Scam email(s) from Daria

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Letter 1

Hello Jim. It's nice to see from you a message. My name is Darya. I am 30 years old. I live in Russia in the city of Surgut. I work as a junior teacher classes. I would be pleased if you tell me a little about yourself and where you are live. Tell us about your city. I put my photo. I hope you also send me your photo. I will expect from you soon an answer. Your new friend Darya.

Letter 2

Hello Jim! Thanks for your letter. I'm so glad you wrote a letter! I hopefully opened the mail to see your message. It was nice to find your letter. It's nice that you also sent your picture. I will be happy if you send your photos. I hope you like to get today from me two of my photos that were taken in the summer. I think that we should learn a lot about each other. I think you will agree with this. I would like you to talk more about yourself, just as I tell you about myself. So we can get to know each other better. So, I'll tell you a little more about myself. I began to learn English before school, about a year before I went to school. In kindergarten, we were taught simple words, such as: a table, a chair, a dog, a cat and many other simple words. At the university, I approached the English language more thoroughly. I graduated from Surgut State Pedagogical University, in my city Surgut. My qualification is an English teacher. I chose the pedagogical faculty, because I was attracted to working with children.
Since school, I thought that the teacher's work is a noble and responsible job, which I want to do. And then, I love children. I can speak fluent English. But sometimes I can make mistakes. I have difficulties that would be correct to write. Sometimes I can look in the dictionary if I can not find the right word. I have an excitement about my accent. I guess for you, my accent will be amusing. =). Could you tell me how you will treat my accent? You will not be scared? It would be interesting to know what you think about it. I think you are interested in my character. It's hard to evaluate yourself, but friends say that I'm a very quiet person. In people I appreciate honesty and honesty, and it's unpleasant for me if I suddenly find out that a person lied to me. And what qualities do you like in people?
What is important to you in a woman in the first place? For me, the main thing is for a person to be kind. One that could take care of others. Do you like cats? Or dogs? Well, now I've covered you with questions. I am writing you a letter from my friend Anna. She has Internet access, and I will write to you from her. Sometimes, I will not be able to answer you quickly. But please do not worry. I'm interested in knowing you better. I just need to wait for my answer sometimes. I want our acquaintance to continue. I will try to write to you often. Ok? Now I will finish the letter. I'm glad that we continue to communicate, I'm waiting for your letters! Your friend Darya!

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