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Letter 1

Hello! How at you business? How your mood? I hope, that you by way of. I did not see your letter. You can explain to me, what happens? Why you have not written to me the letter? If you do not wish to communicate with me and tell! Today Monday. I had a difficult day on work and I am very tired but I have come to library to read through your letter, but it is not present, and from it to me is very insulting! Now I am going to go home. Tomorrow, I shall come and I wish to see your letter. Up to tomorrow. Natalya.

Letter 2

Hey! How is it going? It's Natalya!
I want you to know that I am very interested in you.
I just haven’t met the right person I guess. You?
I believe in open relationships.
And I am waiting for your email!
My email here -
Hope to hear from you soon.
Take care.

Letter 3

Hello! After my letter, I understand, that you will have many questions. Where I have taken yours email? I cannot precisely tell to you, but we have got acquainted with you already very much for a long time! We have got acquainted on a site of acquaintances, and I even any more do not remember on what. You have given me yours email, but I have not dared to write to you. More recently I have found my paper notebook, and there there was you email. I hope, that we shall communicate! My name Natalya. I hope, that you will tell to me your name. What is your name??? I understand that my letter can seem banal, but I do not know as still it is possible to begin acquaintance. I shall tell a little about myself and that I search. And further, we we can solve, we shall communicate or not. I search for the man which will love me. I am adjusted seriously, and I do not wish to play game! In my life there is everything, the friends, favourite work, my Mum and the Aunt. But in my life there is no main thing. Beside with me, there is no man which will love me. I wish to tell, that through letters it is possible to transfer all to emotion and when we write letters, we try to reveal and prove to be. And in letters it is possible to see, what person actually. Because to write the good and big letter not so it is simple, as it seems. I understand that very few men on search for serious attitudes. Many men search for the woman for one night. A lot of various perverts to which my sexual photos are necessary only. It is immoral. I shall not become when and whom to send my nude photos. I not so am brought up, and I have pride and honour! And if you will ask me to send such photos, I shall cease to write to you my letters. But I hope that you will not ask it from me. The decent and brought up girl not begins to send such photos! I the rectilinear and fair person, I search only for serious attitudes. Now you know about my intentions. I hope, that it will be interesting to you with me, and we shall learn each other. If you have serious intentions then we can continue our acquaintance. But if you have no serious intentions then it is not necessary to spend my and your time. I shall look forward to hearing from you. Natalya.

Letter 4

Hello! WHAT IS YOUR NAME ???Thank you responded to my letter. I was glad to see your letter. This means that you're interested in further communication with me. And then we can begin to know each other better. And I think that our communication will be interesting. I understand it is very difficult to talk about his life to a stranger. but I'll be glad to know everything you're telling me. Because I'm interested in communication with a new man. I'll tell you a little about myself. I was born 04.05.1988. I am 29 years old. When's your birthday? Our age difference does not matter to me, I'm just asking your age out of curiosity. I was just wondering how old are you now actually. I live in Russia. The city Liantor. This is in Siberia. I do not when was not married, but had a relationship in the past. My relationship was not successful. It was long ago, and now I do not want to talk about it. I do not when I did not have relations through the Internet. Because men who began communicating with me, did not have serious intentions. I've already told you about it. I work in a social service. I have been working in this field for almost 2 years. I have been using for pensioners and children from large families or orphanages. Because of my work, I was very nervous and worried. I do not have an easy job, but I love my job. When I see the results of my work, I see that I could help someone. This is for me the greatest happiness. Even if you help just one person, that's good. My religion, orthodoxy, and I go to church every Sunday. And my spiritual faith, that's what helps me to work, and to do good for other people. And in general, I always try to smile. Many people think I'm a very happy man, but in reality it is not so. When I get home after work, I often think about how I'm lonely.
I miss the man who will embrace me and say that he loves me. I am a strong woman, my mother brought me up like this. But any, even the most powerful girl, need love and care. Is why I am looking for a man who will love me. I want to love and be loved. I think that love is the most beautiful feeling in the world. I hope that I can really find true love. I hope and believe in it. In today's world of love began to lose its value. Many people do not pay attention to it. Many people only think of their own benefit. Someone looking for sex and says about love. Someone looking for money and says about love. Love is no longer valid. But I still believe that still have people for whom love is more important than money and sex. I believe that I can find a real man, that as I believe in true love. I look forward to your early reply!

