Scam report about inna

First name:  inna
Age:  25
Location:  russia
Email:   Report:  she does not even read the mails...I added list of scammers and she replyed that:Greetings my dear Claudio I wish to tell, that is glad, that you answer me. I very closely read your letters, Your life, your work, your days off is very interesting to me. Your letters are very important for me and necessary as air. For me important each your word, each offer. My ideas only about you. I imagine you with me together. To me It would be desirable to divide with you the dreams, ideas, interests, a life. In your letters is Something surprising. With each letter I learn something new, that else did not know about you. To me very important your opinion on us. For me today there was not so good day, the head, probably because of weather changing hurted, but I think it for a short while. My mum Transfers you greetings and wishs good luck. It considers, that we probably can To create fine feelings. Our attitudes seem to me a dream, I never before did not feel such happy, but I know, that it is all a reality. To me it becomes sad from an idea, that you are very far from me. I very much would like, that you were a number and always could touch me and embrace. I live your letters and your name. I am Literally one month ago thought only about work, about family. I also did not know that my happiness absolutely beside well, that at our world there is an Internet. It would be even more pleasant to me to wake up near to you, to feel your breath, palpitation. I think, that once we shall transform our dream into a reality. How you look at it? It is a pity, that I cannot hear your voice, but in due course I shall try to correct this situation. At the first opportunity I shall try to get to myself phone. The patience is necessary only. It seems to me, that every day I ideas become closer to you. I would like to learn from you my dear how you concern to my ideas? I think, that you consider me too opened, simply I am am overflown with emotions in relation to you. I consider, that you understand me. I know, that the God will help us and consequently I am happy. I with impatience shall look forward to hearing from you. Sincerely yours Inna

Status of report:  is still without proof

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