Scam report about Nataliya Voropayeva

First name:  Nataliya
Last name:  Voropayeva
Age:  24
Location:  russian federation/ saratov city
Address:  chapaeva-house #6-flat #31 saratov 410656
Phone:  +7 845-220-3930 hm / +7917 207 7770 mble
On websites: camspot/camclub/adultfriendfinder
Report:  after 1 1/2 yrs of corresponding with bataliya, and feeling confident that she was genuine, i travelled to saratov in june of 2006. we spent a wonderful 2 weeks, during which we went to st. petersburg, a city with great national importance for her. and i was happy to be able to do this for her. i had also taken with me, a diamond engagement ring, of her choosing, and after meeting her father, and asking his permission, proposed to her, and she accepted. i was very happy. i also met her mother, sister, and niece, and felt very comfortable that she was not a scammer, as most of the guidelines for spotting such , were not really fulfilled. it was really her, at the real address, etc. having never done anything like this before, the only regret i had, was not putting more time at the end of the trip, for it took her a little longer to relax in the relationship, but, i saw this as normal, in that someone you have known over the internet, is now sleeping in your bed, etc, i found it natural for her to be a bit wary. while there in saratov, she told me she had rented a car, which i approved, and paid for, and filled with petrol. the rental fee was $250 for 7 days, and that i found reasonable. in order to build on the relationship, and have a strong foundation for the long wait on u.s. customs, and the k-1 proccess, i asked her to spend 2 wks with me in sharm-el-sheikh, egypt, one of the few places her government will let a single woman travel to. when arranging to pay for the tour, which she got, thru a russian tour company, the first price quote she gave me, for around $750-800usd, suddenly ballooned to $1300. i did not really like this, but had to logically allow for late booking, as it was right around the 14 day requirement for pre-booking. i told her if the fare depended on two airfares, that i would fly into moscow, and meet her, to fly down from there. this was also her first plane ride, and i wanted to be there with her. she indicated that it would be unnecessary, and probably more expensive. so i booked independant air for myself, which took me thru london. i got there a day ahead of her, because of the flight schedule, was forced to be there 3 days after she would leave. i knew those would be 3 unhapy and lonely days, but the only other option was to lose 2 days, and the point was to gave the time. she arrived the next day, and got off the transfer bus, with a woman i recognised from another scammer site. nataliya introduced her as someone she rode from the airport with. she also mentioned that she had met another woman, mary, or masha that she sat next to on the plane. we spent 3 nice days together, but i noticed that day by day, she began spending more and more time with this mary, all day sunbathing at the pool, all evening from dinner to club activities,(dancing, etc). i spoke with her about trying to get as much time as we could together, that i had not planned the trip to have to negotiate around a third party. on the 4th day, she started to visibly avoid me, ie; she would go in the pool, i would go in to swim and fool around with her, she would get out. i would go over where they were sunbathing, and get a nasty look from her. in the afternoon, i took some diving equipment, and did some photography in the red sea. walking back to the pool area, it occurred to me, that it was ridiculous for me, to spend the rest of the tour, avoiding her, for fear of making her unhappy. upon rejoining them, more of the following around occurred, until, when exiting the pool toward the end of the day, i slapped the curved top of the pool ladder in frustration. nataliya noticed this, and excitedly ran over to mary, where she leant in and was whispering something. mary gave her a sort of anfry response, and made a hand motion thatr signalled finality. i did not get it at the moment, but nataliyas actions that day had been designed to force an outburst. i held my composure pretty well considering, but did ask her determinedly, what the f... she was doing to me? i went to our room to clean up for dinner. nataliya came in, very nervous, scared, and started a nonsensical arguement about not being able to talk(there was a language difference, but i was learning russian, and her english was damn good. she said that things, and i, had been different in st. petersburg. i agreed saying that there had been no mary there, and we had to adapt. her eyes opened like a deer in headlights. i could not, not at all comprehend, what this unreasonable fear was about. the phone rang,i went to answer it, and she ran out of the room. i went right after her, but she was gone. i found out later, she had hopped into an alcove(if you can imagine the kinds of arched little kiosks that exsist in arabic archetechture, and hid there til i went to dinner, where i hoped i would see her. upon returning to the room, she had taken all her things, including all the gifts i had brought with me, and some of the expensive scents and such i got in egypt, and moved in with mary. she accussed me of being unreasonable, and she would stay with mary til she had to leave. i was devestated, heartbroken, and completely alone, in a strange land. at times during the last days, i would pass the pool, and see marys hand on her ass, and other signs that pointed toward a lesbian relationship. in an odd way, i was more settled with that. had i seen her even once with another man, there would have been violence. the next night in the dining hall, i passed their table, and shortly after, i saw them glance over at me, start giggling, and clink their wine glasses, something nataliya and i had done only a day earlier. this was maybe the very worst thing anyone has ever perpetrated on me. nasty abd vile, and unforeseen. later, i do not know why i had not seen it earlier, i noticed on the voucher i recieved from the tour company, Atlantic1 of saratov, there were two credits for transfer from the airport to hotel, and only one from the hotel to the airport. mary, as it turned out, would be there 3 extra days, like i was. i have been unable to get any kind of reciept or detailed billing statement from the tour company, and i am convinced they are part of the scam. there is no doubt that this was planned in advance, and carried out. i believe the intent was to be so cruel, that i would just hate her, and never see her again. i also found out, after hiring a p.i. to look into some things, that the rental car, was actually hers. i had been very generous with her, and would have been happy to give her a maintenence and upkeep fee for her car. the p.i. also uncovered, that where she had told me she was spending all her weekends with her father on dacha(and, she would not let me call her on weekends, only text, which on weekends, went from 4-6 plus a day, to 2 a day, one in the morning when she woke, one in the evening before she went to bed), she had actually been with a local gang, or maphya chief, as one of his party girls, they used for themselves and their friends for the weekends. a prostitute, earning about $100 per weekend, oh, and all the extasey they could stand. my fear is that this criminal now has her hooks in another foriegn national, and i will not abide this woman entering my country. we have enough criminals here already.

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