Scam report about Deborah Smith

First name:  Deborah
Last name:  Smith
Aka:  marycastorgirl
Age:  26
Location:  Washington DC---London......but actually in Nigeria
Phone:  2348062593217
On websites:  BlackMatch as well as others
Report:  This is how I liked scammers to come to me....make it short and sweet. I contacted her. As I browsed through the profiles I noticed her pictures and sent an email. After a few days we finally started the emails flowing...her set up to finish only took three days....we exchanged emails for two days and on the third she invited me to chat..we only chatted one time..well two times in one chat the next day but she replied to the two emails I had sent her. On the very next day I received an email stating that she was so terribly sick and was being admitted to a hospital. I replied to her email and I received a fresh email giving me more details of just how bad off she was and apologizing for not coming online the day before....she then asked me if her doctor had contacted me yet...I replied about one hour I received the pitch from the so called doctor with the same last name as hers and using his personal email to contact me about hospital business,I mean come on guys and girls...what doctor do you know would take time to solicit money for any paitient, if you dont have it on you right then, then you go get it and come back...simple as that ....all letters are being posted with this report. She is supposed to be in London being treated by an English doctor..but his letter had all of the spelling and grammer of a 6yr old a very dumb six yr old..I mean it was terrible and not very coherent...ooh by the way...she says she lives in Washington DC..on vacation in London but the phone number she asked me to call her on has a Nigerian country code, I just causualy asked her in a chat if she had ever been to Nigeria when I noticed the country code for her phone, she said NO..why do you ask? the letters

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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