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Letter 1

i am from Ukraine, Zheltoe. But now i am working as individual babysitter in Kharkov. i have never been married and live with parents and younger brother. i have no kids. i have master degree in pedagogical education. i'm 173 and weigh is about 60 kg. i like to keep myself in shape and also like active life. i like to dance, most of all when i cook; ) Do you want to see this?: ) i am looking for this one special man who is truly ready for love, serious relationship and marrige.
i am kind, loving, cheerful, patient, i enjoy to have fun with family and friends. Our life should be filled with maximum positive emotions and i am doing all my best to be happy. But still i do not have very large particle to be completely happy. i miss you, your presence in my life… Do you want to join me in enjoying this life? Making each other happy, sharing positive emotions and thoughts?
i'm looking for one special man, who has place in his heart and in his life for me. He should be kind, loving, patient, tender… but at the same time he needs to be reliable, confident man. if you are addicted to violence i will never be with you, sorry. Also for me are very important honesty and integrity, no cheatings and betrayals.

Letter 2

Hello Jeffrey)
i'm happy to write you here my first email, and i think that this is an excellent start to begin getting to know each other ;)
i would like to tell you a little about myself, and will wait for your story about you and your life. As you have already known, my name is Yulia. i'm 33 years old. My height is 170 and my weight is about 56 kg. i have never been married. i was born on the 9th of September 1983 in Zheltoe. i lived there with my family: my parents and younger brother. But this was so before war… Right now, i and my family live in Kharkov. We rent a room; it's something like hostel here. But i almost always live at my employer's house. i want to come back home, but it is impossible, at least until there is not a clear situation on Donbass. i got Masters Degree in pedagogical education at Lugansk University. My specialty - pre-school education, i like to be with little kids, they charge me with energy and positive mood. Do you know this feeling when you look at these little faces and want to smile all the time? :) So, that's why i decided to be an educator. i work as an individual babysitter here in Kharkov.
And what about you? Tell me about yourself :)
i don't want to make you boring with long letter and will stop here today.
i will waiting for your soon reply.
Best wishes, Yulia.

Letter 3

Hello dear Jeffrey) is it okay that i call you so? ;) You should know that when i saw your letter, i breathed with relief. i worried whether you answer me or not. But you wrote back, and i'm happy :))
it was very interesting to know about your life and your struggles in life, you are very purposeful man and i like this :)
Oh, it would be great if we celebrate our birthdays next year together :) i would like to tell more about my character, i think that this is important to know. i am kind, loving, cheerful, and patient, i enjoy to have fun with family and friends....
i like to cook and to keep my house clean and cozy. i like watching movies, walking in the evening, or even sitting on the bench with close, darling person. But unfortunately, i don't have it. i don't have close friends here and don't have beloved man at all. i want to meet one special man, who has place in his heart and in his life for me. He should be kind, loving, patient, tender…but at the same time he needs to be reliable, confident man. if you are addicted to violence i will never be with you, sorry. Assault and battery are unacceptable for me. Also honesty and integrity are very important, no cheatings and betrayals. i'm a very honest person, i always say what i think and hate lies and when somebody lies to me. All secrets always become clear, as you know. What is your opinion about this?
i don't drink alcohol, don't smoke and have never used drugs. i'm for a healthy lifestyle, and when i have free time i'm doing sports, i prefer to run. Also i like water, but can't swim. it's so funny, i want to swim, but go to the bottom :))) Will you teach me how to swim?
And what character do you have?
i hope that my letter wasn't boring for you ;)
Hug you, Yulia.

Letter 4

Hello dear Jeffrey)
it's nice to receive your reply; i was waiting for it impatiently.
Your letter put a smile on my face, and now when i'm writing you my letter, i [am] still smiling :) Thank you for good mood! Also thank you for your photos, i like them and would also like to see these places as well.
According to your question about opera and theater... i was in such places when was a school girl :) After that time i didn't visit these places... But would like :) ... i live in my employers' house with them and sometimes when have weekend i go to my family. i start my working day when baby's parents go to work. Her parents have a lot of work. Girl's name is Anastasiya and she is adorable baby. i spend with her a lot of time and she already became a little close person to me :)
What about you? Do you like children? Do you want to have children? Almost all the time i'm working but very often different thoughts visited me, that this is not my life. i miss the warmth, affection, man's attention… i need to do something with my life and that's why i decided to fulfill emptiness inside me with love. And i started to look for HiM :) Are you that man whom i'm looking for? ;) i miss so much for things that can do together with beloved man… i like cuddling and kissing very much, i like to walk holding hands, i like to cook together and after the meal to sit together on a sofa and to watch interesting breathtaking movie, or on the contrary some funny comedy.
When was the last time you did something like that? As for me, i don't even remember :( But when i start to think about all these, hope appears in me that this is not the end and that i will meet my man and everything will be all right :) i'm positive person, i like to laugh very much and i appreciate a good sense of humor. i understand jokes even when the jokes concern me but sometimes there are people who go too far, and then it becomes a bit hurt. But i so easily appeased that i forget and forgive :) What about you? Do you like to laugh and to have fun with your friends or relatives?
i hope you won't make me waiting for a long for your letter.
Sincerely, Yulia.

Letter 5

Hello my dear Jeffrey)
How are you today? i'm sorry for delay reply, it took a lot of time to write you, to answer all your questions :))
i'm also happy that we started to discover each other and develop our acquaintance with you. i believe that this is only the very beginning of something special. Do you feel the same? How are you darling? Do you have a good day there? What new events happened in your life from that day when we started our communication? :)
it was very interesting to get to know you, to read about your days.... i want both happy family with children and career. i don't want to be a burden for my husband.
i can bake a little, cakes. As for cooking... i cook all :) i always want to prepare new dishes. But i don't have for whom to do that... i mean, i don't have my own family for whom to cook delicious dishes. As for age difference. i think that this is not important in relations. Much more important mutual understanding, mutual support, respect. Also my opinion that younger men are not serious. They need a girl for a pleasant stay, but not for life. They just want to spend time and leave. Just don't tell me that i'm wrong) i have never been abroad so didn't need to have international passport earlier. i traveled only around my region where now military actions take place.... i write you so much about myself that i start thinking that i make you boring… i want to do everything he wants, to make our home cozy, to cook for my sweetheart man. i want to touch him all, i'm a person who lives by tactile sensations… i like to hold hands, to move my fingers between his fingers, to hug and to kiss... i also like very much to do massage. Do you like massage? i'm very interested in you and in what our future could hold for both of us. Please believe me that i already feel very lucky to meet you and even if we stay only friends, which i don't want, because i want more, this would be uncommonly for me. What do you think about these all?
i'm waiting for your soonest reply and i'm thinking of you!
Hugs, Yulia.

Letter 6

Hello my dearest Jeffrey) Your letter give me more information about you and i think that you are very very very good person, good man, with whom won't be scary to share life... How are you? How are your days? What mood do you have? As for me, i have some sadness in my soul. i'm tired. i'm tired of loneliness. i would like to find a man with whom i can feel at ease with... someone who can make me laugh when i have bad mood... somebody who i can share my deepest thoughts with... someone who likes kissing and cuddling... who isn't afraid to show his feelings in public... someone who can say i love you... someone who i can wake up to in the morning and feel his warmth... i'm not looking for somebody who just needs a woman for the sake of it, someone who likes going to night clubs etc., somebody who is cold and unfeeling, someone who wakes in the morning and jumps straight out of bed, someone who is not spontaneous, someone who can leave at any moment, and slam door behind him, and i will sit stunned and abandoned... What will i give to the man i love? i will be there for him no matter where, i will support him to the end of my days, i will love him like no other woman, i will treat him like a king, i will give him surprises and happy moments, i will entertain him, i will make him laugh, i will make love to him like no woman has ever in his past, i will trust him, kiss him, cuddle him. i will give him my soul... Do you want all this? Are not you play with me? Will you not deceive me? i am attaching to you, and the longer the greater. You asked me about international passport, yes, it could be easily getting but i will need to save for it because my salary is not very good and it cost a lot for people who are originally from area where military actions take place.
i think that this is good idea to travel somewhere from Ukraine. i have never been abroad so it is interesting for me to see new different countries :) ...
According to God and churches. i don't go to church. i've been there several times in my life... i believe in something... May be in God. But i'm not zealot. i like back massage, and i like both to give and to receive :)
Very cordially yours, Yulia.

Letter 7

Jeffrey, dear, hello)
i hope you have had lovely day, i wish i can become a part of your every day in a little while ;)
You asked my opinion about God and everything that is connected with that...So, please, do not be offended if you don't like my thoughts, okay? :) i think that if God really is existing He is not omnipotent because i saw horrible things that happened on my native land... Why should small kids die on the war? What sins could have a month old baby that He decided to punish baby??? This is my opinion... After i read and reread your letters, i believe that there could be common future for you and me, despite all the challenges ahead of us. Actually, i find it easy to write you and to share my thoughts with you... i feel that you understand all my thoughts and feelings :)
i want to know your likes and dislikes. What food do you prefer to eat? What is your favorite dish? What color do you prefer to wear? What do you like to watch? News, movies, comedy shows, or may be TV series? Do you keen on politics? Do you love football? :) i have million questions to you.
i like TV-series "House M.D". i watched it all...Very interesting stories, and acting is unsurpassed! Also i like movie "Titanic" :)) i think every woman likes it. in this film every woman experiencing all the moments of love for herself. The ending is, of course, not happy, it would be better to have a happy ending for the main characters. ;)
Love is the most important thing in life and the only inspiration to feel alive, at least in my case! i can't be with person without love. i have a lot of love inside and it is bursting through the edge... i need to share my love. Do you want to be that man with whom i'll share it? You asked me about international passport's cost, it cost for people who are originally from Donbass where military actions take place, 400USD, i have already found this out.. And yes, i have bank account here. Also you wrote to be honest with you, i thought that i have already written you Jeffrey that i'm honest person... Don't worry, i also hate lies and all such things!
My eyes... i always say that they are green, but they change their color :) And could be so that they are almost blue-grey... i don't know why this is so....
i hope you are fine and your day is going alright :)
Kiss, Yulia.