Letter 5

Hello! Today Monday. I do not see your letter. What with you happens? You by way of? I hope that you by way of, and at you all is good.
There can be you do not wish to communicate with me? If it so tell to me directly! Be the man! I hope, that you are very strongly borrowed.
You work, or something. I do not wish to come to library, and to spend the whole hour on for it, simply to greet workers of library! I wish to see your letter! Would like inform me, that you alive and healthy and at you all are good! I worry! Tomorrow I shall come in library in hope to see your letter. Natalya.

Letter 6

Hi John! Thank you for taking the time to answer my letter. How you weather? How is your mood? I hope you are all well. Why you have not written to me about you? We need to learn more about each other. If you will tell nothing, I dialogue will be not interesting to me also shall stop with you. I wish to learn you, tell to me about myself. Than you are engaged at leisure? What your hobbies? How you spend the day? I really wish to learn you! I would like to explain now how I got to the dating site. I hesitated a long time to find a man on a dating site. But when I read some of the descriptions of the men from the United States. The fact that men are looking for in the US. I was surprised when I saw the similarity in search of American men and Russian women. It was told that fewer and fewer girls in the United States want to create a family. I was surprised that women are primarily interested career. They think more about money and power than about the family. In Russia, all completely different. In Russia, almost every girl dreams of a wedding, a family and children. All this is because of the training. But, unfortunately, the man in Russia long ago lost interest in it. Many men like to drink alcohol in large quantities. They want to walk, have fun and relax. They do not want to work, they do not want to take responsibility for his family. That's why I'm still single and have not found love. Of course, my loneliness is related to my work. I work a lot, and I do not have time to meet and look for a good man. Find a decent and honest man in the modern world is very difficult. It is important for me that my man would be serious about the relationship, and has been faithful to me. I do not want my man constantly drank alcohol. I do not need a man who would cheat on me or deceive me. John I do not want to spend his life on the person who at any moment will be able to exchange me for another woman. John I think that my search criteria are the same as those that are looking for men in the United States. And so I tried to use a dating site. John I would be interested in what they say about Russian girls in your country. And I wonder whether in this situation the United States in women.
Or an article that I read, was a hoax. I'm curious to know it from you. After all, you live there, and you'd better know how and what is happening there. John I will be waiting for your answer. I'm curious to know more about you. Your friend. Natalya.

P.S. These photos have been made in the summer. There was a warm sunny day! I walked on city park, and I had a good mood!

Letter 7

I do not understand about what you to me speak. Why you write nothing to me? I wish to see your good letters! Why you have not written to me about you? We need to learn more about each other. If you will tell nothing, I dialogue will be not interesting to me also shall stop with you. I wish to learn you, tell to me about myself. Than you are engaged at leisure? What your hobbies? How you spend the day? I really wish to learn you! If you and further will continue to write to me your short letters I shall simply stop our dialogue! Natalya.

Letter 8

Hello dear! I have come to library in hope to see your letter. Today Saturday. I worked not the full working day. After my work I have gone home, and did cleaning. I thought of your letter. I thought of you. I had a presentiment, that you have written to me your letter and as soon as I have finished cleaning the house, I at once have gone to library. I tired after cleaning, have decided to reach library. I did not wish to leave you without the answer. I have come and when have seen, that your letter is not present, I very much was upset. I do not know, why you have written nothing to me. Yes, can be at you not was time. There can be you were is very borrowed. It is possible to think up many reasons, but I wish to tell, that it was possible to find 10 minutes. It was possible to find time for me. I the woman who thinks of you very often and when I do not see your letter, me am melancholy. I ask you, any more do not leave me without your letter. If you do not have time simply write to me that you are alive and healthy. It is important for me. I hope, that tomorrow I can read through your good letter.
Now I shall go home and I shall have a rest. Up to tomorrow! Yours Natalya.

