First name: olga leys
Age: 27
Location: rusia yoskar ola
Report:     Hello my friend Hugo.I very much were delighted when has received your message. I admit,I the first time search for acquaintances through the Internet.I was not so sure,what my idea will bring result,but it has turned out,you have written me. My friend you has very much interested me when I looked through your structure.I think you very interesting person and we shall find with you the general themes for conversation.You have considered my structure in agency?You would like further friendship,and in a consequence of serious relations?Hope we shall find out it at correspondence. I shall tell slightly about myself.About my appearance to you will tell my photo which I has enclosed in this letter.I hope very much you like it.My name is Olga. I'm 27 years old. My zodiac is Aries.I live in city of Yoshkar-Ola(Russia),in an one-room apartment which I rent.I recently have moved this city from Murmansk why has moved this city,I shall tell at further our correspondence. Together with me lives my cat,him about two years. He is my unique friend now. I work in food shop as commodity researcher.My work consists in keeping up goods which act in our shop, check them, send on a warehouse and on counters.I like my work,though it very difficult and demands big responsibility of me. I very much love poetry and painting. In them are told histories, probably happy, and probably tragical.Simply in painting and in poetry its made by different ways. Tell me,you are interested in poetry?I very much like look various films.We with girlfriends like go to the cinema when there is free time from work.I do not have preferences for genre of film,the most important that was an interesting plot.My dear friend what films like you?Write me what are you favorite sport.I like go in for sports I try support myself in the good sports form.On it I stop the story about myself.I shall try tell you about myself as much as possible in following my letters.I hope for you my letter was pleasant and you necessarily will answer me.Please write about itself directly and will send me your photo. With best regards your friend Olga. P.S.I ask an apology concerning my english language.I do not know the English language so well as you.But I talk in English freely.The truth,when I correspond with you,I use the dictionary of translation if a word me not familiarly.
Status of report: is still without proof