Letter 8

Good day dear Jeffrey)
i miss you and i'm glad to find your mail today. How did you spend your yesterday day?
i had so much work... And didn't have possibility to enter my email. Do you know why? :)) The electricity was turned off, and only recently turned on. Something happened to the transformer from which we get electricity....
i'm totally agree with you that being a couple is all about - helping your partner improve and become a better person. Yes! And support in everything.... i suffered a lot in the past and i hope that you are my next and last love! i would be very happy if we connect our lives one day to be happy. But it is only a dream for now. When i was younger i imagined this day. i'm in long white dress, bridal veil covers my face, my shoulders are bare and i'm on the seventh heaven. i look into the eyes of my man and i see there is love, happiness, pride, and something else... it was craving. i understand this only after years passed. Sometimes i catch such views of men on me. But i don't want anyone else exnept one special man. i'm not that type of women who assert themselves through these views. No. i know who i am and what i represent. No more, no less. i want to catch such view only from my man (you?) and nobody else.
When i have relations i don't look on other men, i don't need it because i have my own man on whom i can look all the time, with whom i can flirt and so on :) i'm faithful woman, and as i wrote you previously, i hate betrayal. And i don't forgive them...
And what about you? Have you ever cheated? Or have you ever been betrayed? i mean not only beloved women, but friends and relatives as well... You mentioned in your letter about part of Ukraine where military actions take place... Transfers are not working there because there are no banks now. But this is on that territory only, on the other territory where [there is] no war, everything is working. i receive my salary on bank account, so it is not a problem. Jeffrey, i will be pleased to come to you and i think that we fit together very much. Do you agree? There won't be one-way relationship between us because i'll be happy if you be happy :) it brings me pleasure when i bring pleasure for my man....
Hope you are in good mood, and have a nice day.
Kiss, Yulia.

Letter 9

Hello dear Jeffrey) i'm happy to see your letter today :)
How are you doing? Today i'm very very busy with house work, helping my employers to prepare one room for sticking wallpaper. And don't have time to write you more, sorry :'(
i'll write you a reply on your letter tomorrow, don't worry. i miss you, and would like to see in the next letter your fresh photo O:-) Will you send? i send you my photos every letter...
Do you like listening to music? Recently i opened for myself one song, i like it so much... it is called Pacify Her, singer Melanie Martinez.
And what song do you like now? Hope you are okay and everything is fine with you (in love) Kiss, Yulia.

Letter 10

Hello dear Jeffrey! Today, i have a little spare time to write you :) ... i thought about you and want to trust you absolutely, but can't right now... i'm supporter of actions, not words. i like you and would really like to see you in reality... if i with you, i will trust you like myself.... i'm simple woman who knows what wants in my life, who knows what is missing in my life, who knows how to complete my life to make it full. if i have you by my side i'll be the happiest woman ever! You are amazing man and i know that you have kind heart and soul, i read this all in your letters, they told me everything ;) i would like to spend my weekends with you walking, having barbeque, laughing at something only we understand, to have our own jokes, phrases only we two can understand and nobody else. God, how much i want it, you can't even imagine!!! i wish this with all my heart and soul. i'm not very religious but i already ready to begin to pray and to ask Him to accomplish my desire... Yes, sometimes we don't have electricity, or water. it's because some problems with wires and pipes in the city. So, we are accustomed, but still don't like such situations :) ... According to men... i was betrayed a lot of time, uncountable number of times by my first man. He had a lot of women during we were together :( ... According to information that you will need for transfer, i have such data from my bank. Or you could make transfer to my address if you want: 61170, Ukraine, Kharkiv, Valentinovskaya street, 26. When will we meet each other? From your letters i understand that i want to see you in reality as soon as possible Jeffrey, you are so perfect for me ;) :) Hope you will answer me soon :) Kiss you, Yulia.

Letter 11

Jeffrey, didn't you receive one more letter from me except that one when i was busy with wallpapers?... i sent you next day in the morning a reply on your letter.
i got your photos, you didn't send me photos only one time... Usually i see you while starting reading your new letter to me :)
i hope you will see my other letter, or write me and i'll resend it one more time. i'll be waiting.
i am already missing you :-*
Kiss you,

Letter 12

Hello my dear Jeffrey! ... i was thinking of you all the time, and even couldn't fall asleep last night! i was thinking about us, about our first meeting, about all... During the day you don't even go out of my thoughts! Can you imagine this?... i didn't have a thought that this could happen to me in such a short period of time. You have already become very close person to me and every day i wait for your letter, and wait for that time when i can write you again my thoughts.... i told about you to my parents, and some close friends and to this friend as well.... i know that we are divided by thousand kilometers but when i write to you i feel that i'm talking to you right now that very second. That you are hearing my voice and smiling to me to promote my further speech :) i hope you are not tired reading my letters.... i want to make you happy. i know you will make me very happy because i feel that you are MY man :) You are that man whom i need and whom i was looking for. Can you say the same about me? i won't put pressure on you and demand the same words, you will say it when you feel it necessary, and then tell me if this is so. i seem to gone crazy that i write this to you :)) i'm sorry, but i want you to know that, to know my feeling. How do you imagine our first date? What will we do? As for transfer and needed information... i have already written you all Jeffrey. 1. -Bojko Julija 2. 61170, Ukraine, Kharkiv, Valentinovskaya street, 26 3. +380992782793 4. -5168 7572 9151 8506 / iBAN: UA263052990005168757291518506 5. -PRiVATBANK 6. -50 NABEREZHNAYA POBEDY ST., DNEPROPETROVSK, 49094 7. -SWiFT CODE:PBANUA2X 8. -JP MORGAN CHASE BANK 9. - NEW YORK, USA 10. -SWiFT: CHASUS33 11. -ACCOUNT: 0011000080 i don't really know if this is right, i'm sending you table with all data... My bank said that if you couldn't do this on my account, you could use MoneyGram or Western Union for transfer. My address here in Kharkov is 61170, Ukraine, Kharkiv, Valentinovskaya street, 26 And yes, i will need Schengen visa to enter the Schengen zone. i hope that you will write me soon, and tomorrow i'll read your letter :) Kiss you, Yulia.

Letter 13

Hello my tenderness Jeffrey :) How are you doing? As for me, everything is fine except for the fact that i miss you so incredibly much...!!! You have very difficult work... Yes, it is interesting for me to know your life and your working moments. i want to ask, how this happen that people are like "experimental rabbits"? As i understood, they take drugs that are not tested, am i right? ... i'm also Virgo and i understand you, i think, more than others do :) i want to say that your imagination of our first date is so perfect...Do you think that we could walk all day long and see so many different places together in one day? While i was reading that, i imagined all situations you described and i really want that be a reality! And i'll definitely say that i'll go with you on the second date ;) ... Jeffrey, i don't know about what iD your bank is talking, i sent you all i have... :( i don't really know what else they need from me. i didn't want to tell this to you but i can't keep it in myself… Today i woke up in the cold sweat; i had a horrible dream… i don't even know how to react on it. in this dream we are together, we are a family... And you cheat on me. You have found another woman and began to flirt with her. Started to pay your attention not on me but on her… and i know about this somehow. i'm so scary to lose you… You became very important to me, you are part of my life. Every day i'm waiting for your letter with impatience. And only one thought about that we won't be together frighten me a lot. i often have dreams in which we are together; share good and bad times. We laugh together at jokes, also together overcome difficulties. Together go to bed and wake up. Do everything together. i'm waiting for this soooooo much… And cannot wait for that day when we will meet, and all these come true. Tell me please, is that dream prophetic? or is it just my fears came to me in a dream...? i am looking forward your response. Your Yulia. P.s. i want to know your dream that you had, please tell me :)

Letter 14

My dearest man Jeffrey, hello! Thank you so much for your wonderful letters, what bring me joy and happiness. i was surprised to see two letters from you :) i hope my mails really make you happy as well, because i love seeing your name appear every time i enter my mail :) You have changed my life for the better since the day we met in the internet... i know that you wait for my letters and read them with pleasure. in my letters i put all my love.... it is completely not difficult to me to write you every day because i really like you so much! When finally will we be together????? i know, that i hurry time, but i want to be with you right now. is it bad? i don't know what you really think about me... But i want to know the truth. You can ask my opinion about yourself as well. And i'll with pleasure tell it to you. i think about you that you are very kind, honest, patient, attractive man, who knows what he wants, who has certain goals in life, who defined with his own life, and who has lack of simple human happiness - love. You need beloved woman near who will be with you always. Am i right? i hope you really perceive me as your second half and soul mate...
According date, i also think that all depends on our mood and our wants, so we will see what will be :) According was zone, as you wrote, i don't live there where war. My homeplace there. But i moved to another city where wasn't war, i live in Kharkov, i have already written you that and my address here. So, i don't know what your bank is talking about. There is no war in Kharkov, and never been. i just don't have such iD because it is new stuff here and it is not necessarily to do it, it cost money for people. So, i didn't do it...
it was so hot outside in the summer, i almost die because of this weather. i like winter because it is bettar to wear something more then don't know what to do with that heat. What weather do you prefer? it is such weather that it will be good to sunbathe. Do you like to sunbathe? Would you like to lay on the beach on the seaside with me? ;)
Looking forward to your reply Lots of love, Yulia.

Letter 15

Hello my dear Jeffrey, i don't know how i will write you today because my mood is very very bad :( Thank you for your letters, i always happy to see in my in-box a message from you and with anticipation i open it. But today i saw two your letters and i like that :) ... According to your second letter, i don't know what in your country think but in Kharkov everything is calm and quiet. And also i don't have iD as i have already written you, i have ordinary internal passport, i'll send it to you.... i would like to be that woman who will bring you peace and comfort, it will be a pleasure for me to take care of you... i think that you are already tired from my love letters. And for the sake of diversity i want to tell you a little about how it was here in Ukraine when war started. At the very beginning i didn't think, that something like what i saw than will happen. i was listening air-raid warnings, i heard how airplanes were flying in the sky, and truly to say it was horrible. Battle sounds, machine gun fire, the sound of the movement of military hardware... Every time i heard that i scared about people's lives, about my family and about my life as well. Because i didn't want to die, i felt that i didn't realize my mission in life. And after the day when a lot of missiles began to fall to my village, my family decided to go away from home. From that day two years passed, but i still remember all these sounds of war. Many people were dead, thank goodness of my acquaintances no one was injured physically. But many friends had their houses ruined, and now even if they decide to come back home, they couldn't do this... This all is very sad. Furthermore, other people from Ukraine don't want to hire people from Donbass because they all think that we are separatists... They don't want to rent us a house, and if they rent it three times more expensive than usual. it is very difficult to live here. And this is my native country (bitter laugh) And today i remembered in all details this fear and my mood is very bad... Sorry for such messy letter, but i wanted to share this with you.... Kiss you, your Yulia.