Letter 9

Hello! I do not see your letter. How at you business? How you spend time? I hope that at you all well, and you have excellent mood! I have come to library after work. Today there was very difficult and long day. I visited the wards. Carried heavy bags all the day. I bought for them products and medicines. I absolutely do not have mood and I am very tired, and now my mood is even worse, because I do not see your letter. I after the heavy working day have come to library to read through your letter, and you have written nothing, and to me is very insulting! Now I shall go home, and I shall have a rest. Tomorrow I shall necessarily come in library, I hope that you will have time and you will write to me. Natalya.

Letter 10

Hello! Tomorrow for work, and I with impatience wait for this day. Tomorrow I should visit the elderly woman who likes to tell to me, about its past, about its vital situations. We can sit and talk hours. At this elderly woman nobody remains. It does not have native people. Only I go and I visit it, I buy to it products and necessary medicines. When I come to it on a visit, it always meets me with a smile. I respect with those people who appreciate care, it is really glad, that I visit it. I at all do not know, you will write to me the letter or not. But I would like to see your letter. Tomorrow I shall necessarily come in library to write to you. I hope at you everything is all right, and you have good mood. Up to tomorrow. Natalya.

Letter 11

Hello! John, I am glad to see your reply. How did you spend your day? Maybe there was something interesting in your life? John, I have received from you the letter! I am glad to it! I really hope, that now all will be good also we shall learn each other every day! I am glad, that you liked my photos! Thanks for compliments and warm words! To me it is very pleasant! John, I did not receive your letters! I with pleasure shall answer all your questions! WRITE to me your questions, and I shall answer them! I hope, that all to be adjusted, and we shall write each other every day! John I think that the more we write to each other. The better we get to know us and our lives. I would like to tell you more about me and my life. I was born and raised in Peschanyi. In 2004, I graduated from high school. I graduated from high school with top marks and was the best in my class. After high school, I had to decide what I want to work. From early childhood, I wanted to help the elderly. When I discussed this with my mom. I decided to go to Liantor, 2009. I went on to study sociology. In 2009, I graduated from university. When I graduated from college, I went back to my hometown for my mother. I thought I could find a job and to be with my mother and friends. But unfortunately in Peschanyi. a very small town, and there was no work for me. So I decided to go back to Liantor, Because this city is larger and there are more opportunities. I took all my stuff and went to look for work. When I arrived in Liantor, I rented a room in a hostel. Because rent separate apartments are very expensive, and I do not have much money so I can pay the rental price of the apartment. I went to look for work and got a job at the labor exchange. I've been searching for a suitable job. I had to work in different jobs. I worked as a waitress, clerk, and even a housewife. These were hard times, but I had to work, so that I had the money to stay. Then I found an ad in a company for elderly care. I was glad of it, and worked there for 4 years. All was good. But then came the crisis in Russia, and our company is closed, and I had to find a new job. I already had work experience in my profession, so I went to the social services.
And I have a job. And now I have almost 2 years working in a social service. I love my job, I like what I do. I do not regret that I chose this profession. Because I'm helping people, and it brings me joy. And what is your fate was? Where did you study? I'm curious to know how exactly did you choose your profession, and who do you work now? I'm curious to know more about you. And I hope that you will tell me about it. John, I hope that you were interested in reading my letter today. I hope this has helped you get to know me better. I'll wait for your letter tomorrow. And I hope that you, too, tell me more about your life. Natalya.

P.S. In these photos I was on a visit at my friend. I was not far from it, and have decided to come to it on a visit. We sat on kitchen drank tea and talked. I have asked it to photograph me. My photos are done by my girlfriend. It wished to become the photographer earlier, but its dream has not come true, and now its this hobby.

