Scam report about Viktoria Oblak

First name:  Viktoria
Last name:  Oblak
Aka:  Victoria Viktoria Viktoriya Vika
Age:  29
Location:  Original from Nikolaev, she lives now in Kiev
Report:  I started e-mail contact with her end of 2004 and I met her in Kiev in October 2005. In the summer of 2006 she was here for 3 months and in Novemeber I again went to Kiev for 10 day,s. We had plannes to get married in August 2007. Unfortunally (or not perhaps) I found out myself that she had no plannes of getting married with me but she would not tell me this so she could collect money for wedding dress and ring. She started (on my expenses I think) a course Interior Design and she wanted to start relations with on of the teachers. (Again, I found out everything myself). I think now her scamming started after then when she wanted to learn English. Each time she requested for money for all kind of reasons. Passport, learning Dutch (after a few months she could not speak one word Dutch). When she was here I noticed she only likes things which are expensive (she called it good quality), and she only can talk about big and expensive cars. I believed first she needed to get used to Western life. I had the idea shhe believed all Western people are rich and grow money in their gardens. But now I know she is only interested to provide herself an easy life for the moment. I got very suspiciouse when she asked me in Januarie EUR 2000,- for a furm coat (I didn,t give her) and a few weeks later she wanted to go with a friend to the Maladives on holliday. Also she gave me false infromation about documents I would need for marriage in Kiev. Viktoria is very very clever. Be very careful with this one.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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