Scam email(s) from Barbara Wilkins

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Letter 1

Bank name... Chase
Account number.. 202226202
Name.. Thomas Cole
Address.. 100 Bent Tree Dr
Daytona Beach Fl 32114 Routing..267084131

Letter 2

You missing the bottom code every passport has a Security code you send me this piece underneath your name and all them backspace it should be a code early left it off so I need to code
you jut sent my passport back to me I thought you were sending me yours
Like I said when i was in USA he often help send money over here because we use a local guy who does a bureau de change business, when you give him dollars he will give the equivalent over here, when he confirm he receive money I will just walk to his office here with the confirmation and I will receive money from his office h=over here
my life is worth more than 650

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