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Letter 1

Hallo! I have no clue how to start this message. Well let me put it straight that I am addressing a man online for the very first time. I m a little thrilled and ill at ease. Are you all alove ? Are you looking for a baby for getting rid of dark thoughts and starting a family? I yearning for a lad who will love me, protect me and treat me well. I am in search of a male who is prepared to love me, show respect and treat me well just like I would. right now I wish to find a guy who will give all his love to me just like I would do for him. I fm interested in finding my soul-mate who would love and respect me. I am yearning for a lad whom I could trust and love. I want to find a fellow I could live my life with. I want a person whofll take care of me and treat me right! I need a man to develop love with! You made me really interested in you. am NAME Maryna. To me of 32 years. I uploaded my photographs to let you see who writes to you. If you are ready to give us a chance find me appealing, please do text me using my e-mail. I m looking forward to holding my fists to receive u r answer to my letter. Write me back, please! pray you fancied me I could make you hot I was able to touch u r feelings and that our dialogue will go on. I will be looking forward to your letter. Have a good day! So long! Needing you, NAME Maryna. P.S: Oh, and how old are you and where are you from?

Letter 2

Hello dear,
Forgive me please, I just saw your answer, you long wait from me for the letter? I am glad that you answered me.
My correct name Maryna. But friends and acquaintances call me Marynochka, Marysha, Marynka, Marynushka, Marenka.
Never I began the first communication with the man... Never earlier I got acquainted on the Internet... I decided to change the life.
I'm not a fashion model, I'm not a beauty, I'm just a girl. You are surprised? you will continue to be surprised when reading my letter...
Now I read your short letter. I am very surprised with your brevity... You are a modest man or on the contrary you have many interlocutors, and you do not manage to write the big letter of everyone? I am a serious girl, but at the same time I have a good sense of humor.
I like to strike up new acquaintances, but I am careful. Communication on the Internet is new to me. I want to meet the beloved! I want to meet the second half! I have a confidence. I am sure that in the World there is a man who will appreciate and love me. In Ukraine I did not meet the man who will become my husband. You are surprised again? I live in Ukraine! Now I to you have a feeling - it is curiosity.
It is interesting to me to continue acquaintance to you, and I hope that my letter will not become finishing in our communication...
I am a woman! I dream of usual women's happiness. I want to establish a family. I want to wait for the husband from work and to make a dinner for all family. I want to plan the future together with the husband. I dream of the family center and a cosiness. It is what is not enough for me here. My many friends she is already married... I think that we with you have to try to take up. I do not want that my words seemed to you vulgar. I want to clear up, and I want that you knew about my purposes. I got used to communicate in reality, never I wrote the letter.Be not strict when reading my letter. My English is not ideal.I was born on March 29, 1985. I was never married.
I have no children. I devote a lot of time to work. I cannot look at people who wait for favor from God... I got used to set the purposes and to try to obtain them. Now I work at prestigious work. I have the higher education. I passed a difficult way, but I am proud of it.
In my life there were falling and take-off... it is not a shame to me to speak about it. I was fond of writing of the letter to you...
I never thought that I can write such letters, especially to the man whom I do not know at all. I hope that you are not sorry about time which you spent for reading my letter...I wait that you will not ignore my letter, and will answer me. Sincerely, Maryna.