Letter 16

My dearest Jeffrey!
Thank you so much for your letter. i was pleased to get your reply. i don't know what to do, my thoughts are only about you. Every day i go to sleep and my thoughts are about you, my dreams are with you, every morning i wake up and the first thought is about you... What did you do with me? Are you magician? Did you charm me?
Something with the internet, it works very bad, so i'll write you very fast to catch time to send you my letter... i had a lot of time to think while i do my work, and i'm thinking of you. Of our future. i imagine how everything will be when we will be together. You are so far from me, but i at least can write you and share with you all my thoughts... i'm scared to lose you... My every day when i can read your letter become full. i can't imagine my life without you now. You have already become my second part. As i wrote you earlier, i like to feel everything, my live will be fuller if i can touch you... i want to feel your hands, your touches, your lips... on mine. Sweet dreams... Have you ever did for your ex-woman romantic evenings with candles and rose petals? i would like to have it with you one day ;)
Kiss you, Yulia.

Letter 17

Hello my honey Jeffrey!)
Thank you for your letter, i like to receive letters from you and would like to see them every day of my life. Even when we will be together, it would be very nice to see a letter from you in the morning on the bedstand written on the paper by your-own, even if there three words will be written, i think you guess about what words i am talking about ;) ... Sometimes my employers ask me about my boyfriend, if i have. But i don't have him... And they are very surprised because of this. i think that if you be near me, i will have less work because i see that my employers are happy family and they want the same to me... And now i told them about one man, that there is in my life very important person appeared... Yes, i told them about you Jeffrey! i told about you to my family earlier that there is a man i fell in love head over ears. And they all are happy that i finally found HiM, found you Jeffrey! Today in the morning i was sitting and drinking coffee, and was thinking about you. i thought that it would be great to introduce you to my friends; almost all my friends have a second half. We could go to the cafe or to go out on the nature to have barbeque, or to go to the river and you'll teach me how to swim ;) But unfortunately, all my friends now are far from me, some of them are in Russia, and others came back home, to the war-zone... To say frankly, i'm very tired of living here and working all the time almost without weekends, and sometimes thoughts are visiting me that may be it is better to come back home... To Zheltoe.
What do you think? What should i do? i'm so tired to be strong, i want to be a little girl sometimes and don't want to make serious decisions, i want strong man who will make all serious decisions instead of me.... As for Zheltoe, it is urban-type settlement. it is not big. How was it to grow up there?... it was very good happy childhood. i think that for children it is much better to grow in such places because there less air polluted because there is not huge traffic. And what do you think about this?
i like these Christmas trees that you sent me in video and it seems that i could have very warm atmosphere in my home if i turn on that fireplace :)
i miss you.
Kiss, Yulia.

Letter 18

My dearest Jeffrey, How are you? How is your life? What were you doing? i'm sorry for delay reply, i needed to go urgently to my homeplace to check everything because nobody live there. You asked me about my parents... Jeffrey, i have already told you about them, where they live. Don't you remember? They live in Kharkov, rent a room in apartment. As for photos, i don't have a camera and my smartphone broke down, so now i don't have possibility to take new photos.... Today i had very pleasant and exciting dream :)) i want to tell it to you. in my dream it was autumn and we were walking in the park, and then raining started. We run laughing at your house. When we entered, you helped me to take off the coat. But i was wet even under it! You offered to take off my clothes and gave me your shirt. it was so long on me that i was like in a short dress in it. You had fireplace in your home. And you lit a fire in the fireplace and inside me... You gave me plaid to wrap myself in it. And we were sitting near each other and were watching movie THE ULTiMATE GiFT. (if you didn't see it, you should! i like it very much.) And in one tense moment of the movie you hug me tightly. i leaned to you and i became so unusually relaxed... You kissed my vertex, than my temple, cheek, cheekbone, chin, neck, that sensitive spot behind ear... And skin crawl run on me... i turned my head to you, and our lips met. We were kissing gently and slowly. Then slow rhythm moved on to more fast. i started to choke with desire. i wanted more than kissing... i started to say in a whisper your name "Jeffrey, Jeffrey" And that moment i woke up :(( i understood that it was only a dream... But i closed my eyes and tried to return this dream to see the continuation. But it didn't return anymore :(( it was so colorable, it didn't look like a dream... Do you have such dreams with me? if yes, i would like to know your dreams :) What do you dream about? What is your the most cherished dream? Will you tell me? ... Kiss you, Yulia.

Letter 19

My sweetheart Jeffrey hello! ... i was missing you very much and thanks God you wrote me your reply :) i don't want to lose you even for five minutes. i know i just couldn't live without you. Without the warmth of your hands and a little bit more... i need just one breath, i need to breathe you. i want to be your lips, right here and right now. i want to sink in the depths of your eyes... Whatever happens - be near me... And as if it isn't spinning over the earth, like time stood still for a moment. And if it is necessary i'll go on the edge of the Earth for you. Only thanks to you my pulse beats... Hardly anything could be more than my feelings. Let's run away with you? Somewhere in the far ends of the Earth. You are so necessary for me... i need only you Jeffrey!!! i'm looking forward to meet you in real life indescribably much. Love has a special smell - the smell of happiness... i don't remember the day when i was really happy... it was many years ago, when i graduated from University. Adult life pressing on me and does not give me a chance to relax and enjoy life... i want that so much! When i was younger i dreamed about travelling, i like to see new different places, but something went wrong with my life and i didn't see any other country. i read about different countries and customs and habits. But i always wanted to see that all. May be i was born in the wrong country? What do you think? What country do you like most of all and why? According to my words about going home, i meant that it is very difficult for me to live here in Kharkov... i'm working 24/7, it exhausts me and i want normal job, with regular weekends and spare time.... Your letters are all very very nice and i wait them every time. And i'm very happy, when you write to me. And moreover, i'm happy that i have you in my life... i like to read that you described. About our life, that could be and yes, these all could be with me :) i think we both deserve happiness in our lives. i want these simple family things, to have a dinner together, to fall asleep and to wake up together, to lay on the sofa and watch movies, smile to each other, support each other if there will be difficulties, they will be... Because this is life, it is not simple as we want :) But is we want, we will overcome all difficulties together. Do you agree? ... i hope you will write me back soon :) Kiss you, Yulia.

Letter 20

My dear Jeffrey i'm missing you soooo much!!! Thank you for your letter. i'm always happy to receive news from you, i want you to share with me all your thoughts, dreams and desires, fears... Don't be shy ;) As for my dreams and desires, i have already told you in almost every my letter what i want. But as for fears... i have never told you my fears. And now i want to share them with you.
Most of all in life i afraid of the death of close people. i'm scared to lose them. i can't imagine my life without anyone my close person. Also i'm scared to lose people because of misunderstandings and quarrels. When close person in a second becomes a stranger... Also, as you already know, i'm scared to be betrayed.... Why should i be surprised that you don't like cold, careless, or unreachable women? i think that on the contrary it is remarkable that you like kind, caring, honest, loyal, affectionate, passionate, and faithful women! Straight like me ;) :)) ...
i'm also perfectionist, i like my home to be clean always and when i see some dust i start cleaning it LOL :) Sometimes it annoys me that i like so much cleanliness and tidiness... My flaws... Actually i don't really know them, but i want to say that i'm stubborn.... No, i wasn't wild child. i was quite obedient daughter... i was wearing glasses in school so i heard a lot of "good" things about myself as four-eyes and so on. i didn't have any relations till University, i mean i didn't go even for a walk with boy. Because i was ugly duckling :) i was walking with my friends (girls) and their boyfriends. This was horrible, to be honest. Later i started to prefer to sit at home than to be third wheel....
New Year's Eve and Christmas i'm going to spend with my family, finally i'll have some weekends :)
i'm going to sleep now, it is too late here in Kharkov.
i hope everything is fine with you and you are in good mood my dear Jeffrey! Kiss you, Yulia.

Letter 21

My dearest Jeffrey! Thank you for your letter, as you already know i always happy to receive letters and photos from you. i want to see more your photos :)) i'm sending you photos that did special for you. i hope you'll like them. i hug teddy-bear and imagine that this is you are. i sleep with it and hug it all night long... it is possible to see each other by the cam, i told you, i need to have weekend to go to the internet cafe to call you. As for that woman who liked to be brushed, i also like when somebody massage my head but i don't have sexual excitement at this moment, it is very pleasurable because it relax my body. Do you know that shoulders and skin under hair on the head have such property like to accumulate tension? And what somebody massage these parts everybody will fill him/herself happy :) ... Jeffrey, my darling, i want to be sheltered by your arms, by your love, by your care. i want that soooooo much... And i can't wait that day when we'll be together. i want to meet you after work at the threshold of our house, to help you to dress up in home clothes, to give you supper that you love, than to have a bath with you together. i would like to lay in the bath with foam and aromatic oils with you, to rub your back, to massage and then to kiss your shoulders. i want you to feel my love. it would be perfect if after bath you carried me to bed and we have night full of passion. i'm very passionate and temperamental. And what about you? For me it is unexplainable pleasure to make love with my beloved man. i'll give him all of myself. i've never had one-night stand. i had only serious relations and after some period when i understood that i love man, only then i had something special with him. There were several men... And how many women did you have in sexual plan? i'm sorry that i ask you such questions but i really want to know that. Also if you don't mind, i would like to know when did you have your last time... with woman. Will you tell me? i hope you are fine and in good mood Jeffrey :) Kiss you, Yulia. P.S. today at night i'll be dreaming about drinking very hot chocolate with you ;)