Letter 12

Hello John! I'm glad to see your reply. John, I am pleased that we communicate and find a lot in common. I would like to continue to learn more about you. John, I shall necessarily transfer your words to my friend! John, to it it will be very pleasant! I am glad, that to you have liked my photos! Thanks you for compliments and warm words! I do not wish to be model. I wish to have quiet home life. I did not see your letters! I do not know, in what the reason of it. John, I would like, that you have sent me your letters once again. It would be pleasant to me to learn more about you and your family! John, I wish to tell to you that if we shall communicate and to learn each other can be our attitudes more will work! John, time will show, where will result us these attitudes! Thanks for a photo! Your photos have made my day more brightly! To me it is pleasant, that you have sent me heart. John I would like today to talk more about my family. I thought you might be interested to know about them. My father was a soldier, my mother was a seamstress. My father's name is George, and my mother's name is Svetlana. My father gave his life for Russia. He since childhood wanted to be a soldier. So he became a military and devoted his life to service in the army. When my father died, I was still very small, and do not quite understand what had happened. All I know about my father, told me Mom. My mother said that my father was a strong and brave man. He always fought for justice and truth. He was a patriot. My mom says that her father wanted to leave for military service after my birth. My father wanted to end his contract and devote his life to the family. But unfortunately he was unable to finish the contract because he was killed during the fighting in the North Caucasus. I think you know that Russia waged war in the North Caucasus. And in the fighting, my father died. I could not believe that my father is no longer hug me, I did not want to believe it. I told my mother that my father all right, and I believe that one day he will return to us. Only from the age when I got older, I realized that any more when I see his father. My mother was very hard. In Russia, the crisis then was the strongest, and my mother was very hard. But my mother is a very strong woman. And she did everything to raise me and to feed us. I never will forget how much effort spent my Mom at work. She has worked at the plant, and moonlighted after work, so that we have enough money to live. I tried to help my mother, not to sit around. I did all the housework, I cook, I was cleaning the house and washed things. My mom taught me to be strong. My mother showed me that not what evil shall not break me. I should be stronger in order to survive in this world.
Mom always said that my father looks at me, and I'm not when I should not give up, and never will give up. As my father I did not give up and fought, and my mother and I fought for life in those difficult times. John, I can not express in words my gratitude to my mom. She always finds the words to support me. So I was strong. She taught me so much and I am grateful for that to my mother. She to me an example of pride. She's real mother! Now my mother is already 57 years old. She retired. But even now, my mother does not cease to work, because she can not just sit back and not what not to do. My mom often makes clothes for me, many of my dresses made by my mother. I try to visit my mother as often as possible. John, My Mom for me the most expensive and the most important person in this life. I very much like my mother, and I appreciate everything she has done for me. My mom is my best friend. I know that my mother is always ready to listen to me and give me advice. I listen to what my mother tells me. My mom lives with his sister Marina. My aunt moved to my mother after left alone. My aunt was married, but my husband's aunt died of cancer. They did not have children because of the illness of her husband. And so my mother and aunt began to live together. Because they were not alone and were near. My aunt knows how to cook very well. I think that you would have liked it as preparing my aunt. She worked as a pastry chef. Therefore, she knows how to cook delicious desserts. I hope that you were interested in reading my letter and find out more about my family. I hope that you will tell me more about your family. I would be interested to read it.
Your friend Natalya.

P.S. In this photo my father, it the highest is represented. This photo, everything, that remains from my father, it to me is very dear, as memory of it. This photo has been made in days of military actions. I am proud of the father!