Letter 3

Hello dear Steve,
I'm very glad to see your letter, I knew that you would answer me, thank you for your answer... However, today my day began very unusually. I washed, made coffee, made to myself a breakfast from fruit. In parallel I turned on the laptop to check mail. I waited for your letter. But began to read news. I read news and had coffee.
I was fond of reading news, and spilled coffee on the keyboard of the laptop... It was misfortune for me.
You think that I am clumsy? perhaps you are right... The screen of the laptop went out, and began to smell ashes.
Now I am at work, and I repeatedly read your letter. I have free time now, and I write you the letter. However, not always I will be able to see your letters at work. My director is strict, and he does not assume that the staff of our organization was engaged in extraneous affairs. Do not worry, I will be careful, and we will be able to continue to communicate. In the next few days I will carry the laptop in repair. Much more convenient for me to see your letter houses. I think that I have to speak to you about me still. I treat responsibly the work. you like your work?
Where you work? I work in wholesale shop of building materials (a sealant, finishing materials, household goods and so on).
My position "Sales specialist". I should work hard with people. My position requires from me a lot of attention and responsibility. Steve, I have the higher education in "Economy and Accounting". I did not find work in the specialty.
In Ukraine deficiency with jobs, only some people can find work in the specialty. I live alone, in own apartment...
I live in city Melitopol. My city Melitopol is in the south of Ukraine. I will try to send you photos of the city.
You like to visit the beach? Please, do not become angry for the fact that I ask you many questions.I want to know you better.
It is pleasant to me to realize that you find for me time and you read my letters.You wait for my letters? Steve, me is important that you were sincere with me.Please, do not give me false hopes. I told you about the purposes in the last letter. I want to be happy together with the beloved. Never I can forgive a lie,treachery and treason. Remember it.
In people I like straightforwardness. What qualities in people are pleasant to you? Now I have to go to continue to work.
I wait for your letter.I think, my photos,will be pleasant to you. Maryna.

Letter 4

Hello dear Steve,
Today having come to work, I read your letter. I had no time what to write you at once the answer. Now I have free time, and I write you the letter... Though it would be fine if we lived in one city. We could will meet in cafe and to have a conversation in reality. You like a thought of it? I like our communication. Please tell me about yourself. Send your photos to recognize you and your life. I have no lot of work today. probably I will go today earlier from work because I agreed to go on shops together with the familiar girlfriend. Steve, I think that I have to tell you more about me.
I very much like reading... when I begin to read the book, I cannot stop and I cannot be distracted. I read usually Russian literature. I prefer to read books in the winter when on the street it is cold. I like to take cover a plaid and to reading the good book. I have hobby. If it is possible to call it so. I very strongly like to dance. I dance in national amateur performance. I like to dance national dances. And when in ours Palace of culture there are national concerts, we dance for people of advanced age, pensioners. Don't pay me money as in Ukraine now very difficult situation, crisis for it. But I participate in amateur performances not for the sake of money, I dance for myself, for the satisfaction. And dances maintain my body always in good form. As for music... to what music you prefer to listen? I like various music, in many it depends on my mood.
Recently I prefer to listen to singers, Loboda, Mot, Egor Crid and so on, and also I like to relax under classical music.
Steve, now I want to acquaint you with the family. My parents very kind and sympathetic people. I am grateful to the parents for education which they gave me. I consider that the future of the person depends on education at early age. Never I was the spoiled girl. Now I already adult also conduct independent life, however often I come to the house of my parents.
I help always my mother and father. A name my father Victor,it worked all life as the engineer in the construction organization.
My mother called Vera,mother worked as teacher in initial classes of school. My parents elderly people, they now on pension.
Often all us gather in house my parents. They are always interested in my private life, and ask whether I have a man))).
I hope to you the photo of my hobby will be pleasant!I will look forward to your following letter. Maryna.

Letter 5

Hi dear Steve,
Today fine day! I have a good mood since the morning. Today I woke up before usual because I needed to prepare the report for my director. I made everything. Already I returned from a director's office. I have good news, the director is happy with my work,and he promised that I will be able to have vacation soon. Usually I have a holiday in the spring as there is no work in the spring. Construction materials are not on sale well, in the spring. Steve when you have vacation? Yesterday I thought of what would be fine if we could have vacation in at one time. What do you think of it?
You want our meeting?By the way, I have no addictions. I do not smoke. I care for the health. I love fitness, I adore gym.
I do not drink alcohol, during the celebration I can sometimes drink a glass of red wine. Tell me what rest is pleasant to you?
you like to have a rest in a quiet situation or in club? I consider that the most important is the company. We together with girlfriends can be at home and talk endlessly. We know each other very long, and at us subjects for a conversation never come to an end. Steve, in Ukrain surrounds me a lot of native... Here my family, my friends, here my work. However, I made the decision to leave Ukrain if I meet the beloved. earlier I did not think that it is possible to have communication on the Internet, but now we communicate... I trust you though we never saw each other. Still I have some nervousness, but now I worry because I am afraid to check mail in one day and not to see your letter... I hope that you will not offend me... Steve, you are a romantic?
You like to surprise the girl? I like romanticism... I like to watch stars, I like to have supper by candlelight. Also I like to dance dance to slow music...However,already long ago I had no all this. I have no friend, I am not interested in the short-term relations. Several my photos from summer, they hope will bring you a smile in this spring time.Now I need to go to continue to work. I wait for your letter and answers to my questions. Maryna.

