Scam letter(s) from Alsu Muhamethanova to Paul (Australia)

Letter 1
As your affairs, my friend!? Whether can name I you the friend? We already friends, or still are not present?
I very much would want, that we became at least good friends! Still I ask, that you spoke to me as I can address to you. How you want that I named you?
You remember, I wrote to you on zoosk?
I very much rejoice now, that today could find a free time on my work, and answer you!
If it is fair I did not hope to receive your answer to my short letter...
Why you nevertheless have answered me? After all I at all did not speak anything to you about me on a site, I at all did not show you my photos, did not give you my phone numbers. What you has interested in me? Or it was mere curiosity?
How do you spend your weekend? how do you usually spend your free time? You well spent time in these days off?
I in these days off was in the house of my parents. I was much happy these days because I felt, that you will answer me!
First of all, I should speak you one very interesting fact! And more likely I wish to speak to you about it that you correctly understood me.
When I wrote to you on a site zoosk, you probably could see a profile from which I wrote to you, you saw a photo of the girl from which I wrote to you. I am afraid, that you accepted me for this girl... It is I profile! It not I! The photo which you could see on a site, is a photo my girlfriend! It not my photos!
I was never registered on a site zoosk! I wrote to you from a profile my good girlfriend. We with it together studied in school in city Novotroick. It did not have parents, and she lived in children's home. But 15 years ago she was adopted by a family from Australia and we did not see any more. Now she already married for the man in Australia and they have 2 fine children boys.
We with it wrote each other letters on a paper earlier and sent them on mail. Now there is an Internet, e-mail and to communicate it became much easier.
She suggested me to use its profile on a site zoosk that I could search for the man of my dream. She told to me, that men in Australia very decent people. She said to me, that on the present happy it is possible to be only with the man from Australia.
Now I am afraid, that You have been very surprised, when received my letter with other photos. I think, that today you will consider all, and will make the correct decision: to continue to write to me, or not.
I Hope, that you will continue to write to me because you are much interesting to me. As soon as I have seen the information on you, you have drawn at once my attention.
About! I have forgotten to greet you and to speak my name! Hello! Probably, it because I very much waited your answer to my letter.
As I already spoke to you, I looked your profile and you have very much interested me. You have seemed to me very interesting person though from such small quantity of the information I could not learn you well. But I hope, that we will continue to write each other and we will learn is better us.
My name Darya and I live in Russia, in city Novotroick. It is not far from the city of Orenburg. And approximately 1500 kilometres from Moscow. You know the city of Moscow?
But you will ask probably a question: why I wrote to you, after all you live very far from my city? On it there are two reasons: 1) Australia is very good place to live. I always dreamt to visit Australia but while it was not possible to me. But I read about your country much, to me my girlfriend tells, I watch TV, and I understand, that it is the country where everyone can do by the hands the happiness. In your country there is enough freedom to have a worthy life. I know, that at you everyone receives that he will earn itself. At you there is more than possibility to live adequately. There where I now live, it not the best place to live and create a family. I think, that in Australia there is more than possibility to do a good life. 2) and probably this most important thing, in your country very good men. They more fair and decent. It is difficult to find the good man in our country.
But you should not think, that here I live absolutely badly. Even in our country if the person aspires to something, can achieve much. I very strong and purposeful woman also try to do so that my life was better.
I have a good family which helps me to struggle with all difficulties are my parents and my native brother. But I wish to build, own family, with my favourite person! I do not want the man from Russia because all our men are spoilt also their majority want from the woman only ***. I do not know any Russian man except my daddy and my brother who would be respectful to the woman and did not put myself above it. I consider all of them haughty and spoilt. For them in a life it is important only money.
I had a man about 1 year ago. He threw me when found to itself the rich girl. Now I do not have any man. I never was married and I do not have children. I hate Russian men.
At me as you should understand, the most serious intentions. I want, that I had a man who will always love me with which we will be an excellent command on a way of achievement of our joint purposes!
It seems to me, that our women are good enough also they are worthy to live happily. And as it seems to me, it is possible to do happiness only in your country, in Australia, in the country of my dream! I know, that men from Australia not such, as in Russia. You concern women is much better and your feelings are always true, frank and durable. You should know, that I the woman for whom love, fidelity, honesty is the most necessary feelings. I am not spoilt by an easy and self-denying life.