Letter 22

My dearest Jeffrey! i'm so happy to receive your letter, i can't live one day without reading something from you... You became a very huge part of my life. i can't even imagine my life without you, without your presence... i love you for your beauty, what i catch from your photos, your wonderful eyes, your handsome face, your kind soul and think of our common future, and can't think about any other things. Only you in my thoughts. This is incredible! ... My love to you started over the internet and although we have never met each other, but i feel that it is already so huge and true! it could only become complete on the day when we meet each other. i like what person you are Jeffrey. i like that you are so honest and open with me, i think that this is very good for our future, to share our thoughts with each other. Because without openness won't be good common future. When people don't tell their thoughts to each other and keep everything in their minds, a lot of bad things and situations happen. i know one couple in the past, man left woman because they didn't share their thoughts about sexual life... He wanted to do something special in bed, but couldn't tell her. And he did that with other women... And they found it (that problem) only after they have broke down their relations. So, i think that this is very good that we can share our dreams, emotions and feelings with each other. Do you agree Jeffrey? i'm missing you and thinking about you. i want to be with you right now, i want to come to you and into your life... Your Yulia

Letter 23

My honey Jeffrey, i want to say you right now that i love you so much! And can't even imagine that we won't be together! When i'm thinking about you, butterflies are dancing in my stomach, and i have such feeling inside that i'll melt only in one thought about you! i'm thinking about you all the time, if i have good phone i'll download your photos on it and will watch them and kiss display to feel you near me that minute... i want to live with you because i can't already live without you!... You settled in my mind and don't want go out from there. i feel real love for you... it is difficult to describe but easy to feel. i want to shout that i belong to you Jeffrey, only you can dispose of my life, and by me! But you won't hear that, you are too far right now. i want to come to you and to say that when we will meet face to face. i want to tell you all i think and moreover i want to touch you, to touch your skin, to spend my thumb on your lower lip to feel it's softness... Do you want that all? i want very much. Kiss you Jeffrey, only yours Yulia. P.S. attaching you photos with my friend Olga.

Letter 24

My dear Jeffrey hello!
i'm sorry but i had very difficult day and want to sleep very much, but before going to sleep i decided to check my email if you wrote me there :) My Jeffrey, i want to say that i was thinking about you all day. i miss you... This is unbelievable how much i fell in love with you!!! You are indeed a very impressive man and i'm the luckiest woman in the world that you are with me, that you are my man!!! Can i say this? You are my man! :)) i want to repeat this always, i won't be tired of repeating.
So, how was your day? i would like to spend today day with you and not be busy with work... i want to devote you all my free time.
Why are you alone there? Why don't you celebrate this holiday with your friends?...
This letter will be very short, sorry for this, i'm almost asleep and push buttons on keyboard. i wish you good time of the day Jeffrey.
Kiss you,

Letter 25

My honey Jeffrey, hello! So you was alone on Christmas?... We didn't celebrate Christmas because in Ukraine it is on the 7th of January. And here more celebrate New Year's Eve, so i will have weekends and will celebrate it with my family in my home, we will go there to be together for a while... What will you do Jeffrey? i'm sorry in advance if i won't answer you a bit longer than usual, i don't know how many days i won't have access to the internet but i'll try to log in here to write you :) Love of my life Jeffrey, i want to reassure you, that there won't be another man in my life! i want only you! You are my everything. Have no fears, no doubts, only with you i want to share my life, only with you i want to live, only with you i want to experience all moments of our daily life! i want to be with you and to show you my love, or more precisely to try to show it. Sometimes when i imagine our first date i think that i'll crush you in my arms :)) How much i want to hug you and to bury my nose in your neck... You are my cosmos, my planet and i feel you with my every single cell... i'm drowning in your eyes like in the ocean, there is nothing more delicate than your touches... i seemed to melt with each passing minute. What are you doing with me? Do you want me crazy? i want to wake up with you every morning... be near me, i want to hear how you breathing... give me your warmth, drive me to shivers. if you gently touch me, i'll bite my lips, i'll lose my mind... Hold me stronger and don't let go. All i need at night and during the day - we are together Jeffrey! Do you hear? i want that soooo much!!!... i was looking for you for so long and now won't give you to anyone, we will bisect all concerns and adversities, joys and sorrows, good and bad days. Jeffrey dear do you have cherished dream? Like, i dream about skydive or ride a camel :) What about you? What would you like to do with me primarily when we decide to live together? i love you Jeffrey. My sweet kisses to you, Yulia

Letter 26

My sweetheart angel Jeffrey i'm missing you so much!...
Happy New Year! i hope this year will bring you joy and happiness! :-* i also would like to be your present for New Year or for Christmas and it would be great to be delivered under your Christmas tree ;)
How are you doing? What new events happened in your life? Did you celebrate New Year's Eve? There are people whom don't even want to leave for a moment. They are like a drug: the more you recognize them, the less chance to forget about them. you want to comprehend in these people, you want to dissolve in them. They captivate hearts and delight minds. There are few of such people, but nevertheless they are there. You are such person for me! And i love you very much Jeffrey! i want to make you the happiest man on the earth! i want to enjoy by you every minute of my life and i want to give all my tenderness, warmth, care, affection to you... When i read your letters, i want to hear you quickly... that the words from the monitor screen warmed me with heat of your voice. if i hear your voice, i would dream to see you as soon as possible... because face to face meeting is much sincere than words. When i look at your picture, i want to touch you... to feel the warmth of your hands. Let's meet soon Jeffrey! i want to come to you honey, i want to be with you! To see your world, with you. i want you to show me it, to show me your favorite places. i want to discover new places together with you that they will be "our", only our stunning places... My dear Jeffrey, without you my heart was like a cold pieces of ice, my soul has never seen the light... But you melted my heart, took it to yourself and became to be it by your own! i need you like the air! i was withering without you like a flower without water. You are my life, my ray of light. i love you! So much, so crazy! Jeffrey, you - all my life, and i'm without you just can't exist! Kiss you honey, your Yulia. P.s. i received sms on my phone that your transfer was credited to my account, so, after holidays i'll go to the Passport Office :)) And we will meet each other soon! :) i'm so happy, this is the best gift ever

Letter 27

My sweet kitten Jeffrey, i miss you so much! ... For New Year i got present from you for passport to be together :) This is the most wonderful present! Every passing day it is harder to be without you beside :( But when i feel bad, i know i'll see you, and i will be good. When i feel good, i know i'll see you, and i will be even better! Love makes people optimistic. it gives them wings to fly and makes toward their dream. i flew to it already. it is my dream - it's you, my favorite person! :-* i want to tell you that you are extraordinary and amazing mystery for me! We crossed on the road of life, we have joined energy of love, a special feeling soaked into every moment of our lives! Our hearts beat in unison, eyes turned to each other, as the endless galaxies! Love surrounds us with a soft haze, making the invisible fuss around... Happiness is to know and feel that we have each other! That we are a couple :) Jeffrey i love you every seconds, minutes, hours, days, and nights. For weeks, months, years and centuries... We found each other among a million, and now we are two halves of one large heart! if you don't think so, i can't live any longer, because heart can't only beat by one half... i'll better not live any more than to live without you... without your presence in my life. Jeffrey, did you tell your close friends, relatives about me? Do they know about my existence in your life? if you told, what do they think about me, about us?... i want to know all! Please tell me and don't hide anything, i beg you. i don't know what satisfies me completely, i'm not good writer as you are. Are you going to write a book? What genre? You really have such melancholy mood... Stop thinking about bad and sad things! Everything will be good, know this :) Kiss you Jeffrey, your Yulia. Xxxxx P.s. quotes are not very humorous... :( A lot of sad

Letter 28

My sweet Jeffrey you are my love, so passionate, desirable and welcome! in all cells of my heart only your name Jeffrey, it lives to you, breathe you, misses you and is waiting only for you, the owner, because i don't own it already, and it is already in your power. Only you fill it with love, and only one knows it and makes the right choice. i obey it, because i can't give up what i feel for you – the feeling called LOVE! i love you honey Jeffrey!!! Can you say that as well when we will be in the public place? That everyone can hear you and your words? i want to say that when we will meet each other first time. i think that it will be very pleasant for you to hear these words, am i right? i would like to whisper them at first into your ear after we had a date... i want to meet you so much!
How are you there? Did you think about me?
i had very busy day, and very tired, so, please, don't be mad on me because of my short letter :-* Please, tell me in your next letter if you like your woman bring you coffee in the bed in the morning and wake you up with the kisses? Do you have special preferences, places for kissing? :)
i totally agree with you that in couple should be mutual understanding and themes to talk, that couple is a horrible example of nowadays relations. And this is very sad :( i think soon you will know if i am as wonderful in person as i seem in emails O:-) i hope you won't be disappointed ;) ... As for your friends who think that Ukrainian women are not honest and they need only money... Truly to say, i also know such women :( But not all women are such. Some need money, but some need family. My opinion is that person who has happy family is richer than that person who has million dollars. And what do you think about this?
i hope everything is good with you Jeffrey.
Kiss you,
Yulia. xxx

Letter 29

Love of my life Jeffrey, how are you? ... What are you doing there without me? i miss you soooo much... i also feel that you become more and more close to me, you are very native person for me. i know that where you are Jeffrey is my home, and you know that as well. We don't have a lot now, there is no choice right now - we live that way, but we are together... i want to share with you my mood, please watch that video-clip, i like that song very much! it's a pity that you won't understand it but it has very beautiful words... That everything will be good, that we will fulfill emptiness in us with love, that you are near me, that we shouldn't cry, that sun will rise up... We are not able to hid our feelings, they beat us like hail... well at least me ;) But i'm not complaining on this, i like that, i like to feel love inside me. And i have such feeling like my love is bursting through the edge. Also when i'm thinking about you i have such tenderness for you, i want to hug you and won't let you go. Sometimes when i'm thinking about first meeting, i imagine how i'll hug you and i'm scary not to crush your bones :)) Have you ever heard such words that when you love somebody, you want not only to kiss this person and hug, you have such desire even to bite and to eat him/her? :)) So, sometimes i have such wish o:-) LOL Have you ever had such strange desires? What unusual things you did in the past? Will you tell me by secret?;) i won't tell that to anyone, this will be our secret :-* ... i'll be waiting for your reply Jeffrey Kiss you and hug you, your Yulia.

