Scam letter(s) from Irina to Frank (Germany)

Letter 1
Hello, again Frank! Well, I was happy to hear from you and I do not want to hide this:-)) Frank I was sad hearing about your bad experience with marriage in the past. You sounded as a good man and I am sure, you will be happy in the future:-))))) I will be glad if I was meant to take part in this event:-))))) Thank you also for showing me your daughters, they are very beautiful.
And it is sad that you didn't see them so long already! To be honest, for me it is really strange to hear as they are already grown enough to find you by themself! But I think, I shouldn't put my nose in your family's problems, yes? sorry:-))) Frank I do not want to overemphasize, but I am here to find my second half, my lover and my best friend in one man. But as I have a son, I want this man to accept him as part of me. Well I think you would love to know some more information of me besides the fact I am a lonely mother, correct? So, I will tell you more of me in each letter of mine, and I will start right now. Ok.... I am Iryna, I live in Borshchiv what is in Ternopil Oblast, Western Ukraine. I was born here on November 25, 1982, so I am 29 years old Sagittarius; work as a nurse in the pediatric department of the local hospital. I always dreamt to be the doctor and I almost realized my dream when entered the Ternopil Medical University, but didn't manage to graduate as I had met my son's father who made me to leave the studies as he wanted me to be a housewife. So, I left the University from the 3d course and do not have the chance to work as a doctor now but as a nurse only. Of course, I have a little pity for this right now, but I am from those who believe that whatever is done - for better! I still would do everything for my beloved person and I do not want to think of this as of a sacrifice. Ok, what more... About my family... Yes, I have both parents alive who helped me a lot in my bad times and whom I love a lot. I also have the elder brother, Igor, who is 33 years old for now and who is married with a nice woman Marina. They can't have kids due to the illness of Marina so they treat my son as their own. I still hope they will be blessed with own kids sometime in future! You can see my family pics in attachment, and I hope you will like them... What else? I have told you some general things of me and my life here, and I do not want to bore you with long letter, so I would stop here. But I am waiting for your reply to go on letting you know more about me:-))) With lots of hugs and kisses (if you don't mind:-)), Iryna.
Letter 2
Hello, Frank! I am glad you wrote me back:-)))) I was really glad to get your reply as it means you are still interested in me:-)))) You know, I feel attracted to you too:-)))) Don't be afraid or suspicious, I am not rushing things, I just wanted you to know about my feelings when I write to you:-)))) And I feel a real excitement getting your e-mail and replying it:-)))) Not to say I am too long in the Internet, just several weeks, but you know, I feel that you are different.
Not everybody would replied a woman from another country, which also has a kid at hands..... Frank, thank you for telling me about your daughters, and I was sad to know about their problems!To be honest, from the photos you sent to me last time, I would never told that Melissa is huge and Meagan is ill with some disease! Hope both of them will be happy in the future! You know, there is one more thing I need to tell you, as you have right to know. The thing is that I do not speak ANY FOREIGN LANGUAGE enough to communicate with you independently. So, I have applied for the help to the translational bureau. Hope this won't prevent our further communication as I really want to use all the means to find my second half...... Well, to let you know something more about myself, I like horses and never miss the chance to ride them once I am in the countryside to visit my grandparents:-) All my free time like to spend with my son. I do not want he felt lack of parents' caress. As for my hobbies - I like to invite guests, to cook. For me it is a hobby. I like not simply cook a dinner to fulfill stomach, but I like to cook something very original and tasty! I'm master of Ukrainian dishes!! I can't build Palaces on the plates like well known masters although:) but I think it's not important! My main principle - it must be simply, but be very tasty!
actually the same I can say about relations - everything must follow by usual way but it'll be very interesting and long termed! But actually here is an exception - Internet for me is new:) but I hope it won't spoil the taste and I hope to find my man here:) It's something about me...:) and the main - I'm looking for a man who is my everything in life. For all these years I'm so full of love and affection. I had a very unsuccessful marriage but still want to have a good family... I'll never betray him, never leave, because I know how it hurts being left for another. I want to love and to be loved. I'm without any bad habits like smoking and drinking...I have very painful moments connected with it with my ex husband... and since then I want just normal life. Calm, and simple family happiness. Well, must end here for not making you bored with my letters:-)))) Waiting for your soonest reply, if you are still interested. Iryna.
Letter 3
Hello, again! You again manage to make me smile. :-) I imagine that you are a person that is fun to be around:))) Frank thanks also for your attempts to release the correspondence, but I can't write you through Internet translator as I do not have any access to the computer but use the translational company's one, and they do not allow to use the Internet services only:-(((( Of course, it is a shame, but I want to keep our correspondence because you are very interesting for me! What an adventure! I'm exchanging letters with an exceptionally beautiful man in a country far away, and if we met the only language we could use would be a smile, a handshake, a hug or maybe a kiss.
That would not be a problem for me. Frank, lets continue exchanging letters like this just to get to know one another. When or if the time comes I'll simply learn your language and will teach you mine:-))))) Deal? I'm sitting here at work writing you this letter. I should be going for break to have a lunch but I can't leave your letter unanswered..... Besides one more patient is going to come soon, but she is lating all the time, so I am using this break to write to you:-))))) After this I will bring my letter to the translational company for not making you to wait for it for too long:-))))) Yesterday I had the day off so me and Aleksey went to the zoo. He liked monkeys most of all..... He is so grown already..... Even can't believe that I have passed through all those sleepless nights by myself.... Of course, mom helped but I tried not too abuse with her help..... Ok, change of the subject. What has the weather been like there?
Summer is almost over and the fall already in the air! But love early autumn when it is still warm but not so hot yet:-)) Besides my little angle was born this time of the year and going to be 3 years old in a month:-) Hope, you will like my today photos not lesser then ones you saw before:-)))) I'm eager to read more about you, your dreams, how you see the future.
What would you like the future to be like? Kisses,
Letter 4

Hello, my dearest Frank ! Well, I am sorry in advance for my short note today, but there are 2 reasons of this... First of all, my son had caught flu and has high temperature since yesterday. I left him with neighbor while I visited job to ask for the sick list. And the second reason of my short message today - I have no money to pay for its translation! I spent all my savings for the medicines for Aleksey and now I am very tight financially. Besides I was put in the sick list without payment so I am not sure how soon I have spare money again to refresh the account with the translational company! Sorry.... It makes the things even worse, as I felt this great connection with you and wish we could go on our communication... I also hoped we would plan the meeting soon... It is really uneasy to be a lonely parent with low salary.... But I do not like whinnying.... I feel bad asking, but maybe you could help us to stay in touch until I am able to save some money again? If you refuse, I do not blame you, as I can imagine how it looks like... But it will be sad to lose the contact then.... In any way, I hope it is not the end... Your always Iryna.
Letter 5
Dear Sir. We write you with notification concerning your correspondent Iryna who was using our services for writing you. Her financial situation is desperate at present moment and she is not able to write you today and reply your letter. Her son is ill and she spent all her savings on medicines for him. Iryna is dramatically discouraged with the fact that it is almost impossible to keep in touch with you and cover the translational expenses being a lonely parent, she strongly hopes that you will understand her and provide with support if possible, you we welcome to contact us on this matter. With respect and readiness for future collaboration, Larisa Zubko
Manager of Translation Alliance
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