Scam report about katerina gradovskaya

First name:  katerina
Last name:  gradovskaya
Age:  26
Location:  russia
Report:  Hi my loved Jorgen I understand that have upset you, I did not want it. I do not know as I can leave from this situation the winner. What to us now to do?? Today I cried all night and have fallen asleep only in the morning, I thought that you any more will not write to me, bad ideas have borrowed all head.. I do not know as I has born. Day began too not successfully, I have quarrelled with some my girlfriends. They laughed over me after have learned about my problems.. They from the very beginning envied me when I told about you and our attitudes saw that they too dream of such happiness, but can make nothing for achievement of it.. And now seeing my failure they are pleased that at us is impossible to make one more step towards each other. I did not think that they I can so to act, but the life shows the present friends and counterfeit friends. One of them has told that you cannot provide to us a good life and will be never capable to make it.. After that I have struck her on the person.. I do not know that with me happened, I did not think that is capable of it Now I regret about the act, but I could not constrain the emotions. At my presence nobody dares to speak poorly about you, I shall not admit it, but nevertheless it was necessary to take softer measures of struggle against it. After that I sat at home and listened as in the next apartment play on a piano, played very beautiful, but a sad melody. I listened and have gradually ceased to notice all that surrounds me.. I did not want that this music interrupted.. Excuse for the letter full of nonsenses and tears, but I very much would like to express to you, to me it becomes better. Whether I do not know we can find an output from this situation.. Probably it is necessary to try But in any case know that today at night I again shall think of you.. I hope that I can come in your dream and you will see depth of my eyes and will understand that I now feel.. Only you and I Love My dear Jorgen I as should know when you will send these means to inform to the manager about it. As it is necessary for dear me to know your full address and a phone number. It is important for knowing that I could fill in documents in agency and to book a ticket lovely. With impatience I wait for the answer my kitten. With huge love Your lovely Ekaterina

Status of report:  is still without proof

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