Letter 30

My dearest man Jeffrey, hello! :) i have very good news! i received my international passport today :)) i'm so happy!!! And are you? :) Now i could come to you! :)) ... There is nothing better than to wake up with thoughts of you in my head. And i'm happy to be yours, to know that i have second half, to know that i have you! i love you honey Jeffrey, and want to be with you right now... Every time i'm writing you my letters, i do this with smile on my face. it seems like i'm talking with you right now and right here. i want to have more your photos, to look at you on them and to remember, to keep in my mind your every mole, or wrinkle, or scar :) Thoughts about you cause inside me such warmth and tenderness that capture me and even sometimes it becomes hard to breathe... How could this happen in such short period of time? You really magician Jeffrey? We didn't see each other, didn't touch each other, didn't kiss each other... But i melt only with one thought that this will be, and will be soon i think? My imagination plays a cruel joke with me... Do you know why? i don't know if everyone has the same, but when i start to imagine you near me... Ohhhh... i want you entirely and completely! i want you to keep me in your hugs and never let off. Please, don't hurt me and don't offend... i cannot bear it. i'm really happy to know that this all is mutually, our feelings :) This is such a rarity in this world. Many people (my friends) ask me what is better to love or to be loved? And i answer them that what is better for the bird right or left wing? cannot be fully happiness without reciprocity. Do you agree? What is happiness for you? ... i'll be waiting for your reply Jeffrey. Kiss you, your Yulia.

Letter 31

My honey Jeffrey how are you? What news do you have? What did you do? it makes me glad and happy to realize that i have a chance to be happy and that you will give me this happiness in future. Will you?... i'm sure that we are created to be together despite all the difficulties that are ahead of us! Do you agree? We are covered with a head with these feelings and this is excellent! i want to be in love with you! i like that feeling so much!!! i don't need stars from the sky, just need your lips that are sweeter than chocolate. i don't need days and nights without you, i need that all only with YOU! From love i want to shout as loud as possible, you could read me and i like that, i like to be with you like i am, i like not to hide my feelings and to tell you that. i have never had such desire later... Only with you i woke up and feel desired... by you. And i need only you, only one man! Jeffrey, this is you :) Why will you need a copy of my passport for the hotel or apartment? i'll try to do a copy but what the reason is i don't understand.... Jeffrey, let's you and i run away, somewhere in the distance at the edge of the earth. You are so necessary for me... Time flies so quietly like butterflies in the stomach, from sunset till dawn just to be closer to you, how lucky i'm with you... This is more than love between you and me, i'm burning again and again, i'm losing control... it's driving me crazy like a tidal wave... That is an indescribable feeling, i don't have enough words to describe all that is happening inside of me. Do you have the same feelings? i'm so happy to be yours!!! i want to be with you... to be near you Jeffrey. Kiss you and gently gently hug you, your Yulia.
P.s. i'll pass test a bit later and will send you my results :)

Letter 32

My Scores: 9 Words of Affirmation 7 Acts of Service 7 Physical Touch 6 Quality Time 1 Receiving Gifts What does it mean? (blushing_shy)

Letter 33

is that all your reply on my letter Jeffrey?... Today you are not wordy. What about my other questions?... What happened to you? Why did you write me such small letter? :(

Letter 34

My honey Jeffrey you transformed me into a real dreamer and forced me to feel the fairytale. i have never been so romantic and never flying in the clouds... You made me so! So, please, don't wait for long to be together in that fairytale.... Every person falls in love many times in life Jeffrey, but true love comes only once, and i think i won't miss my love Jeffrey. i won't miss you! i want you so incredibly much! i think you are already tired of this amorous stuff that i'm writing to you... But i really want you know this and i can't be quiet. i know that one day i'm going to wake up with you next to me and you will kiss my cheek, your warm hand on my neck... You are my happiness, which appeared in my life recently, and i'm so afraid to lose you, that will never let you go. You will be with me forever! i love you Jeffrey! i want so much to cuddle up to you, to touch your lips with mine, warm my hands with yours, hug you and never let go! You are like a ray of light, like the sun after the storm, as spring after eternal winter, like a breath of cold water in the desert. When i'm thinking about you, i have trembling, feel dizzy, my heart seemed to jump out from my chest now... And it is like you are just beside me Jeffrey, always need only to close my eyes, and here you are close, very very close, and i can touch you, hear your breathing, your heart beating, feel the warmth of your skin, give you a hug and a kiss on the lips... i can't spend time with someone whom i don't love... i had situation in my life when good man wanted relations with me, we went to cafe once and he wanted to kiss me but i couldn't even kiss him, i clenched my teeth and mumbling "No". So, i at first need to know person, and appearance is not the main what i see in person. i don't need empty bright man, no. i need man like you, i need YOU :) i need man who is rich with inside beauty... You know, there is in Ukraine something like proverb "a man should look a little better than monkey" LOL Do you know it? :) it is funny :) But i really think that inside beautiful world is much more important than appearance. i'm missing you... Kisses, Yulia.

Letter 35

My dear Jeffrey, how are you? i want to apologize in advance that today my letter will not be long... Today i have very difficult day. Something happened with Anastasia, she cries all day, i already almost have nervous breakdown... i'm so tired and want to go to you, to relax with you, that my nerves become better because of your presence near me... i want you to hug me, caress, kiss and say that everything will be fine, that it's temporary difficulties and that i'll go through them. i need very much your support now!... How are you there Jeffrey?... As for visa, i need to go to the travel agency and find out. Should i ask there about all documents to come to you to Amsterdam or to another place? i hope that you are fine, i want to be with you Jeffrey. i love you sooooooooo much! i hope you won't be mad on me because of short letter... Kiss you, Yulia.

Letter 36

Hello my honey Jeffrey! How are you? Did you miss me? :) How do you feel yourself now my love Jeffrey? i again had so difficult days, didn't have any spare minute, but it was not so crazy as last two days before. How did you spend your time? i was cooking chicken in the oven with apples and garlic and also boiled potatoes. Would you like to taste that dish? i'll with pleasure cook it for you :-*** Then i start to clean bathroom, it was a bit dirty and i decided to make it clean and bright :) After cleaning i was playing with Anastasiya, we built houses from the constructor, had drawn paints of landscapes. i read her fairy-tales. Then she started to piddle and suddenly severed necklace and beads crumbled throughout the room. it was sooooo long and exhausting to gather them... Now, when everybody is sleeping, i'm going to have a bath with foam and aromatic oils. i want to relax and this is very good method for me :) Would you like to join me? To rub my back, to lather shampoo on my hair, to caress my body with your hands? And after bath to rub each other with body oil like Johnson's, i like it ;) This is very exciting idea for me and now i have some special feeling inside myself... How i want to make that a reality, to continue that imagination of us having bath together. Have you ever had bath with woman? Have you ever did any special doings for women Jeffrey? i hope you are fine there, and want to send you my sweet kisses, Yulia.

Letter 37

My sweet man Jeffrey, i have so good mood when thinking about you :) How are you? Strange coincidence... i so much time was looking for someone to choose. But didn't expect you, and you appeared in my life. And as in a dream, no... not in a dream, just like in the movies. But, really, i thought it happens only in the movies. A chance encounter, just all things in one day come together to ensure that we have found each other. Perhaps it's fate! Do you agree? Probably, everything had to be just so and not otherwise. i'm just happy that everything happened. And only one thought is scary for me that, if anything that day went wrong and we would never have got to know each other. i want to admit that i love you from the minute we met... :) Because of you i forget about everything, during my days and night my thoughts only about you... i don't know how to live in that way, i have never felt such, i didn't experience these feelings earlier. And what about you? Do you feel the same? is it okay to think about person all the time? Without breaks :) You know, i become crazy. Only one thought about our rapprochement, being together makes me so extremely happy and the most scary is that i'm delighted with these feelings... My love Jeffrey, i want to love you entirely. Don't leave me ever.... Kiss you all over, Yulia.

Letter 38

Hello my love! Happy Valentine's Day! i wish to be today with you... i love you my dear Jeffrey! And i want to say that this is real love, i live and every minute of my life you are in my thoughts... i have never thought that such can happen by email. Actually, i with suspicious thought about a foreign dating site, but nevertheless interest overpowered me. Once upon a time i was registered in the local dating site, many years ago, but some anxious men were written me there. They all needed only my body. They wrote numbers (amounts) of money for which they would like to "buy some time" (hour, night, etc.) with me. i came in anger and left this site, deleted my profile because i realized that there is a debauchery and vulgarity. And then somehow i stumbled on advertising on the internet when i read the news that there is an international dating site. And i thought, why not? :) i with hope registered and wanted to find my love... to find you Jeffrey!!! And now i'm so happy that i despite my suspicions nevertheless decided to sign up and found you :)) How are you there Jeffrey? i'm missing you so much! Kiss you, Yulia.

Letter 39

Hello my dear Jeffrey!
i wrote you a reply and waiting for your letter... This is me who worry. Didn't you receive it? i'll resend it now!

Letter 40

Hello Jeffrey!
i don't know why but i didn't receive that letter from you earlier. Last time i got letter from you on the ninth of February.... Jeffrey, your confusion about my other profile is unclear because that profile i did like a try, i didn't indicate my data because i tried to understand that site. And if you want, you can see that i deleted it and i don't know when you saw me online, i didn't use it! But for me was much more painful that you still looking for somebody on the dating sites... You even start to look at other sites! Why? i was thinking that you had already found me... i will wait for your reply.

Letter 41

Hello my dear Jeffrey! :) i'm sorry that i was cold to you in my last letter... i thought that you are still looking for another woman :( But you explained me all and i really sorry that i was thinking of you that way... Will you forgive me? O:-) Please... i was thinking of this theme and was very upset because of my thoughts. But this was only my assumption, not reality. And now i'm very happy that i was wrong! As i have already written you in my last letter, that was only try, i didn't understand that site and registered on other one where i found you :))
Will you forgive me for my cold reply?...
i'll be waiting for your reply.
Kiss you,

Letter 42

i miss you Jeffrey...

