Scam email(s) from Clara Lowe Albers

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Letter 1

Alright darling ! Well yes darling i've the financial worth to establish the company
my love and do you remember i told you am gonna tell you a secert which i still have told you nothing about it yet...

Letter 2

I am not hiding it from you baby since you're the only one i love and trust so much and i want to share everything with you darling and i know what am about to tell you now will make you happy as well because we can establish the company as soon possible my dear...

Letter 3

Well there is something i will like to tell you,which really makes me uncomfortable and even insecure here now in Syria.
You already know Syria is a very difficult dangerous and hard to be, so i don't want to lose my life, because i need you so much and can't do without you..I really love you and just i can't afford to lose you as well.
Well,why i feel unsafe and insecure here is that,there was a package given to me here in Syria by the ( President ) sometime ago. And it was due to my hard work and as well my years in the Military staying here in Damascus- Syria. so i was rewarded with the package.
It was given to me on this date 18 April 2016 which was last year my love, I told my self not to tell anyone about this,But i don't feel safe and insecure anymore, because of the Talibans my love.I have had enough keeping it to my self,but no more feel safe with it not all my love and other soldier's were given this packages too,
It was just given to Majors, Generals and the Army Chief of Staff's.
and senior Nurse's as a reward. the last members of the Awareness were the family of the late Military troops who lost theirs life's over here during the peace keeping event.

Letter 4

The package is contained inside a mount of 3 million US dollars and 12 Gold bars with a Gold medal as well,which has all been packed in the package.
whiles receiving this package i thought of sending it to my grils, Because all my colleague here in Syria sent theirs to Family and their lovers else where.Because I have no Family or Friend to keep mine safe for me, it was left behind by myself to be kept here in my tent,just to be safe with it, but no more feels comfortable with it.the Talibans kept suspecting such package is been kept by myself,because they got to know am single and has no family to keep mine for me.they now know i have kept mine in the tent so they wanted to do everything they can possibly to take it from me.

Letter 5

I don't want to be killed because of the package with me, I wish i could send it down to my girls back in the states, but their too young to keep such item for me safe.
To be in love means being patient but to be patient you must trust can never find love through the eye or ear, so you must trust the only thing that will never fade until you die, your heart.Love is like trust, when you find your special someone it is as if you're trusting with your is what you put in someone's hands. Faith is what you hold on is what makes everyone realize that you are always there for them.
Faith is what makes everyone realize that you are always there to help them in case they need some help.
Honey because of the LOVE and the TRUST that i have for you, I will like you to do me a favor by keeping the package for me sometime until i will be back to be with you after this late mission...
I don't want to lose the Package,because all what i have worked for, is in the package and to help us establish the company and we can also remodel the house or buy a new one when i go back to States my love,
Everything about the package is Legal and without any term of drugs or any bad thing to cost you harm over there sweetheart..

Letter 6

Yes my love that's what i mean and i hope you'll do that for me because you're the only person in my life now, and i love and trust you so much and you're my husband to be and thats i want you to keep the package for me untill i return back to the States my love

Letter 7

I have great plans for us my love that i want you to be there for me in any situation my love and i know you will sweetheart
To start our life's fresh and to always love each other

Letter 8

Thank you so much and may the almighty God bless you my love...
WOW i am a happy woman now sweetheart because all this while have been feeling unsafe here because of the package here with me

Letter 9

Honey we're going to open it when i get there and start to plan our future and what will be going with the money my love, because as i told you earlier on i want to work when i get there so that i can also keep myself busy and cater for the family too because and remember we're couples and we're going to do everything together as one lovely family

Letter 10

Well sweetheart for now i have to handle the package to a security company so that they can ship the package to your doorstep my love..

Letter 11

Yes of course sweetheart i would love to see you at the airport when i arrive and give you a very big kiss and hugs, i will tell everyone there that you're truly a good man and every woman's dream and am bless to have you in my life baby...
Well honey i will contact the security company later today and then i will know when the package will be handle over to them my love, I will later give you the company website to contact them as well as the receiver my love and you will provide them any information they want too, we'll know what to do next from there ok so please i want us to take our time and do this so that the package will be delivered to you successfully at your doorstep my husband

Letter 12

My love i contacted the security company earlier today and i spoke with them concerning the package my love, I have known this company for years now my love and their the same company who have shipping package for other soldier's and my mojor General as well..I told the company you're my husband and your name will be on the package my love,so i would like you to introduce yourself to the company as my husband when you contact them my love.. I love you so much baby and your name will be on the package honey

Letter 13

Yes my love is a large package containing 3 million US dollars, 12 Gold bars and one Gold medal as well my love and i don't know how is going to be shipped to you actually, so i want you to do whatever the company as you to do so that the package will be delivered to you successfully to your doorstep my love..
I will give you the company's website so that you can read about them first honey

Letter 14

Through good times and bad; through all the sweetness and bitterness; through every sunny and rainy day, through agreement and difference, through health and sickness... I will love you and keep my place by your side. Always and forever. Randy my love you know i love you so much and trust in you that's why i want us to do this together because i am not doing this for myself but for us baby and you know we're going to invest together my love, i love you and i want to share my everything with you honey, please do whatever the company wants from you so that the package will get to you successfully before i return back to the States my love

Letter 15

Please promise me you'll not let any one to know about this as well honey because remember is between me and you my love

I will not tell anyone about this. Don't worry so much

Letter 16

I will send you the companies website right away so that you can read about them because you contact them tomorrow my love

Letter 17

Sweetheart that's the compaines website and i want you to open the link

Go through and read about them and get back to me my love

Is a secure company and have known them for a long time my love...

Letter 18

hello sir

i write to officially acknowledge receipt of your email and request we must say we are happy to do business and correspondence with you.
i write in connection to, Major Clara Lowe Albers who has handed a package with the following details for shipment to your address 3 million USD cash,a gold medal and 12 bars of gold.

we are an international shipping and security company with 18 years of shipping experience in both Europe and America,Our head office was located in Syria but due to an ISIS attack we moved most of our threshold to the United States and (London)UK.

we have some senior Arab members as share holders who are not in agreement to the opening of offices at some specific locations around the globe, you can get a contact to our offices on the company website.

For the package and all the cost involved to make a home service delivery to your address,Thus 180,000 USD.also we attached a tracking number for you to check the status and movement of the shipment till it gets to your address.
we will entreat you pay 50% of the total amount and when the package is delivered to your door step you pay us the remainder.
our services can be trusted,we work with professionalism and integrity hoping to hear from you soonest.

Thanks for your Business
Customer Support
PSD Express LL

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