Scam report about Evgeniya

First name:  Evgeniya
Age:  unknown
Location:  ukraine
Address:  sverdlovsk
Email:  eevgenilka_gmail and evgenilkaster_gmail
Report:   Hello dear Bert!!! Thank you for your wonderful letter, you know your letters also bring me the sunray to my heart. I am so happy to correspondence with you. I am very happy,. But you see now, I am very sad. I even don't know how to be. I don't want to upset you and I so much want to be with you. But you see, I am very sorry but I can't write you any more. I use the translation services and now I have to pay again, and I can't do this. I am in a very difficult situation and now I will see if it was true or just the game. Dear Bert you mean for me a lot and I beg you about the help. I have no right for this, and I will understand if you will refuse. Sincerely, your Evgeniya.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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