SCAM REPORT ABOUT  Margarita Romanchenko

First name: Margarita
Last name: Romanchenko
Age: 20
Location: Lugansk Ukraine
Address: Matrosova 4/5
Phone: +380661733747 +380954476681
Email: Her translator:
On websites:
Report:     I ve been scammed by Margarita Romanchenko living in Lugansk (Ukraine). We were corresponding for months (4 months approximately) and she wrote me very original and personal letters replying to all my questions (absolutely not typical SCAM letters) and then i was convinced she was not a scam and then flew to Ukrane and i went to her town (Lugansk) to visit her..and stay with her one week. When i arrived to Lugansk she went with to airport with her translator (name: Inna Knaizeva) because her english was very poor...and all the days i met her there ..then she always came in company of her translator and this translator she charged me 8 dollars per hour..for translation! (everyday almost 4 hours..of translations..meant 32 usd...) ALso she rented me the flat in Lugansk and she told me that owner wanted 70 usd per night..! Lugansk is not normal price is on average 30/40 usd...per night Then i started to be very suspicious.. I stayed there for 1 week (i rented one apartment) and she never wanted to give me a simple kiss...that why this sounded strange...but as opposite she didnt wanted to go dinner out to some expensive restaurant and she never asked for present..but then she asked me 200 usd for some troubles she told she had with her school..and i gave her this money.. She was definately a very good actress...and very clever scammer..i must say...and this fucking Inna Knaizeva she was the
Status of report: is still without proof