Scam email(s) from Svetlana

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Letter 1

I want to talk to you. I liked you. I want to know you closer. Maybe we have a lot in common? If you wanted to get to know me ? Could write me your email?

Letter 2

I think I found you, how do you look at further communication with me? If you do not mind let's continue the communication not here, but with the help of mail. If you give me your email address, I'll write with pleasure.

Letter 3

Hello, nice to meet you!
I hope you do not mind communicating with me?
I'm looking for a serious relationship based on honesty and love. If you share this with me, I will wait for your next letter and hope to receive additional information about you and see your photo. While I send you my photo so you can see the person with whom you are talking, I hope you will like it.
I live in Ukraine, in the small town of Kupyansk, Kharkov region.
I'm 27 years old, I hope you do not mind my age)
What I will tell about my family, work and hobbies in my next letters.
With best wishes, Sveta)))

Letter 4

Hello friend John.
I wish you warmth and happiness, and I hope that everything will be all right.
I kept thinking about writing to you. I'm sorry that I did not write before, I was ashamed to make you wait like this. At my job where I work, 2 employees were away from work so I had to cover hours there .. I worked 18 hours, so when I come home at night, all I wanted to do was sleep. I want our communication to continue, and who knows, maybe, will turn into something more. What do you think about it?)
Mmmm ok, I'm talking about my work, so I'll tell you what I'm doing ... My work is very simple, I'm working waiter at the bar. Work does not give me much wealth, but enough to live ...
About me in general, I adore everything that is wonderful around us, and I have a bit of humor .Ohh....I hope that my age does not bother you. Is it so?
Well, my height is 165cm and my weight is 49kg.
I turned to the Internet to find a man because I have not yet met my soul mate ... I'm not looking for adventure or games, on the contrary, I hope to find this special person in you with whom I can create a family and spend the rest of my life . I believe that the family is the most important support in life; I know that true love exists.
If we continue to know each other better i will tell you more))))
I'm going now, but I'll try and write soon ...
Thank you for writing your friend Lana.

Letter 5

Hello my new friend John !)))) How are your days without me?)) Do you think sometimes about me?
My name is Svetlana, but shortly it's Sveta, and my friends call me Lana, Svetik. So you can choose the name that you like best. And what do friends call you?
Are I ready for the family? Do I want to be a housewife, lover or faithful wife? I want to find such a man with whom I can be at the same time all)))) And what do you think about it? :))))
I'm on the other side of the world from you, my language is Ukrainian and Russian and if I want to continue to know you better I'll gladly teach your native language))) Will you be my teacher? :)))What else I can say about myself. Well, I'm open minded; I respect other's ideas and listen to them (so I expect to be listened to, because I wait for my turn to speak). I think our destiny is something we discover every day, according to how we face it, what we do and what we don't and I doubt there's a second chance for a first good impression. I can be best described as an optimistic, high spirited and broadminded man and I love romance, freedom and I am very much future oriented. In love relationships, I am sincere, straight forward, open, loving and very tender.
I hope my letter gives you a bigger picture of the kind of man i am.
I want us to continue to know each more and more. With each letter we begin to see our bigger lives and i like what i read each time you write to me.. Your words are warm for me.
Take care. Regards your Sveta.

Letter 6

Hello ,dear John thank you for your letter you are very cute as well)))))
I hope this is the beginning of a long relationship but only time will tell.
I guess you want to know about me so here it goes.
Ohh...My parents passed away a few years but ago i still miss them especially my mom. For me it was a very difficult moment of life .. Staying at such a young age alone on the whole planet. I have neither brothers nor sisters. My dad died when I was a very small girl and I do not really remember him, and my mother was ill and when I was 18 she left ... I do not have any grandparents ... I had a long depression ... But I have to live on because my mother would really like it! She always loved when I smile and enjoy life. And now I live with my aunt. She is very kind and good, my aunt Nina, I sent you a photo. (Look)
I get lonely and need one true love in my life but have not found it. When I commit to someone it is for a lifetime as it should be. Therefore, it's no problem for me to come to you or leave my country.
I've never been married. Why? Probably all men just do not appreciate life because I appreciate it. They think about the future, everything should be according to plan ... They want to see a beautiful model with long legs and white hair next to them ... And other men want to live at the expense of some successful lady ...
I'm hardworking, I love working, I'm never looking for a rich man, I'm looking for happiness! And I really want to be someone's happiness))))
I have a very wide range of interests and will try anything once, twice if I like it.
I enjoy art, theatres, sports, walking in nature, barbecues, cuddling on a couch under a blanket watching a movie.
I enjoy dancing (ballroom) and love music.
Truth and honesty is the two of the most important aspects of a relationship.
I am not afraid to show emotion and would never try to hide my feelings.
I have been told that I am very compassionate and have a very big heart, oh yeah I am extremely patient and understanding.
I never judge nor criticize but simply listen.
Actually I still have soo many things that I want to know about you, you are a man who I am very interested to.
Looking forward your sooner reply my dear!
Take care . Your Sveta.

Letter 7

How are you?
Good day again John)))))
I do not know how to explain but I felt a very good energy between us, I know that we do not know each other anymore
I believe in my feelings, a man is no one without a great man and you surely are a great man.
I am looking for a man who wants to be happy and make me happy too, to build a life for two a partnership for life, a man that I every day in the morning can say `` I love you'' a man that everyone the days make me grow as a woman.
A man is really only a man when he apprehends to love and respect. I love to laugh and make people laugh, I love fun and cheerful people, I love animals I have a cat that I saved from the street is my best friend.
Well, I am a Virgo .... lol. And you?)) When you have a b-day?)))
What else can I tell you. Actually maybe I will tell you more in my next letter after all I do not want to run out of things to say. I will tell you more about my family and my childhood if you like.
You can ask me any questions and I will answer honestly and openly.I guess I will close for now.
Waiting anxiously for your reply
Sincerely yours

Letter 8

Hi dear John! I really hope that you are all right. At me too all is good. But I miss your answer more and more)))
Maybe, you can be my man. It depends on you, your sincerity and your honesty to me. I am ready, to love, and to fill your heart, your soul, and your spirit of love, happiness, respect and desire.
In the last letter I wrote about living with my aunt. My aunt is a very good woman, but she is not lucky with men in life ... Therefore, we live together. She works as a saleswoman at the shop near our house.
And when I met you here I thought that in my life there was a ray of sun))) For me the first place in the relationship in the is trust and respect. I hope you understand what I mean? ))) Only the truth is a guarantee of a serious and strong relationship!
I am always honest with people and I hope that they will treat me the same way!
Yes I think love it very important in life and to have some one to share life with, someone to support, help, share joy and sorrow with.
Tell me what do you think about the development of our relationship in the future? What is the most important thing in your relationship?
With impatience I will wait for your letter.
With best wishes, your new Ukrainian friend Svetka)))

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