Scam report about Elizaveta Pavlova

First name:  Elizaveta
Last name:  Pavlova
Aka:  Liza
Age:  29
Location:  Ivanovo
Address:  tashkent house 110 apartment 11
On websites:
Report:  Good afternoon Tim!!!!! I am very glad to receive your letter and at once I write to you the answer. I very much miss and I wish to forget about work and all affairs and to think only of you. How at you business? Whether you Miss about me? On work I not the, distract and I dream. I certainly wish to have happy family, I wish to have children from loving men, and all depends only on you. I wish to ask you your address and phone with the international code, very much I wish to hear you, your voice. I heard, that it is possible to call from the main telegraph in our city, in any country. But I can call to you when at me will be money for a call. OK? Probably, it dearly enough costs, but I shall try to descend and receive there tomorrow all particulars and then all I shall write to you, my dear. As I wish to ask to write to me your address. I wish something to send you from Russia, any small souvenir. To me it will be pleasant, if you will have any thing in which there will be my particle. And we though on hardly hardly become is more close to each other. It is very a pity to me, that I do not have home telephone number and even cellular, and I cannot talk to you directly from the house. And my parents too do not have phone. As I already wrote to you, they live in a private sector, in the house and there a telephone line never was and hardly once it there will be. I understand, that we live in very poor country and becomes very sad because, That we are deprived even the most primitive means of dialogue, things, in my opinion, the first necessity. It would be remarkable, if I had phone, we could communicate though every day. To hear each other and to tell all news. But it is necessary to dream of it only. But I do not get tired to hope, that we, not looking on what, we can talk in the near future with each other and hear our voices. You want it? I as wish to write to you the address. It so, just in case, suddenly once it to be necessary for you. And unlike myself, I wish to ask you that you nothing sent me to Russia. At us often happens, that letters, and gifts from abroad are checked and opened. Though and in our law it is precisely registered, that each person has the right to personal telephone conversations and correspondence. However all is listened, read through and carefully checked. Including letters. Nobody observes this law that is very insulting! I at all shall not be surprised, that, and our letters too are checked. Therefore send nothing to me, all can be gone simply or at the best the letter or gifts will come opened. It happens at us pretty often even if you send letters simply across Russia. I correspond with one classmate who has married and now lives in Great Novgorod. And often there are cases, that letters do not reach. Was even such, that from envelopes beautiful congratulatory cards vanished even! Here what at us wild people in Russia!!! And that already and to speak about letters and gifts from abroad. Probably, you too have such cases of losses, but in such quantity as at us. I even, in my opinion, heard about any scandalous post firm, Where too vanished a lot of valuable gifts, letters and documents, but I do not remember its name. Here my address where I live: Russia Index 153032. City Ivanovo. Street Tashkent. The house 110. Apartment 11. Do not forget to write too to me the coordinates in the following letter. Dear, you somebody from the friends told about ours with you acquaintance? I have shared the impressions and happiness with the close girlfriend and parents. My girlfriend, her name is Anzhela, transfers you greetings from Russia and is very glad to ours with you to close and good acquaintance. It is very happy, that I have changed the outlooks on life and have found to myself simply remarkable the man. And that I have really changed outlooks on life it really truth and it meant that, That I never understood, how people can get acquainted and communicate on the Internet. I always thought, that only abnormal people who cannot get acquainted with real people in shop there get acquainted, On a party, in the street. Well, in a word, in a usual, real life. And now I perfectly understand, that it so is remarkable, that such chance to meet you was presented me And that you have written to me and now we together. You my gift of destiny. I have told to parents about our acquaintance, and they even were surprised a little, That I communicate with the person from other country and completely not close. It was so interestingly, they so long asked me on you, and about us with you. That I have not much become puzzled at all and some questions was not ready to answer at all. They have asked me, whether serious at us with you of the attitude? If to speak fairly I have answered, that and even very serious. I at all do not know, can, early I do any conclusions and acts, but I wish to set to you one and very important question. Whether serious at us with you of the attitude????? I very much wait for your answer! I the adult person and I see and I feel you. At me even to you such deep related feeling as though I am familiar with you hundred years. I see, that between us something greater, than easier friendship and dialogue. I do not wish to be afraid and hesitate of that I feel and I speak you always only the truth about myself. I wish to see the same from you my dear Tim! On these dots I wish to finish the todays letter. I very much wait your answer and I wish to learn somewhat quicker everything, that you will write to me. Good-bye, my dear. I embrace and wait. Yours Elizaveta. Attachments Attachment scanning provided by: Photos: Scan and Save to Computer Save to Yahoo! Photos

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