Letter 13

Good afternoon John! How was your day? My day today was very hard. In the morning, when I went to work, I saw an elderly woman trying to pass through the road, but the car did not stop. And she was afraid to cross the road. So I decided to help her cross the road. She asked me to accompany her to the house. I helped this woman. But then I saw that I was late for work. And I had to run my work. I was afraid of being late, because I really do not like to be late. John, Thanks you for warm words about my father. Thanks you for your words of support. I very much do not have my father. John, and I really am proud of it! Thanks you that has sent me your letters. Which I did not receive from you. I now shall answer you them. I am very glad, that you are fair with me. It is very important! John, I as am fair with you! In fact honesty, is a basis of all attitudes! If our attitudes will work, and we shall be together then we shall speak about nude photos and about other things.
But now I do not wish to speak about it! I am very glad, that you liked my photos and letters! John when I write to you the letter, I put a part of my soul in letters! John, thanks you that you tell to me about you and your life! I as trust in the god, and I visit church every Sunday. Thanks you that you speak me about my work! I very much love my work! I like to help people and to do kind things for them! I am very glad, that you are familiar with the city of Moscow! John, I never was in this city, and even it is a shame to me from it. I with pleasure would join you if you will arrive to Russia! John, it would be fine! I wrote to you right at the beginning, that I live in Russia!
I spoke you about my city. Unless you do not read my letters? John, I understand nothing in football, but sometimes I like to observe of how play this game. Thanks you for your photos! Your photos always bring a smile on my person! A beautiful dog! John I think that you might be interested to learn more about my work! I want you to understand, what I do. You know what I'm working in a social service. I have irregular working hours, sometimes I work from 8.00 to 19.00. I work five days a week. But sometimes I have to work at weekend. I work as specialist in social work. I have to check on the house of the living conditions of retired people, and if need be, I have to help them. Sometimes I help them clean up. Someone I bring food or medicine. With some I just sit and talk. Because they lack the communication and attention.
Because they no longer talk to anyone. I love to listen to what they tell us. Their lives were a lot of interesting events, and I'm curious to learn more about them. John I love my job, because I have the opportunity to benefit people. In my work I have its own problems. not all appreciate my care and attention. Today, one of my patients yell at me. His name is Viktor. This man is very complex. He always dissatisfied with everything! Today, he shouted that he wanted to drink alcohol. I said that at his age it's dangerous. And I will not buy alcohol for him. Then he got angry and started shouting at me. I was hurt and pain from such a relationship. He does not appreciate the concern that I have given them. And there are a lot of situations. But I'm used to it. And I continue to do my job, even if someone does not evaluate it.
John I hope that you know more about my job. John, Are there the Social Services in your country? I look forward to your early reply!

P.S. In this photo, I at home. To me the girlfriend on a visit came, and I have decided to be photographed, while there is such opportunity.
I hope, you will like these photos!

Letter 14

John how there was your day? I am glad to see your answer. I like to talk to you. You very interesting interlocutor. John, I am glad, that you liked my photos! Thanks you for compliments and warm words! John, I am very glad to hear that you will never ask from me nude photos!
John, you very good the man. Yes, I can be simple you have not correctly understood. Thanks you that you speak me about my work! I very much love my work! John, I shall necessarily transfer Viktor, your words. John, but I think, what even it will not stop it. It very poor the man, and it simply very malicious. John, I wish to tell to you, that I never travelled. I never flied by the plane. John, it likely is very terrible? What means " will you be sleeping with me? " . I do not presume such things! I can sleep only with loved by the man! I would be happy to see you in my city! It would be surprising! We well would spend time together! John, my mum always spoke me, that I would follow call of heart. I am assured, that my mum would approve my choice. In fact you very good the man! To me it is very pleasant, that you had dream of me. John, thanks you for a photo! Your photos have made my day more brightly! John, I think, that in a life there are two most important things it is love and friendship. We test both these feelings to people who in due course appear in our life. The true love in a life of each person one! I think, that the true friends cannot be much. I have people whom I can name the true friends. And I am grateful to destiny, that I have the true friends. My best friends name are Elena, Irina, Katya. I am familiar with Elena since the childhood. We studied at one school and lived in the neighbourhood. Now Elena, also lives in Liantor. She married also works as the teacher at school. I have got acquainted with Irina in institute. We studied with her in one group. Now Irina, lives to Surgut. She was married twice. her first marriage was unsuccessful because her husband had problems with alcohol. She has divorced from it several years ago. Now she again married also is very happy. Last time I met with Irina three months ago then she came to me on a visit. With Katya, we together work. She very good and sympathetic person. When I started to work, I had difficult situations, in which did not know how to act. Katya, always gave me advice and supported me. She works in our office as the psychologist. Now she is 37 years old, she married also has two children, the boy and the girl. John, I am assured, if once you can meet Elena, Irina, Katya. You would have liked them. They really fine people. For me they are very important. I am grateful to them because they can always support a difficult minute of my life. I hope, that it was interesting to you to learn about my friends.

P.S. In these photos I in new shoes. They like you? On one their these photos, I with my friends. On middle Elena, it washing the best friend. I hope, that you liked my photos.

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