Scam report about Gatlan Lidia Mihailovna

First name:  Gatlan Lidia
Last name:  Mihailovna
Aka:  Lida
Age:  25
Location:  Ukraine, Kramotorsk
Address:  Lenina Street, 1/1
Phone:  380-973-146-846 and previously 380-678-102-735
On websites:  Absolute Agency
Report:  I started corresponding with this woman in 31 July of 2006. She was very charming and was very specific in all of her letters to me. I sent her money on four occasions amounting to several thousand dollars, including enough money to be interviewed at her Embassy in order to be approved to come over to America. I also, sent her money to make travel arrangements to come to my country. She was suppose to arrive on 19 Feb 07, but she never showed up at the airport. I telephoned her regularly. In Dec 06, she changed her phone number, but gave me the new number. After she did not arrive on 19 Feb, I sent her one more email to bait her. I asked her if she was in trouble and needed more money. She wrote me back and said that she was at her mother’s house and did not know what to do. I have not heard from her since. I was totally fooled. 10/08/06 $200 Requested help because she was sick 12/10/06 $1,750 Money to arrange travel to America 12/29/06 $300 Money because she needed more help 02/05/07 $650 Additional money for travel to America because of price increase

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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