Letter 6

Hey lovely Steve,
I am glad to see your letter... I wait for each your letter as if a gift for Christmas. Yesterday to me there arrived mother.
Mother came to the city yesterday to visit shops, she was late and therefore she decided to remain with me. Steve, my mother very sensitive person, she can learn changes in my life even if I will not speak to her about it. We had very long conversation with my mother yesterday. I told mother that I have communication with you. I told that we with you got acquainted with the help of the Internet, and now very good friends. Mother approved ours with you communication though she told that I have to be careful.
I told mother that you are a good man, and perhaps we will have a meeting soon. Steve, every day, I learn you more more, and begins to seem to me that I know you long ago, communication with you brings me joy. You know, I begin to have feelings to you, and my feelings it is already more, than just sympathy. your letters, an obligatory part of my day, I need to know that at you everything I cannot be good, otherwise, quiet. I do not want to hurry, and I am not guided by emotions, I sincerely speak to you about the feelings. Every day I think of ours with you to a meeting. I would like to be near you. our first meeting will present us an opportunity to learn each other. We will be able to spend some time together and to construct plans for future life. Very soon I will have a holiday, and I think that I could arrive to you, for our first meeting. I have the passport which allows me to travel all over the world. Steve when you are able to have time to meet me? I need to know about it to have a conversation with the director, and to define dates of my holiday. You understand me? Moments which we will spend together will be remembered to us with you well. I am sure of it. Please, tell me your full name? My full name MARYNA YAKUNINA. I very much do not want to finish the letter to you now... It seems to me that I can write to you infinite letters. However, I am forced to work now. Sincerely, your Maryna.

Letter 7

Hi my Steve!
The last night I carried out in the house of my parents... I like to remain in the house of parents. I feel like the little girl, my parents care for me. For example, yesterday mother made a big dinner. The whole evening we were at a table... talked much and had supper.
I did not see the father long ago, and he asked me about work and about my life. Yesterday I told the father about ours with you communication.
My father asked, what is your name. My father asked me many questions... interested him how we got acquainted? From where you?
Your social status? I sincerely answered the father each question on which I know the answer. Steve, I have no secrets from my parents...
I told my parents that perhaps shortly, we with you will have a meeting... I told that I begin to plan a travel to your country.
The father and mother warned me against possible disappointment. Also the father told that cases when girls from Ukrain fraudulently are enticed into other countries are known to him, and take away their documents, thereby doing the girl by the sexual slave. I hurried to calm my father. I told that you are absolutely normal man. Steve, also I told my parents about trust which exists between us. Please, do not leave me one at the airport when I arrive to you... We never met you, but we communicate, and you never deceived me. I trust you my life.
I do not want anything special, I want to be only near you and to lead your everyday life. I think that our meeting will be fine time for us to know each other better. Steve, your letters, give every day me great mood. you communicate with other girls? Please, sincerely answer me this question. Now I do not communicate with anybody, except you. You are the only man in my life now, and I do not need nobody else. Sincerely, your Maryna.

Letter 8

Hi lovely Steve,
I read your letter... I understand everything that you tell me. It is pleasant to me to know that ours with you feelings mutual.
Never earlier I thought that it is possible to have some feeling to the person which never met. I am not frightened that between us thousands of kilometers... Between us with you distance, but our new feelings will help us to overcome distance. Still my laptop under repair, some motherboard burned down there and I cannot see your letter every time when I want. Steve, after our meeting, we will be able to refuse letters... We will be together. Ours with you the first meeting will give us the chance to know each other better.
Though, already I think that I am familiar with you throughout the whole life. I have a passport which allows me to travel around the world.
Never earlier I traveled to your country, and I should find information. which is necessary for me for a travel. Tomorrow I plan to visit travel agency and to learn everything that is required for arrival in your country. You did not expect to hear it? Steve, I do not say that I will come to you tomorrow. I only want to learn what documents will be necessary for me. You understand me?
I have no secrets from you. You are my closest man, you are my one and only man. Each of people has shortcomings, and it is not the most pleasant subject for a conversation. Tell what shortcomings you have? I do not want that between us there were secrets. I like to read before going to bed, sometimes I forget to turn off the light and I fall asleep. I can sometimes fall asleep under TV sounds. I think that all this from loneliness. I live alone, and it becomes boring for me especially in the evening. I am a girl and what strong I would not seem, I like caress and tenderness. I dream of strong men's embraces in which I can feel weightless... Steve, I dream of your embraces. please, do not hesitate to repeat to me questions which I forget to answer. My work takes attention from me.
I have no many cases at work today. I already finished everything. Tonight I plan to visit cafe to have supper. To me a reluctance to cook food today at home. What plans at you for this evening? Mmmm.... it would be fine if we were near. I want to hold your hand and to walk on the street... Steve, I think of you always. When I check mail and I do not see your letters, to me is very sad and lonely.
I miss you... Maryna.

