emergency fire, mom does not work, she is retired, she do the household. My elder brother is married and has two children, 3 and 1.5 years, girls! I love children and want a good family. I love to cook, I bake delicious pies. I have never been married and I have no children. That's why I decided to try his luck on the Internet. My friend since remarried and lives in Italy, she has a very good husband and three children, she is happy. Her husband says that the best Ukrainian women do not find it!
I believe that I meet my soul mate is here to see prices. Forgive me if I weary you with my long letter, just wanted you to understand what I'm human. I hope you're not tired of reading, if I'm interested in you, I await your response and photo. Take care of yourself. Nelya!

Letter 2

Hello my dear friend Frank. You're everything to me more is revealed and becomes more interesting and more interesting). I am interested in all aspects of your life to our friends! I see that you are positive and open person, I like to communicate with you and I see the prospect of a good relationship is important. I want to tell you that for me age does not matter if the person is intelligent and interesting, it could be like in 20 years, and 60. I will not now load your great letter, I will reveal to you from all sides without taking up much of your time! Hello my dear friend. You're everything to me more is revealed and becomes more interesting and more interesting). I am interested in all aspects of your life to our friends! I see that you are positive and open person, I like to communicate with you and I see the prospect of a good relationship is important. As I already wrote, I worked as a trainer for step aerobics, I like my profession, it is very interesting and allows me to always be in the form. I teach many girls with different sets about his appearance, which they instill their own husbands, to me it's not terribly nice, I think it looks like age is important above all what a human soul. I'm new to the internet when I came for the first time the company transfers, I saw a whole queue of girls who carried their message to send to their men, it is an unpleasant surprise me. It turns out that our men should be totally stopped to appreciate what they have, and the girls see no other way but to marry and go to another country in order to create a happy family and live in love and harmony. In our country, men abuse alcohol and not only, I am even afraid to present what will be their offspring! I came to the company, not only by the fact that I do not know English, but because at the moment I have has no computer and free Internet access. In fact, at present the financial position of the majority of our city can be called below average! So I can not afford frills and trying to spend money frugally. Frankly I want a better life, I try to do this and believe that everything will! Do you really liked me and I'm ready to know you better and better, you inspire confidence in me, and once it is clear that you are strong man, you do not complain to his past and does not tell which women greedy and selfish! I am glad that you realize that all people are different and we can not all be judged on a single example! I hope you had fun and enjoyable to read my message to you, and I expect a quick response. I kiss you. Take care, hug, Nelya

Letter 3

Hello sunshine!) I hope you do not mind that I love you so called it, the more I get from you letters, the more interesting to me is, what will happen next .... I can not say that I love like crazy, but that every day I hope to get a letter from you, speaks volumes. I'm just saying do not expect that will rage in me such emotions after such a short acquaintance. I have since my childhood dream of a fairy prince, and I want to believe it was you. I want to do something for you, I'm good and caring woman and I think that I can make happy man, especially such a strong man like you. I am very pleased by what I feel. I want to give my feelings to you and to translate our dreams into reality. I can create and can surround you with care, and I would like you to be ready for me to male behavior! If we open to each other, it would be great! You're sincere and honest man, I trust you my fragile heart, I beg you not to break it, otherwise I ever stop believing in luck! Although, I believe that life is so short that it must reside, so that would then not be sorry for what is done when you can! What do you think I'm right? For me, it is important that you say. A friend says that I began to glisten the eyes)) Want to see if you see a soul mate, you told me about this, we must give a start to our relationship and see how it will work! I have a million thoughts about us, more about our possible future. I am ashamed to say it, but when I am on alone with his thoughts, I think of you more often than it is permissible! It seems to me that I feel. Perhaps you think it strange that after such a short acquaintance, I am writing such personal things, but I want you to know how I feel about you now, and may your reaction I can judge whether one is? I really believe that you say yes! Tell me, for whatever reason you choose among hundreds of other girls just me, your heart prompted, or it spontaneously. I have high hopes for our future. I do not want to rush things, but what I'm drawn to you it's a fact! I hope to hear from you early reply.

Letter 4

Hello, my darling, so glad to read your letter, you say such nice things that I just melt. I am by nature a fox, but you disarmed me!).
My biggest wish is to be with you and to find himself. I'm pretty confident that you're my man, and we will succeed, most importantly want to do so. I want to hear what you think about this?) I sincerely hope to hear a positive response! Life will show you how work our relationship, but worth a try. I have a motto in life, I think it's better to regret what I did than about what did not.
You share my opinion? For a long time, I was looking for, and possibly with whom I want to seriousness, the man whom I could open, and now that moment has come, I want to open up to you and show you all my side. In my mind crept the thought that if only I had a passport and spare cash, I would have flown to you, it would be a big surprise for you))). Do not be alarmed, this is a joke. I will not do anything without asking your opinion. We're on the threshold of new discoveries, if we do start to our relationship, we will see how life can be beautiful! It is a pity that now I no longer have the opportunity to pay for our correspondence, you know yourself that this is not cheap pleasure. My limit on our correspondence has been exhausted, to my great chagrin. I am even a little ashamed of it. If it does not sound blatantly on my part, I want to ask you, if you can help me to save our relationship.
For me it would be a disappointment, to break our relationship with you, I have something to share with you, and I think that you, too!) You are very versatile and interesting man, you're exactly what you need)) I want to tell you only one thing, it's something that I never in my life so do not worry, it is now. I just do not want and can not lose you. I will send you a few candid photos, it is very personal, and I want to except you, these pictures never seen again. This changes my principles, but this gesture I want to show you my desires to be with you! When I made these photos, I imagined our meeting with you when you come to me. It would be very romantic, in a dark room lit candles, and we relaxed look each other in the eye, without vulgarity, but romance. I would like to touch you, I think that you also want it.
I know that we have all come. Darling, our contact is not an accident, believe me, this is something extraordinary, a message to us from above! I hesitate only on what seems like you're staring at me, and I turn my eyes and blush.)) Know how it turned out that you were a man of my dreams and huge imagination. Think and draw conclusions, it all depends on us. Do not be scared to take the first step. Risk - a noble cause) If I had a sea of possibilities, I would not have asked you for help, I am a weak woman who needs your patronage and your kindness.
You're the best!) I gently kiss your lips, and trembling, waiting for an answer, your Nelya

Letter 5

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Good day, dear Mr. Frank!

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Sincerely yours,
office administrator
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