You have drawn my attention, and I wish to draw also your attention. But I will not speak today much about me. You can learn is better me from my following letters. Now I only will tell, that to me of 30 years, my growth of 169 centimetres, my weight of 56 kg. My birthday on December, 27th, 1980.
I hope, you understand, that serious relations are necessary to me only, that I wish to create a family, to live in Australia and to have more the best life. If at you to me serious intentions we will be fine pair!
I have got used to struggle for the happiness and always to achieve objects in view. In my life already it is a lot of what I have achieved own forces. I not the poor woman, at me am good work, I receive enough of money to concern middle class in Russia, but it at all the most important. At me rich private world! Which my parents, school, university helped me to type. I am very grateful for it to them.
But I do not have family except my parents and the brother... I do not have true love... I hope, that with you I will find this love! I very much wish to create my family…
As you see, I write to you in English. I well enough know English language.
By the way, I studied English language at school, and then and at university throughout 5 years.
I send my photos and hope to evaluate it lasts after me. A picture with my cat Alice. I love animals. I still have a dog, and I myself then I'll try to give you the picture of my dog Holli.
Write to me please as soon as possible!
I will wait your letter.
Your girlfriend from Russia, Darya
Letter 2
It you I again write, Darya, your new girlfriend from Russia!
I yet have not bothered you with my letters?
I very much hoped, that you will answer my letter which I wrote you, but my hopes were not justified...
Unfortunately, you wrote nothing to me, and consequently I have decided, that itself I will write you the next letter and very much I hope, that in the near future you will answer both my letters.
I very much ask you, that you found some minutes to write me at least some lines. Or at least say to me, that you do not want, that I wrote to you. Well?
I will be always very attentive to your letters because it there was my initiative to write to you and, hence, I should be always attentive to that you will speak to me. Though it is possible, that I will sometimes miss some moments from your letters. I ask at once from you for this pardon.
You should forgive me that I now to you will tell. On a site zoosk I wrote not only you... As I already spoke to you, I came on a site zoosk from a profile of my girlfriend which lives in Australia. I wished to search for a long time already for the man from Australia but as I already spoke to you, I not so trust in acquaintances on the Internet. Besides, now in the world it is a lot of deceit, and it is very dangerous to trust whom that on the Internet. Therefore, I never also was not registered anywhere on sites of acquaintances. But my girlfriend suggested to come from its profile, and to search for the man who will be to me interesting.
I searched for the man of my dream, and I found your profile. But except you, was three more men who have caused in me some liking and small interest. I have written to them...
You should understand, that I wrote to them, only that at me was more chances to receive the letter though from someone. Now I am glad, that you have answered me with the first because you interest me more. If they answer me, I will refuse to them in acquaintance to me. Well? I will never write to them more. Now I wish to communicate only with you. Only you in my thoughts.
When I wrote you my first letter, I did not know, about what we will speak in general. But now I assume, that we can build our acquaintance on stories about ourselves. And still I want, that you told to me more about your life. It seems to me, that it is necessary. I should learn you better to have fuller idea about the person with whom I, probably, will build a family.
I hope, what you understand, what it is a main objective of my acquaintance to you? I wish to find the favourite person, and I want, that he loved me. I am ready to create a family.
I will say once again to you, that now I do not have any man, I never was married and I do not have children.
My age already 30 years, and I consider, that it is the most suitable age to create a family. The person who always the attention and love will heat my soul is necessary for me.
I understand that we have a difference of age, but this is not a problem! I know many happy families in which the difference of age, even more than we are with you!
I believe that young men are careless, and just want to take advantage of a woman. I dream of such a man as you, who already has great experience and would not give the girl in the offense, will make her happy. I will also reciprocate, and I want to make you truly happy man.
For me the man from Australia can become such person only, I do not want anybody another. I wish to do marriage only with the man from Australia. I wish to live in Australia and I wish to have a strong and happy family. In Australia it is possible to do more for a family and for children. For this reason I wish to live and work in Australia.
Australia the beautiful country and in it there live beautiful people. I liked always temperament of men from Australia and their passion!
I like your culture, traditions, your language. I can speak and write in English.
I studied English language at school and university, and it seems to me, that I know it well enough that we could understand each other. I tried to study English language, and it well enough was possible to me. It seems to me, that I well own it.