Letter 9

Hello Steve,
Today I have very intense day. Just I returned from the director. Our company is in a little difficult situation now.
Since the morning we had a meeting, and just we finished discussion of all questions. Reduction of workers in connection with a difficult situation in the World was the most important question. The director told that I should not worry. I will also hold the position at work. The meeting was very intense, the most part of time was told by the director, and all listened carefully to it. After the meeting, I remained in a director's office. I talked to him about my forthcoming vacation.
The director told that he waited for this conversation because I already work without rest the whole year. Steve, I have good news to you today. I will have vacation soon. now I need to finish several important issues, and also to provide the report for my director. I think that in the next 3-5 days, I will finish all the affairs, and I will be able to have vacation.
Steve, I am very glad now. I already thought of what things I have to take with myself in your country... Now in our city air temperature is +1 degrees C. I in warm clothes, and perfectly I feel. Please, pay attention to it. I have a lot of different clothes, and I want to take with myself clothes that it had not to be bought when I am with you. I did not visit still travel agency because I had no time at all. I promise that in the next days I will find time, and I will visit travel agency to learn all details of a travel. Surely I will tell you all information which I will manage to learn in travel agency. Dear Steve, I want to ask you one more important question. When I will be in your country, I can live together with you or I have to live in hotel? I prefer to live with you, to sleep with you, is with you. I hope that my questions are not raised by difficulties. I worry now... Ours with you a meeting a serious step in our life, and we have to approach it responsibly.
You agree with me? Steve, we have to act together and then we will be waited by success and happiness in the future.
Also I need to know the name of the airport in which ours will take place with you the first meeting? I have to know this information at visit of travel agency. Tell me about it in the following letter. Ok? Steve, also I have to know your address of home. I have to go now. I need to begin to prepare the report for my director. This important task, and I have to devote much time. I look forward to finish all affairs at work, and to begin preparations for our meeting. I want to be only with you. I will think of you! I think, several photos, will bring joy to your day. I made them last year!
I look forward to your letter.My kisses for you, your Maryna.

Letter 10

Hi my lovely Steve,
Now I checked mail... today I hurried for work. However today already I do not work. Today I received all documents which are necessary for registration of the visa from my director. The director wished me good vacation. Already I said goodbye to my colleagues.
Now I have a lot of pleasure. I have a pleasure on the fact that we with you will be together soon. I am sure that the forthcoming vacation for me will be the best. Steve, I wait for ours with you a meeting. Last night I packed things to travel to you.
Now I will visit the house of my parents. I have to say goodbye to my mother and the father. Steve, thanks that you answer my questions from the last letter. I trust you, and I have no doubts in your sincerity now. We will be together soon. As soon as I arrive to Kiev.
I promise that I will write you the letter every day, and I will report how the situation with registration of the visa is. Well?
Also I will wait for your letters every day. Your support when I am in Kiev will be necessary for me. It is the huge city, and I will be there absolutely one. I am sure that feelings which are between us will help us to be with you together!
Now I have to go. Already I do not work, and I cannot long detain the computer. Right now I will go on the railway station to buy the ticket for arrival in Kiev tomorrow. I miss you! Ours with you a meeting will be fine. you will have Steve with yourself the camera in day of our meeting? I very much want that moments of ours with you we carried by meetings through the whole life. And here are my photos so you do not get bored :). Write to me, I wish to see your letter in Kiev. Your Maryna.

