Scam report about Fawzia Brimah

First name:  Fawzia
Last name:  Brimah
Aka:  Rahina Abdullaha, Rahina Abdull
Age:  31
Location:  Accra, Ghana
On websites:
Report:  Was contacted via, 3-26-07, Screen name Kolokiya 59 yrs old, from Washington, D.C.(knew she was acammer photo on profile looked like she was in her 20s) Her profile said her name was Rahina Abdullaha, 31 yrs old, from Gahana. I decided to play her game to exspose her as a scammer. I received first letter on 3-30-07, Said she was only child father died 2 yrs. ago and left her a gold mine. she wanted to sell the mine to a company called ASHANTE GOLD, but they would only buy it if she had a personal account with thousands of dollars in it in the U.S.A. She needed me to open an account and send her the account number. If I would do this for her we could get married. (She messed up I wasnt suppose to get that letter til later.) Got another e-email same day tell me to for get about the gold mine she was only looking for the man of her dreams. E-mail 4-2-07, wanted to know what country and city I lived in so we could make plans for the future. 4-4-07 Tell me she thinks about me every night and is in love with me. Havent heard from her since. I guess she figure she blew that one sending me the (i need money) letter to early.

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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