Letter 43

Jeffrey, i was written you several times but you didn't write me back :(

Letter 44

Jeffrey, i didn't receive your letter! But now you resend it and i see that you sent... i don't know what this is, why it is so.
You wrote about greetings cards that you sent me, i don't really understand these links and didn't understand what was it... i'm sorry if i offended you with that i didn't open them. :( As for your words that we didn't see each other and i have these bad thoughts and dreams of us breaking up... i have told you that i had bad experience in my life :( So, i can't believe that fate smiled to me. it is really difficult to believe because last years of my life were horrible, my relations in the past were horrible, everything is so bad... And then you appeared in my life! You are like sunlight and it was really difficult for me to believe in my luck... Jeffrey, please understand me...
How are you there? What did you do?
i hope you are fine...
Kiss you,

Letter 45

How are you there? i'm missing you so much and want to say that i want to be with you every moment of my life. it's good that i have you, the most gentle, kind and the most beloved man on earth. You're my the most important person. You are very reliable, sensitive and calm. i always look forward to our future meeting. As well, when you will be near me. All my life i want to go with you on the same road of love. My feelings for you have become stronger and stronger every day. i so want to cuddle up to you, and feel protected from all sorrows and tribulations... i love you! And recognition my sincere and pure. Only with you Jeffrey i will be truly happy... i found out about travel at the travel agency. As for France and Amsterdam, i will need visa, medical papers, insurance, also travel agency will need to book hotel because without this Embassy won't give visa. i asked about hotel, and i could book it only for several days and the rest of the days i could live with you :) What do you think about this? And also tickets. Travel agency book tickets as well and then all these documents will bring to Embassy to receive visa for me. As for your question about how soon am i able to take days off, i think that i could take weekends in a month. What do you think? What about you? When do you want to meet with me? After all, how are you doing? How is your work? i miss you very much Jeffrey... What a wonderful feeling of Love, it inspires us, and as the birds, rising high in the sky. When you love, all the problems seem so small, and certainly decisive, am i right Jeffrey? i'm proud of you Jeffrey, my dear, and love dearly. Let my love drink quenches thirst in the heat and warm in the cold. Let our happiness will be long and serene. You're the only one i need, my one and only, kind and the most important man on earth! All that is called happiness in life, it all is associated with you, my dear and only mine Jeffrey. i write you so much about love... Don't you really mind all of this? Do you really need all this? Do you need me? i need you! i want to be with you. When will it be?... i can't wait anymore, i want to [come to] you my honey Jeffrey! Kiss you, Yulia. xxxxx

Letter 46

Hello my dear Jeffrey, how are you? ... July. Okay, i'll ask in June to my employers about vacation in July :) You will tell me later exact dates and i will tell them. Okay? i also think that one week or maybe 10 days will be excellent for date :) Moreover, i think that if i go and never come back to Ukraine, it would be even better ;) haha
As for your question about arranging Skype call, let's do this next week? :) i also want to see you, not only your photos :) What is your Skype name? And at what time should this be? You asked if travel agency told me all prices, yes, they told. And yes, i know that i could do all by myself. But don't you remember that i always on my work? i live here... And i 24/7 with little Anastasiya. So, it would be much easier for me to use their services Jeffrey...
Today i was walking with Anastasiya in the park, i sat on the bench and she began to play with other children on the playground. i looked around and saw a couple sitting opposite me. They were so happy together, they were talking so quiet to each other, whispered something in the ears and then laughing and giggling... i felt so sad and lonely at that moment that i had tears in my eyes. i have never envied anyone, anybody's happiness, but on the contrary only been happy for them. i like to look at the happy people, full of life and energy, which don't hide their feelings, but this time i felt very bad... :( Do you know why? Because i know that i have a second half, my beloved Jeffrey, but he is so far from me now...
And then when i came back at employer's home, in the evening when they came home, i also saw their happiness and love... And that was beyond my strength and i went at room where i sleep and began to cry that nobody hear me. That day is very bad, my eyes aching because of the tears. i'm sorry for such letter, but i wanted you to know that Jeffrey. i love you and missing you so much... Kiss you, your Yulia.

Letter 47

My dear Jeffrey, hello! :)
This emoticon with my last header wasn't bitter! it was like kiss: eyes+nose+lips like kissing... i don't know why it was bitter for you.
i also can't imagine 40 years of silence, so i'm as you are :) ... You know, i had not thought that so can happen. That all able to twist so much. How important it is, stepping over the edge: to love, to cherish, to dream, to have one aim and to strive for it... i want stars in the puddles to share with you, a warm dinner to share with you, to be necessary for you and to be with you forever Jeffrey... Jeffrey, i want to be with you, to be your pleasure, to be your happiness... Every your mail a gift for me, it is the only thing that keeps me happy. My days wouldn't be complete without your letters. You know, i hardly imagine how i could live without it earlier... Why didn't have we met several years ago? Why didn't i born in your country??? Or you in mine???? Why the person you want is so far away???? Well, that is so sad but at the same time i believe that everything that is done was done for better. Eventually we met each other and won't leave each other, am i right Jeffrey? How are you honey?
What were you doing? i had so unpleasant situation yesterday. While i was walking with little princess Anastasiya (shortly Nastya), i snagged my jeans for some hook on the playground and torn them very much :(( it was my only pants and now i need to buy new one... i didn't plan that and very upset now. Last days only thoughts about you make me happy... Everything broke or torn... Only you support me and are in my heart, you make me more kind and pleasant. i love you Jeffrey :-* (this is kiss) Kiss you, your Yulia.
P.S. i think that i will have possibility to call you in Skype tomorrow :) i hope you will answer me...

Letter 48

it is so pity Jeffrey... :( i don't know when i'll have opportunity to call you next time. :(

Letter 49

And no reply on my letter... :(

Letter 50

My honey Jeffrey, i have so horrible headache today that can't even think normally. My mind seemed turbid. i can't think straight, and i can't understand what is happening at all. Maybe that is because of changing of weather, or may be someone is experiencing on others some kind of clandestine secret weapon. This is murky mystery... Do you think that my weekends are fun?... Don't you remember that i work 24/7 Jeffrey?... :( i'm sorry to know that you work so much with these reports. i wish to be with you to help you to live through all difficulties... How are you my dearest man Jeffrey, love of my life Jeffrey, my only one beloved man Jeffrey! Jeffrey... You know, i don't really know if i pronounce your name correctly... Some foreign names are so difficult to pronounce for me and i worry if i say your name in right way. i'm sorry but i think that i won't have possibility to go to the internet cafe.
i'm sending you my not very old photo, it is one of the most new, on it i was in the children's entertainment center. There were several my friends and their children. And i came to see them and to communicate with them even there, i had weekend that day. While children were playing in special place called Labyrinth, we were talking :)
While i was typing you this letter i was measuring body temperature and it is a bit higher than usually. i hope that it is not cold or something like this. What do you usually do when you caught a cold?
Hope you are fine and had a nice day dear Jeffrey! Kiss you, your Yulia xxxxx

Letter 51

My honey Jeffrey, how are you? i'm sorry that you called me but i didn't answer your call, but i didn't even receive any call from you... On what number did you call? ...
What were you doing there? What news do you have? i was working as always... Nothing special :) stability the sign of excellence ;) You know, i'm like butterfly, flitting here at home, babysit with a child, cook, tidy up. And don't even notice how the day passed, waiting for that moment when i can log in my email and write you a letter. You are very special man for me Jeffrey. And i really think that only fate could bring us together :) i still can't believe sometimes that we are really together, that i have you and you have me :) Today i have so much tenderness for you in me, that i just don't know what to do. i kissed poor child into her cheeks :))))) She was surprised. haha i can't live without you... i want to be with you.
Here this song about which i was talking , you should definitely listen to it :-***
i love you Jeffrey! Hug you and kiss you, your Yulia

Letter 52

How are you? Did you see me in your dreams? :) i saw you ;) And that's why that day is so good for me, and i hope that you had really good day as well :-* ... You asked me question about personal life and salary... Jeffrey, i have never had such choice in my life. Don't you remember that i work 24\7 and receive for this ridiculous salary and have no personal life at all... i love you and feel that my love grows every passing day. That's unbelievable! it's really so fantastic to be in love with you Jeffrey! And i'm sure that when we will finally be together nothing will change! i will love you even more! My dear Jeffrey! i often wonder what would have happened if i had not met you... My life would be empty and gloomy, i would have lost in its labyrinths in search of you, my only and the most beloved man on the Earth. But i can confidently say that i'm the happiest woman, because i found my half! i found you Jeffrey! That day when you first time wrote me your letter is the best day of my life :)) My love, when will we be together? i want to know that... Finally i want to be captured in your arms, i want to feel myself small little girl. i have never been weak, i always seemed to be strong.
But i want to tell you one very important secret, don't tell it anyone, sometimes when a lot of bad or wrong things happen to me, i start crying, sobbing, but just so that nobody can see this my weakness. i don't like when people begin to feel sorry for me. Outside i seem to be cheerful and fun, but inside of me there are sadness and gloom... But this is not always, only when a lot of bad things happen. Now everything is good :) Only just a little bit of sadness because i want you very much. But i know that we will be together at last and i'm scared that i'll die from happiness! :)) Just kidding ;) i love you my love, my the best man in the world Jeffrey! Kiss you, Yulia.

