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Letter 1

I search my real soulmate!My name is Mariia and I am a beautiful girl.I was given your address in marriage agency and I want to meet you.I shall look forward to hearing from you. Mariia!

Letter 2

Hi my new friend!

It is very pleasant for me, that you have answered to my letter. For you my email to you, probably, was absolutely unexpected.
And you was surprised very much i think , having received it? But, Frankly speaking , it is the big unexpectedness too.

I wrote you my first letter from my work email address!
Please reply to my personal email address:!
For me it would be easier to answer you with my personal email as my work email is littered with other work letters, and I don't want to miss your letter.

And myself I am surprised, that has taken advantage of services of the Internet to get acquainted with the man.
I am very happy, to see your letter and all ideas were mixed, at all I do not know from what and to start!
The matter is that I for the first time have decided to try all to get acquainted through the Internet, till this moment, I have never do it before.
One of my girlfriends, to be exact even the fellow worker, has got acquainted on the Internet and has married the good person from Germany.
Now she have already live there more than two years and she is very happy. I often receive emails from her, where she describes how there it is good her, as her appreciate and respect on work, what she have the sensitive and loving husband.
And in each letter she edifies me, that I too have tried to get acquainted with someone. Well I have tried.
I went to a dating agency in my town and they gave me your email address and now I am writing to you.

My name is Mariia. I am 35 years old. My height is 171 cm, my weight is 53 kg.
My birthday is on the December 30, 1981. My zodiac sign Capricorn. I live in Russia in the city of Saratov..
My city is located 850 km southeast of Moscow! I almost never left my city. Somehow it was not necessary, and opportunities was not much. Certainly, I was in near cities and even in several large cities of Russia, such as Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Samara.

Now little bit about you! Have you ever been in Russia? If yes, where exactly? Tell to me about yourself ?
where you studied and what kind of work you have ? Is pleasant to you? It would be very interesting to me to learn about you.
Tell me please, where and how you live? Where you were born?

I would like know more about your family? I live alone, my parents had already passed away, dad 3 years ago and my mom last year.
I have relatives only an older sister but she lives for many years in another city.
She is married and has two children. But I have never been married and I do not have kids!

I want to tell, that I am very serious persone, that for me all this seriously and under the truth.
I am adult girl and in any games I do not play. I want to find present the man, is not dependent on age and from position in a society.
For me he is not important poor or richer, that he loved the most dear and respected me, and the everything else is possible to achieve together, there would be a health and love.
And it is not important for me at what territory of light he lives, I shall come tearing along to him from other continent, I shall find him at territory of the universe if I shall feel, that I am really necessary for him!
To tell the truth, I never was in other countries, but I think, that for the true love in the world should not be what barrier.
Perhaps, I am a little naive and till now I believe in fairy tales about love. I don't know, but to someone carries, so let will carry also to me!

With the big impatience I wait for your answer. I hope you you will not leave without attention questions interesting me.
I hope shortly to see your letter.

Sincerely Mariia.

Letter 3

Hello dear friend of mine Jim!

I'm glad to receive your answer! And it is very interesting for me to read your letters and to know more.
And I knew you were a very interesting person, the great interlocutor and the good friend. I sincerely believe in you.
And it is extremely enjoyable for me, that our knowledge and dialogue also attracts you. I would like to tell you about it and find out about you. I graduated from the State University of Saratov, I received one of the prestigious education in Russia and I am considered
Not as a bad expert in pediatrics. Lots of our older colleagues and my little patients appreciate my work.

I mean I can make many spelling mistakes, but I think you help me to fix it quickly and we'll talk
No special problems. I also want to tell you that I am writing to you from coffee internet because I have no other opportunity
Access to the Internet. I do not have a computer home, and very expensive to buy it, and at work there are many computers, but there
They did not go out on the Internet. So you have to write letters from you here. Not so convenient, but there is nothing to do,
Providing free time, communicating to a person as remarkable as you.
I want to tell you about my life, I hope it will be interesting for you! I've never been married, I think I'm dated with just one man and I've lived
With him for 7 years. But I guess it was not the person I want to spend the rest of my life. I grew up The Christian and my conviction and that
When she marries, she marries for life! When I lived with him, it was the most difficult time of my life. In recent years, our life together, has drunk a lot
Alcohol and I start to beat. But then he betrayed me and met another younger woman than me. My heart was broken but I'm a strong woman
I could overcome this way. And now I'm so glad I left him! And now I can start my new life! I have no children . But who knows it :-)
I believe in God and I am a Christian!

Do you think you can meet the second goal? As far as I'm concerned, I believe in a lot. At the moment I only want serious relationships. flirtation
In my life have been enough. Now I want serious and sincere relationships. And now I have my goal to create my own family. It is my only purpose for today
And to create the family. I am a very romantic person. I am a very affectionate person who loves romance and I love to kiss! Romantic dinners and an intimate evening. I would like to know more about your inner feelings about love and romance. I think there is such a thing as love at the first site!
But this would be physical attraction, but for deep, intimate and long-lasting love, much work and honesty between the two partners is needed.
I believe that your partner's honest answer is like a kiss on your lips: lying to someone and slap on your face and dishonor! I try to say
How I live on my letters. And I would love her too. I do not ask you to write the big letters. I just want it, that was easy and
Interesting to communicate to us. Well, I think I talked to you more in this letter. If you want to find something else to ask, and you do answer. But I just want to trust another. Just write the truth. I am an adult and I can understand everything, but not just betrayal and deceit.
If you have no serious intentions for me, do not play with me and do not write. I hope I do not hurt you, I just want to be honest with you because I am very serious! Tell me now. I hope I can see your letter soon.

