SCAM REPORT ABOUT  Tamara Sakalouskaya

First name: Tamara
Last name: Sakalouskaya
Age: 57
Location: Belarus Minsk
Address: pr Lubimova 40/1-90 Minsk,220117,Belarus
Phone: 17-271-4036
On websites: She was on:Eastwest ,
Report:     She invited me to join her in Hurghada Egypt,she visited me in South Africa Sept 2005 until Feb 2006.She then visited me in the USA from Sept 2006 until March 2007.I discovered after she left that she took my late wifes wedding band,she even took my container of iodised table salt,a container of Nescafe instant coffee and many other things.I took her on a cruise and she supposedly fell ill on the ship,but I had to pay for the docter $1095.She is now back in Minsk and will claim the $1095 from her insurance to go into her account.She has a very pleasant personality,but she has an alterior motive,to get as much out of one as possible.I paid for all her vacations,flights,everything.She is a snake.She received many presents from me,such as gold necklaces,rings,earrings etc. I have informed the US Embassy in Minsk and requested that she not be given a visa to enter the US for at least 5 years,when she will be 62 years old.Hopefully by then she will be rehabilitated of her mania.
Status of report: is still without proof