Letter 53

My beloved man Jeffrey!
i was so busy with all that work and now have several minutes to write you. i want to say that i love you and my life is connected with yours. i'm sad if you sad, i'm happy if you happy. i thought that i have already sent you my phone number... it is 0992782793, when will you call me? :) ...
Jeffrey, i would like to see you (now at least your photos) more often. i could print one of them but it is so few... i want to admire you when have free second. Also i'm thinking about printing your photo and put it into a frame and put it near my bed to look at you before going to sleep... you will come to me in my dreams, i think, after that. What do you think about this? :)
How did you spend your day Jeffrey? How do you feel yourself? Do you eat well? i want to know all about you and your life, how you spend your days... What do you do first of all when you stand up from your bed? i usually open eyes and think of you. Than smiling and stand up, go to brush my teeth and wash up. Usual procedures every morning, and every morning my first thought is about you. You settled in my head and never go out. Sometimes when i'm walking with Anastasiya i see showcases with menswear. And i think whether you like this shirt if i gave it to you. i want to please you little gifts to make you pleased. i want to give you a soft blanket so that you hid in it when you are cold and thought of me as if it is me, embracing you and warming you Jeffrey. That you feel soft warmth of my love to you. Tell me please, don't you really tired of my letters? Sometimes i think that you are already bothered with my letters... Yesterday i had such bright dream with your participation in it, if you want i could write about it in my next letter. Do you want?
Hope you have a nice day Jeffrey :)
Yours only,

Letter 54

My treasure Jeffrey, ... i miss you so much and want you wholly and entirely right now! i'm thinking about you all the time. But before sleeping i'm thinking about you how we will go asleep together... i like these imaginations and want that faster! i will be crazy soon because i can't touch you, but want that with whole my heart and soul. i want a lot to do with you, to share every moment of my life with you, and want you share with me every moment of your life with me... Do you know the difference between you and blood? Blood enters the heart and comes out of it. But you enter my heart and stay there forever Jeffrey... And i'm so scared if you offend me my heart will break down and will never heal.
So, please, tell me now if you don't love me and don't want to be with me, to be together till the end... i don't want you for some time, i don't want you for fun, i don't want you for weekends or for a month. i want more. i want you till the end. i want to be in your life, to fulfill it with my existence... i want you to be my whole in reality, not only in thoughts. i want to be your Universe like you became mine... My love Jeffrey, i'm fully yours. All i want is to be with you together. i can't sleep... Thoughts about you drive me crazy :'( i want to be close to you now, to hug you and to sleep on your shoulder... i want that soooo much Jeffrey! i have never felt such feelings earlier, we don't even touch each other, but i have such a passion for you! What will be when we will be together? As for your question about money to pay for paperwork, yes, i need to pay for all. As i work all the time, i asked at the travel agency what i need and how many it cost. i will need to buy tickets that will cost around 300-500USD, it depends on dates of the flight. if i buy tickets beforehand they will cost less. i need to buy them to receive visa. To receive visa i also need to book hotel, at least several days. i looked through different hotels and liked two of them: Hotel Sipermann - one day 102USD; and Hotel Nicolaas Witsen - 155USD per day. What hotel is near your home? Also i will need to have some more documents like insurance and medical papers. These documents cost 227USD. in common all will cost 731-1037USD. All depends on tickets and hotel....
When will we organize our meeting Jeffrey? i'm all in anticipation! :)) i love you Jeffrey and waiting for you... Your Yulia.

Letter 55

Jeffrey it is such a delight to see your name appear in my inbox...Just the sight of your name puts a smile on my face and makes me feel myself on the seventh heaven :) Please, don't stop writing me. i can't live without you and if you don't write me even a day i start to worry about you if something happened to you or to us... You make me feel alive. You make me want to get up every morning with a smile on my face because i have you in my heart. When i go to bed at night i take you with me. i want you to be my master in the bedroom and me your mistress. i want to make love to you. One day i will be yours in reality, yours for kisses, yours to run your fingers through my long hair and caress my naked body, yours to have and to hold, and you will be mine for real. To love you, to comfort you, to laugh and smile with you... i imagine that every day, every spare minute and my body trembles because of expectancy. i feel warmth inside that spreads throughout my body, waiting for that moment when you will be near and we will make a reality all our expectations. i'm sorry i didn't write you back earlier. There were circumstances that didn't allow me to write. i again went back home. My granny felt herself bad and i was with her for some time... There i didn't have access to the internet. i was all the time with her and didn't leave her for a moment… Jeffrey you are in my heart and my soul but miles still keep us apart... How are you? How do you feel yourself? is everything okay? How did you spend your day? How is on your work? i love you Jeffrey and can't find a place for myself because i already feel myself misplaced here. My place is near you honey :-*
Have a good day there and write soon, i'll be waiting.
Kiss you,

Letter 56

Hello my beloved Jeffrey! i want to be with you so incredibly much now!.. i wish to make you happier, and to dissolve all your sorrows! i can't express in words all my feelings that i feel to you! Every day it is much more harder to do... i know that when we will finally meet... i will never get tired of holding you, of kissing you, of hugging you, of making love with you, of sleeping together... i saw so wonderful dream today, we were laying on the bad and were kissing with such passion, and then with tenderness... We were alternated passion and tenderness. We began to undress each other and were kissing skin that appeared from under the clothes. Sometimes were giggling like children :) Then you put me on the back and lay on me, you leaned your arms near my head and looked into my eyes... i drowned in them and forgot about everything in this world except you. You became my life, i live only because of you, because of your existence in my life... And as always, when you touched my breasts and then my feminine part of body, i woke up :( it is always so... i saw so many different dreams with us, but when the most interesting moment must be, my dream interrupted and i wake up. How i want to see it till the end. But more over! i want to feel that all in reality, as soon as possible... i want you. i want so much to be with you!!!!!! i want to share with you every event from my life, and from yours as well! i want our lives be united. And what are your thoughts? What do you want? i love you my darling Jeffrey! i love you... Affectionately kissing you, Yulia.

Letter 57

My love Jeffrey, hello! :) My granny is still the same... :( i don't know what will be later. i don't really want to talk about this theme :( All is bad... i was thinking of you all the time... it is something unreal, i still can't believe that you are in my life and that we have common feelings! :)) That is so wonderful! And adorably... i need you now... i want to be with you all the time. i don't know how this happened, that in such short period of time you became so important for me. You can control me and i'll do all you want unquestioningly. i want to bring you pleasure, to do all for you that you be the happiest man in the Universe... You know, when i love, i'm ready for that person for everything. i'm ready for all for you! i want to be with you, to be your joy... Sometimes i imagine our evenings together. Whom i wanted to fool, not sometimes! i ALWAYS imagine our evenings! :)) i imagine how we will lay on the sofa and will kiss each other with such passion... Or how we will be on the kitchen, i will do dough for pancakes for breakfast, i'll wear nothing except underwear, and you suddenly grab me behind and start kissing my neck and i will melt in your arms... Then i'll turn to you, look into your eyes with all my love that i have inside, and will kiss you. You will put me on the kitchen table and will stand between my legs... Uhhhh... i just imagined that now while was writing you letter and that feeling... that bursting feeling inside me swallowed up me completely. i started to breathe heavily. Oh my God! How i want you near right now!!! ... i love you Jeffrey and can't wait to be with you! ... Take care my love, kiss you, your Yulia. P.S. almost forgot, i checked my bank account today and there is not any transfer on it. i write this only because you told me to tell you when it arrives, but it is still not there.

Letter 58

Where are you Jeffrey? Are you okay? i worry about you... Your transfer is here, it is 1459USD. is that right?
Please write me as soon as you have such possibility, i worry!
Kiss you,
your Yulia.

Letter 59

Jeffrey, are you okay?????? Where are you? i worry about you!!! Please write me even one line and say that you are okay...

Letter 60

My love Jeffrey, hello, how are you there? :)
Don't you still have a little free time to write me?... What is going on there on your work Jeffrey? :( it's so good that i have you Jeffrey, the most gentle, kind and the most loved man on earth. You are my the most important person. You are very reliable, sensitive and calm. i always look forward to our meeting... it will be so excellent when we will at last together! i want to go with you on the same road of love with you during all my life. My feelings for you have become stronger and stronger. i want so much to cuddle up to you, and feel protection from all sorrows and tribulations. i love you Jeffrey, and recognition of this is sincere and pure. Only with you i will be truly happy... All my tenderness, kindness, all my unspent love, i want to give you, my one and only man Jeffrey. You are so suddenly appeared in my life and immediately flashed my heart with love. i'm so grateful to fate for what it gave me. it is you! i love you and not ashamed to confess my feelings, i love and will always be next to you. Let our love will be beautiful and large! i love you Jeffrey! :-***** Kiss you and hug you, your Yulia.

Letter 61

Hello my honey bunny Jeffrey! :)
How are you? Did you think about me? i was waiting for your letter impatiently...
But there were troubles with the internet for several days and i didn't have access to enter my email. i'm sorry for late reply. When i read a letter from you, the more i want to hear your voice. But no matter from what source your words come, for me it is always words of love, happiness and hope. Your glance of course, is worth a thousand words, because i read in it love. i hope you realize that my attitude towards you is mutual and i want always to be with you! Forever and ever will be with you to live in love, happiness and harmony. With every seconds and minutes, hours, days and nights i love you more and more :) This is so wonderful, that among the billions of people we met each other and realized that we are halves of one whole. Without you i can't live anymore: how much i love you, without you my heart beats only halfway....
On what dates should i buy tickets and book hotel? What hotel is near you? We need to discuss this topic... i love you Jeffrey and want to hug you and to touch your lips with mine... Now i'm listening our song and want to be near you this moment... i want that so much... i'm very happy that we are couple, that we are together, that our feelings are mutual! But always that distance spoils everything! And i become crazy because of this... i want to be near, to share sorrows and joys with you, to have fun with you, to live with you, to be your reliable support at difficult times, to be your happiness... i want that all and much more! i want to present you myself... Because i love you Jeffrey! And when i love, i don't see other people, i see only you! And i want only you, you completely... is that bad? i look forward to fall asleep in your arms with a smile on my face, to wake up in your arms the next morning, ready to face the world, secure in the knowledge that we are together, that we will always love each other. i dream of snuggling up on the sofa with you watching TV, listening to some music, relaxing together, holding hands outside, showing everybody how much in love we are... i hope you have a nice day my love :) Kiss you, Yulia.

