Scam report about Brenda Garcia

First name:  Brenda
Last name:  Garcia
Age:  27
Location:  Denver, Colorado and Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria
Phone:  234-802-343-1865 or 011-234-802-343-1865
On websites:
Report:  Ok here it is the truth, and if you are contacted by this person. Block them and Call your Local FBI and file a Report...This person contacted me and some of my friends, saying the exact same story (Word for Word). Ok she will claim she is in Nigeria and needs $200.00 to pay her medical bills, she was in a horrible taxi car accident, where her family all died and she was the sole survivor. She needs the money soon and from Western Union, she phone numbers wont work cause no one answers them and the email address a DR will write you and talk like its the same person. she will say she feels your perfect for her even if your a man or woman, she has a 6 Million dollar estate she will recieve in L.A. from her dads inheritance from his company if you get her back to the U.S.A. If you search the internet you will find more scams under this same this and under this person especially for the country of Nigeria, Dont be caught in this SCAM, you will never see or hear from the person or get your money back. If you talk to her on different screen names too, that will also prove to you when you get the exact same story (word for word) what a SCAM it is. I didt get caught, because I did my research first... INFORMATION, you need: This is how you will be asked for the money. Receiver name is Brenda Garcia City is Ikeja State is Lagos Country is Nigeria Text Q? is Who is coming Text answer is Brenda Receivers name is Sanusi Ibrahim City is Ikeja State is Lagos Country is Nigeria Text question is

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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