Scam report about Clarice Doudou

First name:  Clarice
Last name:  Doudou
Age:  22
Location:  Ivory Coast
On websites:  yahoo
Report:  I was a member of a dating site when I approached the young lady. After a short chat she invited me on yahoo messenger. I did. After we finished our conversation I got a letter the next day from her stating I should know more about her. In her e mail she explained to me the death by accident of her parents in the Ivory Coast 2 weeks prior. Her father apperently left her 3.5 million her being the sole heir but couldn't claim until her 30th birth day unless she got someone at that age who she can trust have itt put on their account where she would then meet the person and get married. However to claim the funds I had to pay $1500 to have the funds transfered to my account. After paying having all documents in hand..which all seemed legit was even called by the bank manager saying the funds were transfered. The following day Iwas called by Clarice saying I should call the bank manager who told me the gouvernment put a stop on the transfer. In order to get it I was to pay 5% of the amount. Apparently her dad paid 5% before he died some years ago. After much back and forth from 5% it came down to according to her $700 and it would be transfered. I paid the 700 to then find out it was supposed to be $7000..which by then I was furious and never paid. During the months..sept-nov I also sent her on various occasions money for food and the like. Nothing has come out of it and Isay beware to all those who claim to have inherited a large sum but to get those funds you need to pay to receive...don't don't under no circumstances.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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