Resources for reporting a scam

Place a report

First of all, add a report with all the details (story, letters and photos) to the database of

Contact agency or website

You are obliged to contact the agency, dating service or web site where you found the profile of the woman, or where your data was placed and the woman was the first to contact you - ask them to remove her profile.

Contact police

If you have already sent the money and were scammed, then contact the local police department. They'll tell you what steps are necessary to return the money.

Contact her email provider

Contact the provider for the email address she used or is using. Ask them to shut off her email account and to reply to you.

Western Union or Money Gram

If you sent money via Western Union or Money Gram you can contact them by email and supply them with the information.
You have to send a copy of your receipt..You wont get your money back but at least you will be helping to shut down one conduit the scammer used. You can also apply to Fraud Prevention.

Western Union official web site:
Money Gram official web site:

FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation)

There's a special fraud division in the FBI which handles complaints originating from the web. Although their international activities are limited, they may use foreign law enforcement to stop cons and scams from the Internet.

FBI web site to register an Internet Fraud: and

FTC International Internet Fraud

Formed by the FTC (Federal Trade Commission), the aim of this organization is resolving international disputes and allowing Internet users all around the world to file their complaints in one location. It was specifically designed to apply to cross-border, international e-commerce disputes. The site will receive the complaints and give them to civil and criminal fraud fighters in different countries. You may apply in English, French, German or Spanish.

FTC International Internet Fraud official web site:

Her Embassy in your country

You may contact the embassy of her native country. You have to send a detailed letter about the case and ask them to reply. It's better to send a registered letter and include a stamped envelope with your address on it. Call them some time later after you sent the letter.

Search addresses of embassies here:

Your embassy in her country

You may contact your embassy in her native country. Send a detailed letter about the case and ask them to reply. You can call them some time later after you sent the letter. If it is a real person her data will be placed on a Black List and, perhaps, if she travels abroad she will be turned down for a visa to your country.

Search addresses of embassies here:

Department of Justice

Department of Justice site includes information defining Internet fraud, what to do about it, and where to go to get more information.

Department of Justice official web site:


Another Department of Justice site dedicated to Internet crimes and fraud.

Cybercrime official web site:

Better Business Bureau

Check here to see if the Agency you are dealing with might be listed. But this is only for business inside the US. This is far from a catch-all but a good place to start. This is also a place to complain about an agency in general, again if they are in the USA.

Better Business Bureau official web site:

Rip-Off Reports

Place report here:

Victim Support Europe

Victim Support Europe is a network of 26 non-governmental victim support organizations in 21 European countries, which provide assistance and information to victims of crime.

Victim Support Europe official web site:

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC)

Special organization created in Nigeria to fight 419 and other financial cybercrime.

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) official web site:

Junk Email Resource

Site for dealing with email scams.

Junk Email official web site: