Scam report about Yulia Vasileva

First name:  Yulia
Last name:  Vasileva
Age:  28
Location:  Salavat
Email: vasileva.yulia@gmail
Report:  Contacted me through the Lucky Lovers site.Wrote all the usual stuff,did not answer questions I asked her.Wanted to visit me but didn`t have the money.I played along and she asked me to send money to her cousin for collection.Her name was Irina Vasileva address Yoskar-Ola city.Parkway Chavajna 20/169,Index 424000. She then changed her e-mail address claiming her`s had been broken into.Also appeared on yahoo im one night with one id but the next night with different again.When I asked why she claimed to have forgotten her password to the first one.I found her on another site called where a dutchman had reported her recently with the same story.She sent me an e-mail recently thanking me for my letter,I hadn`t written to her for about 4 weeks!Says she will wait for me well she`ll have a long wait!

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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