Scam report about Joyce Omala

First name:  Joyce
Last name:  Omala
Aka:  omjoyy
Age:  22
Location:  Cote d' Ivoire
On websites:
Report:  Emailed me saying that her father was killed and left her a lump sum of money. Said he put a hold on it until she could leave her country to flee to the U.S. She needed me to put it in her account and then become a father figure to her. She said she needed $920.00 to get the work done for the transfer to begin. I sent it and she acted as if it was going through. Then I recieved an email from a company called International Financial Crime Commisson saying that I had to pay $6,700 within 48hours to get the money transfer to complete. Due to the terrorist attacks on the U.S. on 9/11. They say it was to verify the money sent over (1.5m)would not be used for terrorists. I have all the emails as well as I still communicate with her. I checked this site because I was about to try and get the $6,700 and send it to them. She told me that the men that killed her father were after her now because they knew she would have this money. Thats why I was willing to try, to save her life, so i thought. It was also very believable because she showed me bank statements of the transfer being complete, also she gave me a number to call the bank and ask for a guy named Anoma Joseph. I spoke with him twice. But when I trid to contact the number for the so-called IFCC, it was not a working number, and no one in the U.S. had heard of such a licence. (anti-terrorist license)

Status of report:  is still without proof

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