Letter 62

My love Jeffrey, hello! Hello my lovely peace of heaven :)) i'm sorry that i didn't hear you, my phone doesn't want to work good :( And as i understand from your letter, you heard me? Do you like my voice? O:-) i'm sorry for late reply, i caught virus or something like this and now i'm sick. That day when you called me, on Thursday, i fell ill with the disease. Now i feel myself better but still have running nose and cough. Thank God i don't have high temperature anymore.
How are you there? ... i was missing you soooo much!!! i miss your words and all about you in my life. i miss being as closest as possible to you, feeling you next to me, the warmth of your body and tenderness of your hugs, and your strong passion for me as well! i miss all this very very much, my love... i have so interesting mood now ;) i was thinking about us, together, alone. You and i. Alone. We could do whatever we want ;) i imagined us in bedroom. We are kissing, my naughty tongue wants to play with yours... want to come in your mouth and to turn on you a little ;) i flunk you on bed, climb on you and start to kiss your neck. Then i'll lick your penis and will gently bite it. Do you like that? Than i'll come down lower, covering your body with kisses. Your shoulders, clavicles, nipples... Mmmmm... My right hand will descend lower on your abdomen and then a bit more low ;) it will find something that i want for a long time, almost from the very beginning of our acquaintance :) And then we will be reunited in ecstasy... Ohhhhh... How i want that Jeffrey!!!
You can't even imagine... i hope you won't be mad on me because of such letter... i love you :-***** Yulia.

Letter 63

My beloved man Jeffrey, hello! ... How are you? Your letter is so pleased to receive for me... i'm missing you so much! :(( i'm torn apart from thinking that you are far away from me and around you a lot of beautiful women walking every day :'( They can seduce you and you will forget about me... About my existence. i need you Jeffrey every second, every minute, every moment of my life... i'm so tired because of this wars, misunderstanding people. i'm tired of this life full of only work... work... work... Every passing day i try to think positively, that i found you, that we are a couple, that we will be together soon... But when will it be? :'( i'm tired to be strong. i want to you, that you hug me and say that you are with me and that everything will be all right. Today every trifle made my eyes full of tears. Why am i not with you right now? i want you Jeffrey... Kiss you, Yulia.

Letter 64

My honey Jeffrey, i was waiting for your reply impatiently! But there were problems with the internet. i think my employers need to change internet provider... i also would like to hear you very much, but i want to see you even more! :) Every passing day your letters make me more happier and i want to see them all the time! But it would be much better to see you in reality. But now, your letter is a part of you, a part of your existence in my life. Your letters bring me happiness, and it doesn't matter what in them, bad or good news, i want to know all about you, about your life :) Everything around me is in grey colors and only your letters are bright like rainbow... i can't be without you, i need you! Jeffrey, how are you there without me? Does your life also as mine not full without your existence in it? There are so many sadness inside me... i try to smile to life but i want to be with you, to feel life full. i'm sorry that i'm so weeper last time i'll try to see all in positive way again :) Sooner or later we will be together! And this is the main! i want to start my life with you from the very beginning, like i didn't see betrayals and war... i'm sure that with you i won't think about last life, all difficulties that i had earlier. i believe in you and in our love. And we will do all to be happy family, am i right? :) i love you Jeffrey! Kiss you, your Yulia.

Letter 65

My love Jeffrey, hello!
i'm tired today... Again Anastasiya. She sucks all the power out of me. Very active kid, doesn't sit on one place for a while. How are you there? What news do you have? Did you miss me? :) i'm missing you every minute! i usually think about you all the time, but very often i need to do my work, so, i start thinking about anything else but still all my thoughts come back to you. i'm crazy :)) Do you have the same? Do you think of me always? i always imagine us together, doing something usual but it will be with you! And that means all for me! i need only you in my life, only with you i imagine all sides of life... i have already written you that all 150 times :) Don't you bored with that? :)) ...
As for your words about psychics who claim to be able to foresee the future :) i also was talking with such people two times :) And last time this woman told me that my husband will be older than me :)) So, may be not always they say wrong things ;) Because i met you and think that you are my destiny Jeffrey. i hope you are okay there and feel yourself much better :-* i love you! Kissing you and hugging, your Yulia.

Letter 66

My lovely peace of heaven Jeffrey, how are you there? ... i'm missing you incredibly much! i dream about being with you. The desire to be with you in such physical closeness is so powerful that i can't stop dreaming about your eroticism. i crave every inch of your body with enormity as if i had a sick addiction. You make me feel like i'm about to explode as soon as you touch me... My desire to be with you, on you and touching you is overwhelming. i dream that i walk into our house one evening late at night. The house is already dark except for a few candles around and a thunderstorm is raging outside. Soaking wet in my clothes i move over to you and hold you firmly as my mouth meets yours. i undress you there in the living room and lay you on the sofa. in the flashing light of the storm outside i can see your body move and writhe with expectation. My rain soaked hair and clothes has covered your naked body with a glistening moistness that begs to be touched. i can see the beads of water trickle down your stomach and thighs with each streak of lightening. As i gently kiss your lips and neck i slowly undress myself part of the way. i move down your naked chest and kiss your navel, then i'll slide down, and will be on top of you, i'll feel you inside... Uhhhh... i have goosebumps only because of this thought Jeffrey! Can you imagine that?! Jeffrey, you drive me crazy. i feel as if i was once more a school girl dealing with the raging hormones of adolescence. i never thought a man could make a full grown woman this hungry with a raging sexual appetite. i'm stunned by my own animal drive to be with you sexually, but i'm very excited about it. i look forward to all of the exciting new erotic adventures we will be having very soon ;) i love you and want to be with you now... When will we arrange our meeting exactly? Kisses, Yulia.

Letter 67

My sweetheart, my baby, my love Jeffrey, hello! :) …. You know, i'm realizing every day that without you my life was senseless, was colorless, was not full. And that is so pleased to know that i have you, and you have me. That we have common feeling - love... Sometimes i can't believe that this all is truth and that you really want me, want my presence near you. But then i drive these thoughts away and realize that all is truth! That all is mutual! :)) i'm so happy that you are in my life, even though thousands of miles between us…. i'm sitting here right now and thinking how it would be great to make our home cozy, to take care of you. it is a joy for me to take care of beloved man, i want to make you happy! i'll be happy if you be happy :) i present all myself, my body and my soul to you. You should know that if i with you, that means that i'll be with you forever... But! if you betray me... i'm sorry, i will love you as well but i will need to go away. Because i will not tolerate cheatings. if you are only one for me, than i should be only one for you, and no other way! Okay? Please, don't make me sad... Life bullied on me enough. You know Jeffrey, i miss so much simple things like flowers from beloved man, like walk to the movies, like carefree ride through the city at night just to spend time together... with you... Jeffrey, what things do you miss most of all? i love you! Kiss you, Yulia.

Letter 68

My love Jeffrey, i was missing you so much!... With you every moment magical and wonderful, you are just a royal gift of fate for me. You are the most gentle, kindest, the most handsome man in the world. How i love you, my sweetheart. You are my light in the window, my happiness, my joy and reward. You are worthy of admiration as soon as you - the man of my dreams. Jeffrey i breathe you, adore you. Probably there is no a happier person in the world than i am, because you're close to me, my desirable and unique. Let the good angel always protects you and our love burns bright flame... Forever... Jeffrey, yes, my address is still Valentinovskaya street. And why did you ask? i also miss all that you described in relations... :( i want to cuddle with you and to kiss you, to spend time with pleasure... i want than so much! i love you and want to be with you every second... How are you there? How was your day? What did you do? i hope everything is fine with you :) Kiss you, your Yulia. P.S. thank you for new photo :) is it cold outside?

Letter 69

Jeffrey, You wrote me very strange letter... i live with my employers in apartment building. The number of apartment is 37. And this question "is your name on the address or only that of the couple you work for???" i even didn't understand. On the address is the name of someone named "Valentinovskaya". My phone. it lives it's own life. it works when it wants. Sometimes it could turn off by itself. When did you call me? i didn't see any abroad call.
Why did you ask these questions? What is going on?

Letter 70

Hello my dear Jeffrey! i'm sorry for late reply, here is not very funny situation happened. My grandmother had brain stroke and i went back home and now i'm in Lugansk region. i need to be with her because nobody else couldn't. Only i don't have my own family and that's why my relatives asked me to look after her.
How are you there? What did you do these days when i couldn't write to you? What did you mean in your last letter? Why am i not at my phone number? i don't understand you. My phone number is correct. What do you mean?
Miss you and kiss you,

Letter 71

Jeffrey, are you okay? i worry about you...

Letter 72

Jeffrey, what is going on? Are you okay?

Letter 73

Hello Jeffrey! i was always honest with you, and you framed me and my former employers. i worked illegal and they didn't pay any taxes to the government for hiring me. They called me and were shouting on me because i told somebody their address... They are high-ranking people and also i'm from the zone of military conflict, they had no right to hire me! They hide that i worked for them. Accordingly, they said that they don't know me! Do you understand? Am i pretending to be somebody i am not? Yes, i was pretending to be your beloved woman but you without knowing all started to accuse me of lying.
i'm sorry that you disappointed in me...
i hope you will have good life there, without me "lier".

Letter 74

Hello Jeffrey! i didn't have opportunity to go to the internet cafe earlier! As i told you, i'm sitting with my grandmother who is dying now. And i'm really disappointed because of your all letters here! i don't know why the authorities there told you that my passport is a fake because i did it at the passport office!!! it can't be fake! i went to Russia by this passport already with my grandmother to the hospital and everything was fine. You write me about 2100$ and you threatening me by the police, okey! ... You can come here and i will return you all i have because i can't send these all to you because there are no banks here because the war is not ended! i'm really upset because of your opinion about myself and that you decided to gave my passport for check, this means that you have never trusted me.... i hope you have good health there, i really was thinking that we will be together. Yulia.

Letter 75

Hello Jeffrey! i'm really very disappointed because of your words that you don't know what is truth... i always told you truth! And your words hurt much more than a knife :( And that you don't hear from me for long time not means that i don't want to reply you, it is because i don't have possibility to write! As for online banking, i took all that i had on my bank account before i went back home, because i thought that i will go to you soon! And now i have all these money in cash, not on bank account! And my parents went back home long time ago before i went.... if you want you can come here and take all that left from your transfers!

Letter 76

Hello Jeffrey! i'm really shocked from all your letters that you had written me. i have already told you that you can come here and take your money. Here is war zone, there are no banks, no post-offices, i can't send them to you! You can go to police or where ever you want! it's not my fault that there is nothing working. i'm not going to go where ever to other place to send you because i don't want to risk my life!

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