Scam report about anastasia saranchina

First name:  anastasia
Last name:  saranchina
Age:  26
Location:  last known - Moscow
On websites:  yahoo
Report:  This gal was on American Singles website and contacted me, we started talking and she said she fell in love w/me after only a month or so. She was going to come to the USA w/a bunch of girl friends, just hadn't decided on what part of the USA yet. When I met her, she decided it would be MN area. She had her whole trip planned out, had her visa and immigration papers already and sent me copies and I was all excited up until the point where she asked me for $1000 for the airline ticket, I could western union it to her. OF COURSE I DID NOT DO THAT! I told her to come to the usa, meet me at the airport and maybe I'd pay her back. I got an email back, she was in such despair, her heart was broken, she thought I loved her, etc etc etc. Never heard from her since. With so many out here, how come the scammers dont meet up with the scammers (by chance)? DTA is my motto, don't trust anyone! this one especially. I feel sorry for the real girl who owns this pic too! She's the biggest victim. I have about 50 pics of her too! Makes me wonder if someone who is the scammer knows her or stalks her ?

Status of report:  is still without proof

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