Letter 11

Hi my Steve,
Already closer to evening... I very much got tired today. I left my city at 7:05 p.m. last night. Already at 7:15 a.m. this morning I was to Kiev. I rented the room in the apartment. Hostess of the apartment very good woman. Her name is Alena. Steve, today I visited the visa center and the airport. In the visa center I wrote the application for execution of the visa. I need to make the visa to you as I have the international passport of old sample. It was pleasant to me that in the visa center friendly people work.
I was helped absolutely with everything. I gave all necessary documents. also I took pictures for execution of the visa.
In the visa center I was told that I shall acquire 2 air tickets. Air tickets are necessary for execution of the visa. The matter is that the staff of embassy shall be precisely sure of exact dates of my departure and return back in Ukraine. Today I visited the airport, and looked at the prices of air tickets.Choice of air tickets very big. The price was the main criterion of the choice of air tickets for me.
I needed to find cheap air tickets.The employee of the airport helped me at the choice. I considered air tickets on 31 March.
The cost of one air ticket makes 210 $USA. I need to have 420 $USA that I could acquire air tickets. Steve, already I said to you that your help will be necessary for me. Now I have no money to acquire air tickets. I paid execution of the visa and the health insurance in embassy.Also I paid accommodation in the room which I rented. I had 130 $USA now, but these are necessary day for me to live to Kiev.
You will be able to help me to acquire air tickets? Already I said to you that I shall acquire air tickets in Ukraine. Today I also visited bank. I needed to learn how I can receive from you money. Never earlier I faced it. The bank explained to me that in the World there are many systems for money transfer. We can use Western Union, RIA, Money Gram that you transferred me money, and I acquired air tickets.
Now I will tell you information which is necessary for you that you could give the help to me.
Street: Instytutska 2a.
city: Kyiv, country: Ukraine, 1034
Name: MARYNA. Surname: YAKUNINA.
After you give me the help, the employee of bank will tell you MTCN, Reference#. You will have to tell me MTCN, Reference#, that I could receive your help. I hope that you understood me. When I am able to receive your help?Execution of the visa difficult process. not to each girl can issue the visa to arrival in your country. Already my visa is in process of registration. I am glad that I managed to begin process of execution of the visa. I hope that soon we with you will be together. I very much got tired today. I write you from Internet cafe.
Kiev very big city. Please, don't leave me without your letters. I absolutely one here, and me am necessary your support every day. I have no photos now to send you, all my photos stayed at home. I wait for your letter tomorrow.Yours Maryna.

Letter 12

Hi favorite Steve, Thanks for words of love and support which you tell me. Last night I thought of us with you much.
We with you managed to create our love union. I want to be only with you. Steve when I think of the future, I always represent you. I can't present the life without you. You changed my life.
I feel very happy now. You brought joy in my life. In my life the sense after that appeared, as you appeared in my life. It is difficult to express the feelings in the letter. I will come to you, and I will prove to you the love. I want to look in your face, and I want to speak to you about the feelings. Now between us distance, but we will be able to be together soon. our feelings will help us to overcome distance between us.
Our hearts nearby. Now we needed only to unite ours with you hearts. You represent our meeting?
Steve, I don't even know how I will behave when we meet. I only know that I will be the happiest the girl in the whole World. Likely on my eyes there will be tears in day of our meeting... please, don't pay attention.
It will be tears of joy and love. Happiness tears. I am sentimental and fragile girl.
I gave you information on air tickets. ours with you meeting is already planned. My parents know about that, that I will come to you. I don't want to change plans now. Besides I already paid execution of the visa.
We decided to meet in your country and I don't want to change our plans. When we are together, we will be able to plan our future. It will be good. I need to receive from you the help for purchase air tickets now. It is important! I shall buy air tickets in the nearest future. In embassy me already ask about when I buy air tickets. I don't want to delay it. I am afraid that I will have problems with execution of the visa.
YOU are going to send me money for tickets today? Well! I wait for your letter. Maryna

