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Big changes on site - 3/11/2005 at 20:24

Dear friends,

As you can see we have new design now and hope you like it.

Database was totally re-written. It was very difficult to add updates to existing reports. From the beginning the database was made with errors. May be you have noticed that last time only new scammers were added and shown on New reports last week page, no one update. This is one of many reasons why so many reports you have sent to us were not published. We are really very sorry about it and will try to change this situation.

New helpful search tools added - search by age, browse by city and new version of browse by name.

Programming of the site was totally re-written too.

Guesbook and News added.

Virtual jury added. What is this? Sometimes we receive questionable reports and must decide - scam or not. But we don't think that is right to allow 2 or 3 people make such decision. It is much better when many preconceived people with their own opinions do this.

We hope you will like results of our work.

Best regards, Team