SCAM REPORT ABOUT  joanne stephanies

First name: joanne
Last name: stephanies
Aka: adekeye olusola agent
Age: 30
Location: nigeria osogbo
Address: osun 23435
Phone: 234-80621730 cell
On websites: yahoo,msn
Report:     adekeye agent or the scammer phone 234-80621730 cell nigeria osogbo osun 23435 uses name joanne stephanies uses yahoo, msn i feal like fool but she im me and we talked for almost 2 mo.then needed 250 dollars for a passport to come here after that in about two weeks plane fare 2,050 from nigeria to indianapolis.then i realized what was going on.but it was to late she said she needed 850 dollars for bta this is money to travel i started checking flights and there wasnt any.i still talk to her daily but she thinks the police know about her.but they dont yet i have been promised my money back.she is a college grad says and she stole the money to take care of kids on the streets their.i have her fake pictures and more information if you are interested .i need information what to me if you can help with information.
Status of report: is still without proof