I have a big hope, that ours the purposes coincide with you, and you search for love and happiness, that you wish to create a strong family. In this world probably everything, even despite distance which divides us. If we aspire together to an object in view, we will necessarily reach it!
All my words to you are true and frank, and I want, that you spoke me about yourself always the truth. It seems to me, that love not probably to build on lie. How you think in this occasion? I want, that my love was pure, strong and frank till the end of my life!
We speak with you on the Internet, and you probably understand itself, that it not the best way that gets acquainted. He does not allow people to feel presence each other. I never considered the Internet as a good place of acquaintance. But when learnt about a considerable quantity of cases, that people, being on distance of thousand kilometres, started to love each other, I have changed my opinion. Though if to speak fairly, I could not trust in it. For me it was improbable! But with the facts to argue difficult... After all they could create a family and now live happily! But still I heard, that on the Internet many bad histories and I very much hope, that bad things will pass by us with you.
That it is better to learn us, we should as it is possible is more often and to write as much as possible each other. You have such possibility? I should you say, that I not always have it. I can write to you only when I am on work. My work allows to use to me the computer and to write to you.
When I searched for you, I at all did not represent, that so many people try to find love in the Internet! This fact has once again convinced me what to find love thus quite probably.
Forgive me please, that I always write to you so much, but I very much would like to speak about me that you learnt me is better more. Though we will have more many time that speaks and to learn us better, but I wish to speak to you about me much now.
Today at me it is a lot of work and it is necessary for me to have time to finish it not to take anything home and to do quiet rest.
By the way! I have told nothing to you about my work. I work in my city Novotroitsk, in advertising agency "Gold Print". This one of the best advertising agencies not only in our city, but also in all Orenburg area. We are engaged in placing of advertising not only in our city. At us very big radius of action of work.
I will say once again to you, that I live in the city of Novotroitsk, the Orenburg area. I was trained in Novotroitsk the state technical university on management and advertising chair. With mine of trades it is possible to find work in any country. It seems to me, that in any country there are advertising agencies and I easily can to find work. And in addition I went on courses on advertising design. Now I can combine two activity on my work. I work as the manager and as the advertising designer! I on this post 3,5 years! My work pays to me good money. I have a worthy residence. I work also to me much to have to get tired much. But I receive fair money for the heavy work.
speak to me about the work. You love the work! I very much like my work, in spite of the fact that it at me not simple. Probably it to like me because it not ordinary and I should not do monotonous work. Each new step to performance of necessary action differs from all previous and it allows to me stimulus to work much. Today I wish to send you still photo pair. And I hope to receive your photos. I have no many photo on work, but I will take their houses and to send to you still. To me it is sad, that I can I will not write to you every day. It is connected by that my house computer is not connected to the Internet. Therefore you should forgive me that I will not write to you to my days off.
You understand it? You understand, what I can write to you only in the working days? At my place there is a big stationary computer. My mum bought it in 2004. I would want much, that at my place there was an Internet, but it is very expensive also I cannot allow itself of it.
Facebook? but I must say that unfortunately I can not go to this site. I do not have internet at home. at work on all computers and a limit to the places. First, our leader has closed access to all social sites. He believes that should not be distracted by foreign bodies. You have to understand that. I told you I can just write an e-mail. very sad that I have a problem...
Probably, that you would like to speak on the phone with me, but I should you say, that I cannot give you my phone number because I yet do not know you so well.
But I precisely know, that if we with you will as correspond and we will know that we approach each other I will give you my phone number. I have not got used to distribute my phone number while I do not learn well my acquaintance, and it is not good to distribute number yet do not learn well the man. I know, that will be very good, if we speak with you by phone. I understand, that so it will be better. But excuse, while I will not give you a phone number. But I can promise to you, that we will speak with you by phone. It will be very pleasant to me to hear your voice. Probably, at you very pleasant voice.
Well, I will wait your following letter. You probably have to me now many questions? I will try to answer all your questions.
Write to me more likely!!
bye, Darya
Letter 3
Hello my friend! It is written again to you Irina, by your girlfriend from Russia!
I do not disturb you my letters?
How there are your affairs? How there passes your today? Your affairs develop safely? You hoped today to receive my letter?