Your new friend Mariia.

Letter 4

Hello Jim!

How are you? How do you feel? I am fine! Thank you very much for your answer to my last letter, it is very wonderful that we write each other. I read your letters with the great pleasure and all I find out you closer. I am admired that you such remarkable, clever, good and decent person!

I would like ask you. What is you person? or what you are type of the people concern? For example I am romantic person!
The not choleric person, the optimist and during too time the realist.
How you concern to alcoholic drinks? For me it is possible to tell a sick theme, as well as most part of women in our country.

Now I want to tell us about yourself! I drink alcohol very rarely and little. I can drink only on holidays. I do not smoke! I am very busy person, lot's of work every day in the polyclinic, on the district. As each children's doctor the pediatrist has the district. That is, some streets, the certain area of city in which observes of all children living there. And consequently, except for daily reception of sick children in a polyclinic, I go on calls to patients on apartments. Well and at leisure, if those appears I try spend my free time on the nature. I adore a camping! For me fresh air and the nature, it is not dependent on a season a pledge of my health and beauty. Also I go in for sports, well it cannot be named sports because all this at a level of an amateur kind passes, well it is possible to tell, easy fitness. I go to a sports hall where above soul there is a trainer and forces to do exercises. After a sports hall I go to pool and there I have relax. I specially choose evening time, after work that it was possible will be weakened, then to come home and to fail in bed without supper. It is the true diet and care of the appearance about my face my body. It is not indifferent for me. In fact I am young woman beautiful and I want to look always well. It is possible to tell, I turn out even very sports person, in any sort. I like favorite kinds of sports very much. But, probably, figure skating for me the most favorite. I always try to watch on TV, all championships, all Olympic games, with participation of our Russian sportsmen. They are good fellows also many talented guys. Tell me please!!!
And what your favorite and not favourite kinds of sports? Whether you watch from the side, on the TV of sportsmen of this or that kind of sports. Or like to be present and alive to observe for an event in stadium or at other places. At us on work, little girls go on hockey and I too sometimes join their company. But for me it is a severe kind of sports. Players go for a drive on the big speed and can run into somebody or fall or even worse beat out a washer or a stick a teeth. That happens enough frequently. Therefore I not so like to be present at this show. But not looking on all this this man's game the spirit grasps.

Once I was on a field where were automobile and moto races. I have been shocked. I also did not think, that appears so is healthy to look behind race when machines are carried with huge speed. I have thought of this moment as it is a pity, that I am not able to drive the car and I do not have rights. I like car and motorcycles.. And especially old models of cars which have been restored and are in an excellent condition. Most of all I like foreign cars, especially German models, but in our town very few such cars.
They are only at very rich people. But in the big cities such as capital Moscow and other them is a lot of. And what cars like you?
Whether you are able to drive the car? I shall finish the letter. Today i had many work and it is time to me to run. I shall wait very much your letter. I say good bye to you..

Your friend Mariia!

Letter 5

Hello my dear friend Jim!
Your fish looked good, very tasty.
When I see your letter, a smile appears on my face. I miss you and your nice letters. I need your letters every day like fresh air. I am ok. And you?
How was your day? What's news with you? It is interesting for me to know everything what;s go on with you. Frankly speaking it is very fascinating to observe your life. Because you far from me.

I would like ask you, can i to hear your voice once ???
Jim, write me your phone number and i will try to call you. I will go to the telegraph office and to call you. ok? I can't wait to hear your voice. I have cell phone but i can not accept the call from other country because I have refused such service. I have never think that i can meet man from other country. I am so sorry. But everything ok, because i can call you from the telegraph place when I'll have the opportunity!

I would like give you my address. But my dear Jim, I ask you very much did not send by mail to me . Now everywhere FSB, in connection with an opportunity of acts of terrorism in the world, check all mail from other countries.
much easier to take advantage of services of the Internet and e-mail. And it is much more safe. It is very dangerous, at the matter of fact that in our country can open envelopes and sending. At the best, and in the worse it will be gone, and anybody never will find it. Yes I heard time about such bad cases happened on the Russian mail. People which work in post , they even can steal contents of letters I also heard many bad histories and responses, about work post the express train of service on delivery of letters and sendings the different foreign companies. I know, that it is very sad, but it is the truth of our modern life. I would not like very much, had with it problems. Therefore I once again ask you to not send me anything. I do not want that your sending have stolen, as the most dear and desired gift from you for me are you and your letters!

My adress is:
Country - Russia
City - Saratov
Street - Chernyshevsky, 190
Apartment - 77
Postal code - 410031

You are very dear to me. I do not want to lose you and your friendship. You very good person, simply remarkable the man. I want that will ok for us. I believe in you all soul, that you not such as everything, that you already became a part of my life. You take a special place in my heart. When I receive your letters and I write you the answer see you and as though I talk with you. When the weather is bad or bad mood, your letters help to live and I overlook about all bad. It is becomes warm from your words, I smile and I fly all the day happy! Many fellow workers began to notice in me changes that there was absolutely another, in the best side. But they also do not suspect what to be created with me.. In my head and in my soul.

I can not sleep quickly at night, I think about you for a long time.
I present our meeting that we are going to the park, to the cinema, and at night we make love.
I have not had a man for a long time, I want to do this with you. I think that this will happen soon, it all depends on us, so that we can meet with you. Now I have to go, I'll write to you later well, just waiting for your answer.

Your Mariia.

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