Scam report about Tatjana

First name:  Tatjana
Age:  28
Location:  Volzhsk, russia
On websites:
Report: 2007-04-11 22:14:00 hi please take a look at my profile and if you like respond, oh and is your english good? » Read on: 2007-04-12 15:26:17 » Deleted: 2007-04-12 15:28:32 2007-04-12 15:27:46 Hello. I have received your letter. I am very glad for it. Write to me please on mine email **. It is more convenient to me to communicate there. I shall wait your letter. Tatjana hello, Thank you for giving me your email address, do you not be worried about giving out your email to people you dont know. have you ever been married? Pat 14 April 2007 06:47:24 Hi Pat! I am very glad to receive your letter, I hope that we learn each other in our letters. I wish to know more in detail about you, than are engaged, your hobby and much many other things. As I already wrote, my name is Tatjana and me 28 years, 15 december to me 29 years are executed. My growth about 170 centimeters and weight about 58 kgs. I consider myself attractive. At light hair. A beautiful figure :-))). I was born and I live in the city of Volzhsk. Now I live with mother. My mum the most wonderful person on light. I very much love it. It to me did only kind, good. I think, you too with it will get acquainted and will grow fond of it also, as well as I love it. Never was married, children are not present. Studied in Volzhsk in pedagogical institute. On a speciality the teacher of elementary grades. I very much love children. Therefore also began to learn children. Very much to like me my work. In private life at me has not developed. I till now have not married. Does not carry also all. I have decided to find to myself the husband on the Internet. English I know badly, but conversation I can support. As at my place the computer is not present, I write letters to you through the Internet-cafe. What I wish you to see? I want. That you were able to love, be gentle, tender, lovely. That you liked to do and accept gifts. I too like to do gifts. This everything, that I while inform on myself. In following letters we can learn about each other better. Tatjana e-mail database of scammers: Nigerian dating, 419, lottery ... ... her profile is here - i have a photo sent by email but i dont know to send it to you, i noticed that she deleted my message after she had read it and i found this strange and she gave my her email address in her first reply. i will be emailing her for more information from her. i have had a few similar responses form other girls and i will investigate them as well.

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