Scam report about Anastasiya Maslennikova

First name:  Anastasiya
Last name:  Maslennikova
Age:  26
Location:  Russia Kazan
Address:  422042 Russia Kazan Pushkina street 72 - 48
Report:  Hello, I am not SURE if she is a scammer or not! but probably she is, as i read about the scammers, and as all letters are tipycal a scammers lettters! besides she requested a money for the visa and the tickets. and here bellow is one of her letter: Hello my love, my happiness, my life !!! How are you doing today? How your work? ok !I love you and you know it.... my heart and mind only listens to you!!!! Your thoughts and ideas are very, very important to me and whatever I do in this life of ours, I first need your approval, okay? Know that we think as one always!! You are perfect for me, Mind, Body and Soul. I will be experiencing, appreciating and loving you for the rest of my life. When we are together, we will both know in our hearts and mind that we are a true match. Truthfully, I don't know how our relations developed so quickly. I surmise perhaps we already knew in our heart and mind what we needed to be extremely happy. We, I guess had this image in our minds, but never did not know who or where this individual was or from where he or she may come from or what he or she may look like; all I know is, I'm here, you are here and we are together and everything is so right. I know that family is the basic unit of social organization in all human societies and we are putting ours together from different parts of the globe and when all is said and done; we will be together in the same place. We will be able to look into each others eyes, our lips will touch, our arms will ever so gently and eagerly wrap around the other with tears of joy and happiness filling our eyes and cheeks of a desire never ever felt more devine then our moment of truth in each others arms. we shall be together, I very much want it and you want it. My love, I know, that the our love and our feelings every day grow. Our love to become more and more and more! I understand, that we are native people! It seems to me, that we we can not live the friend without the friend... I very much wish to be fast with you, and now I understand, that our meeting is our following step in our relations! You agree with me? For me would be greater happiness if I could see you in a reality and lead even one hour at your presence! Allah will help us to make a correct choice! My love, I wish to tell to you, that after I have received your last letter, I thought of us much. I understood, that we we can write each other letters during very long time, but only our fast meeting can solve all and determine our further life. You agree with me, my love? And consequently I have solved, that it is necessary for me to arrive as soon as possible to you! You approve it, my love? I began to search for all possible variants of my arrival to you. I called in many agencies and learned the best variants of my travel. As you understand, it was necessary for me to find that way which cheaper would be for me and borrowed the least time for registration. I have found it. I learned all necessary, that will be necessary for my trip. I hope, that I can make all well and I shall visit your country very soon! I wish to tell to you, that my documents (the visa and the passport) will be ready within 1 week after I shall write the application. But as you know, any travel demands money. Expenses for my trip will make 1100 dollars. This cheapest, that I could find... But unfortunately, I have no all money... I have calculated, that I can find only 600 dollars. Even if I can borrow some money from my friends. I do not have not enough 500 dollars more that I could fly to you... It is very sad... My love, you can help me with this situation? If you could help me we could be together in 2 weeks, and have our fine meeting! My love, please well think of it and give me your answer! It is our unique chance to see each other shortly, and we should use it necessarily! I love you and I want, that all was good! I very much hope for you! We should be together! Inshallah! I do not want to lose minutes and not seconds... I very soon want to be with you together!!! I today today would like to be with you.....To me it is sad and lonely without you.... I love you and my feelings to you every day raise with speed of light!!!! My heart in your strong hands and only you the owner of my heart!!! I very much would like to be in your embraces faster.My night are very lonely without you.... I all night dream and I reflect on you... And me it becomes very sad when I feel that it simply dream... Today I all night laid and looked at stars and dreamed...My dreams were boundless... They began from simple walks on your city and came to an end at mad night make love!!! I have not found the person loved and understanding me here (except for my mum) But you have changed me and my life.... You have let know to me that such love... And I now can not put into the pleasure in a word... My feelings so are strong to you...In me hurricane of passion and love to you has woken up!! Please write to me faster that I did not worry... You see your letters force me to smile and force my eyes to shine similarly to fire... My mum and my grandmother wish you good day and very much want, that we were together soon! For me their understanding is very important and I hope, that you will respect also with it! I love you!!!! I need in you!! I miss.......... Salam! Yours Nadira. P.S. My love, I wish to inform you, that very soon I shall receive my salary on my work. Then I can call to you. I think, that it will be very pleasant to hear your voice before our meeting! :))) Also it is very fast on we wash a computer it will be installed Yahoo Messenger and we we can speak in a mode of real time! But certainly anything on Light will not replace our fine meeting! P.S. my address : 422042 Russia, Kazan . Pushkina street 72 - 48 My full name: Anastasiya Maslennikova P.S: i've got some photos for her, and next time i'll try to post them to

Status of report:  is still without proof

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