I always with impatience wait your new letters and each time I hope, that I will receive your photos.
How you will spend days off? How you usually spend free days? I wish you a lot of good rest in these days off! I hope, that you will tell to me as spent these days! I will speak also to you about it!
In your day how many begins? My day begins very much early. It is necessary for me to wake up at 6.30. I do physical culture, I take a shower and I eat an easy breakfast. I love sports much. Most of all I like to run in the mornings. I run on 3 kilometres, but not every day it is possible to me. When there was a winter and there was many snow, we with the daddy to go on skis. I like to ski much.
If at me remains a few free time, I look through houses my plan of work per day, I prepare the necessary documentation that from the very beginning of the working day to be completely the planned work ready to performance. Sometimes to me to have it is a lot of to work in the evenings. Even happens, that on work I should be late till 23.00!!!
This morning I have had time to copy some photo to send them to you. I hope, that you like all my photos, and I was pleasant to you as the girl.
During a dinner on work we ate a pie and drank tea. Today Svetlana birthday! It holds a post of the main manager on my work. We wished to do today a small holiday in this occasion, but have decided, that we will postpone it for more free day. Because now we should carry out great volumes of works and on all there is no time. How your work? You spend joint rest with collective?
You know, I have received today two letters from other men. But I would like to tell to you, that it not good men. One of them thought, that I live in Australia, and suggested to meet for ***. The second, asked from me my ***** photos. I have answered them, that they more never wrote to me.
I consider, that it is a lot of to speak it tritely about these things so soon. I observe my moral principles much, and I will never give to a little familiar man my frank photos. Besides, I never did not think at all of doing such photo. My parents have brought up me very correctly. My behaviour differs modesty and restraint.
Certainly I have some photo in a bathing suit. If we with you become close friends, that I will probably give you such photos if you wish them to see.
I cannot still understand, what has forced you to write to me? Than you have been interested? Or it was mere curiosity?
I still wish to tell to you, that I wrote to you on a profile because, something was pleasant to me in your profile, and it has seemed to me not such as all. And therefore, I have written to you. What has involved me in you? I do not know... I have felt from you proceeding energy, it seemed to me, that you the one who is necessary for me.
I already said to you, that I wrote from a profile my girlfriend who lives in Australia and the family and children has there. She tells that only in Australia it is possible to do a happy family.
I have been interested, and have decided, that will be much good, if I have new friends. Besides, as you probably understand, I wish to find the man who will always love me with which I will be happy throughout many years.
At me it is a lot of questions to you, and I do not know from what to begin. I also wish to tell about my life, my interests that you knew about me much.
You like to travel? You made many travel? Where you had to happen? I like to happen in different cities and the countries, but I only once was abroad. I travelled in Tajland on rest in the last summer. It is a lot of tourists from Russia happen there. There it is possible to do good rest, there many beautiful places. At us in Russia also many beautiful places. I happened in many cities of our country and impression from seen for ever remain in my memory. What can you speak about Russia? What do you know about our country? You know, our country is how much huge?
I wish to tell to you about how I live right now. I consider, that it is important to know about each other more. At me not the big family. I have my big brother Andrey. It is more senior me for 2 years. My brother lives with the wife. I am very glad that he had created his family and has a daughter, whose name is Anastasiya. I live in separate apartment which has got to me after my grandmother has died. My apartment to be not far from my parents. To come to parents, I should go 20-30 minutes on foot. My daddy call Alexander, a name of my mum Elena. Mine mum and the daddy now work in our city of Novotroitsk. My daddy works as the master of foundry shop at factory on metal manufacture. The factory is called "the Ural Steel". Mum works also at this factory. It holds a post of the bookkeeper. My parents work at this factory already more than 25 years. It is much heavy work, but now nothing is given easily and to have a worthy life, it is necessary to work much.
We often gather all family. Sometimes my parents come to me, sometimes I visit them. At my parents very much good relations with each other. They very amicable family and already many years live together. I wish to imitate their example and to have the same strong family. I also dream of a long joint, happy life with the favourite person.
I want, that you spoke to me about your family. You will tell to me? Well?
Forgive, but I cannot write today to you any more. It is necessary for me to finish work. For me work is very important because I the responsible person and have got used to carry out always all qualitatively.
I hope, that you are already fast to me will answer!
bye, Irina
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