Letter 13

Hi my darling Steve.
I am happy to receive your letter. Reading your letter, I understand that you will help today to me with money for tickets. I will wait, I am glad. I live, and I represented every day our meeting.
When I arrived to Kiev, I also thought that I arrive to meeting to our happiness... Every day I fell asleep also thought of you. I woke up and again thought of you. I think of our meeting much recently.
I look forward day when we are able to meet. I want to look in your face, I want to see your feelings to me. Also I can't express all in letters of feelings which between us. At ours to meeting, we will look in each other face, and we will be able to speak about our feelings.
You are my one and only Steve. Today to Kiev it became warmer, weather of they are 2 degrees Celsius.
I very much lack you I only and represent as we with you walk in the park having taken each other by hands, we have supper by candlelight together. But I think mine dreams will come true soon. And we will be together!!!!
Today I wrote you the small letter I hope that you don't become angry about me. Thanks for your phone number.
Surely I will remember him, and in the future, I will call to you. I also want to hear your voice. I have the cell phone, but my operator forbids me to make and accept the international calls. You won't be able to call to me... Please, have no grief, I promise that I will call to you, and we will be able to have conversation. I want to hear your voice by phone, but I hesitate, to me is a little terrible and disturbing. But I promise you that I will call you later, I will only gather spirit. Now I will go in embassy and thinking that you already wrote to me. I will look forward to your answer. Yours forever Maryna.

Letter 14

Steve, I have returned from telegraph recently... I am very happy! We spoke with you by phone. You have very beautiful voice. Thanks that you were attentive to phone. Thank you for moment of happiness which you have provided me. I am sure that ours with you the first conversation by phone, we will remember the whole life. I awfully want you! Most likely the spring works. I look forward day of ours with you to meeting. I want to hear your voice every day!!! I want to wake up in the morning from sound of your voice, I want to fall asleep under sounds of your voice. It is really a little expensive to call to you. I think that you don't become angry about me, that I have called just now to you. I wait for your letter and your help now. Tomorrow or today if I am in time, I will go to the airport, I will buy tickets. I wait for your answer Maryna.

Letter 15

Hi my Steve.
My Steve, yours the friend expresses the opinion, but his opinion, he is can destroy our relations. Usually friends support, but don't try to accuse the person of deception which they don't know at all. Now all depends only on you, and you build the destiny.
Think of it. Friends can become fatal sign for our relations. When we are together, we will prove to your friend that he is very strongly were mistaken and has nearly destroyed our love! Here photo for your friend, and also the copy of my passport.
I hope now I have dispelled your doubts. I wait for your help now, today, I hope that today I will be able to receive your help and to buy plane tickets. your Maryna.

Letter 16

I shocked by your reference, I really don't know what is it. And why Russia why it is the strange page! I never created such page.
That is why I don't trust the Internet, and I am afraid to show my photos here. I won't send anything to you any more, any photos, can not wait. Also don't hope, you believe me or not, I was already tired to prove to you. I any more will send nothing. Don't wait.
My angel Steve, I do not become angry about you at all. I completely understand your reaction. I knew what will be very ugly and suspicious for my part, to ask from you the monetary help. I understand that I lost trust to you with this request, but please know, that I never deceived you. I always was honest with you. If I was on your place, then of course I could help you, because money is a garbage which conquered the world. Not all people in this world seek for receiving money. It is much more important for me spiritual wealth, than financial benefit. Money is a dirt which is owned by oligarchs. As they say, than you have more money, that you become angrier. But, in the world there are such people as you which do not do value of money. I like your human quality.
At the moment, I will not be able to arrive to you. Without your help we will not be able to be together. Know that you were always roads for me.
I always stand by your choice if you want to forget me, then I will not be against. But, I think that our communication was blessed in heaven, therefore we are obliged to be together. You are the best Steve. I am an ordinary girl who wants happiness. I open for you my soul and heart.
I want that you accepted me such what I am! Make as will prompt you heart. Tonight, I will look at heaven and I will ask the Lord, that it sent to you a trust ray which you will keep in your heart and we at last that will be together! Know that you are my angel, which is presented to me by destiny and the soulmate of my heart belongs to you. I want to be with you... please, make a right choice.
Your Maryna.

Letter 17

Here and this last what I have gone for the sake of you to, but ask nothing any more. If to ask something else, I will precisely cease to write you and to answer. I so was humiliated for the sake of you, more I won't make it. In total I have had enough also don't ask how I have made it devil's photo. Maryna.

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