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Forum problems - 3/19/2005 at 18:35

Stop and enough. We can not see any more what some users have made with our forum. At the moment it is not a place where visitors could share experiences, ask advice etc. All you can find here now are rage, hatred, intolerance to another's opinion, vainglory, boorishness, insults ...

What is our site about? Yes, about dating scammers, about only 0,001% or less from many thousands of real, honest and pretty women seeking foreign men for marriage.

We don't want to say you that there isn't such problem at all. No, this web site is exactly about dating scam.

But the main goals are to make the site like a manual you should read and acquire knowledge about known scammers' names, their tactics, etc.

We want you will say after that like one of our visitors: "...I have only great experiences with meeting women. Of course I have met some scammers while exchanging letters, but after a while they are quite easy to sort out..."

Second, we are ashamed of the active group of "woman-haters" living on forum. Some visitors try to post positive, interesting and helpful information. In return they hear insults and boorishness only from them.

All posts of this group will be deleted and accounts blocked.

There are places like "colour lists" where sites' owners are ready to post lie, to defame everybody and everything. They will be glad to see you as regular visitors there. Our site is for people with other thinking.

Third, the whole forum "Scam-Agencies" will be deleted too.

There are many reasons to do this. And what's most interesting, if some posts with fake facts are deleted - we are scammers too, if they are not deleted - we are a part of some network and fight a war against competitors (such information you can find on the net already). But the main reason is, only 5-10% of all posts are true there. The rest are posts from different users but with the same IP address, slander from one agency about another but from the same city, simply posts with fake facts and unconfirmed information and so on.

All we do with the site is based on our life position and we don't want all will like us. We want just make the site really helpful and interesting for visitors wishing to find a bride abroad and become happy.

Best regards, Team