Scam email(s) from Karen Kynell

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Letter 1

I like the sound of your profile, you seem like the sort of person that fits what I am looking for, You are such a handsome man kindly detail me the email ID i can email you more about my self, . If you like my profile please get back to me.

Letter 2

Hello John,

I did acknowledge your email on behalf of Karen Kynell a refugee girl from Syria, regarding her way to leave the Camp in Benin, actually I'm the Camp Coordinator here in Benin, our main camp at Lokossa was devastated by heavy rain flood last year, though the community here, has tried to raised up more hostels were some of the refugees has been staying for safety, the UNHCR has withdrew attention from running the Camp as usual because of inadequate funding, We here as the Authorities has been trying so hard to keep it running and funding, All what Karen needs to leave the Camp officially is a clearance document from Benin High Court, the clearance fee cost $250 to process all her legal papers,, I'm not in charge to process her clearance, Karen will give you info to send her fee to process the clearance , after her clearance she have to submit to us the clearance documents to submit to the authority in charge to file her Brazil visa process both air ticket will be our responsibility , you don't have to spend money for Ticket and visa it's our responsibility to book her one time ticket and visa after clearance, you have to send us the nearest airport close to you in Ur said Country to enable us have your airport Info and phone number to reach you as soon as her visa and air ticket is ready for her flying.

Letter 3

Hello John, Karen should be at the Camp, i have closed from office over few hours ago, I'm at my residential place with my family when i get to Camp tomorrow I will send message to inform her you need her attention.


Letter 4

Hello my darling the message you wrote for Camp coordinator was a perfect one, i did enjoyed reading it, you are so intelligent to have constructed it perfectly, i must respect you for been a man of your words, I love you more honey, you are so loving and good, i love you with all my heart,


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