Scam report about Aleksandra Kwashnina

First name:  Aleksandra
Last name:  Kwashnina
Age:  29
Location:  Irkusk Region, Kierrnsk Russia & Moscow
Address:  Russia, Irkusk region, Kirensk, Lermontova str. 21, Moscow,115028, Sadovnicheskaya street, build 71,room 42
On websites:
Report:  She uses to meet you her screen name is/was bonnaSirena. Her protrait/portfollio has no picture, she claims to live in Oklahoma (bad choice I lived there most of my life) When she emails you she says she rarely uses and to please respond back to is is impatiently waiting. You respond to here but here nothing back for 5 days. She responds using the arcingle@yahoo and tell you she was tring to see if she can comunicate with people aboard. She pour it on about not being happy there wants to travel to USA and work. She claims to have a

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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