Scam report about Tracy Ola

First name:  Tracy
Last name:  Ola
Age:  28
Location:  Lake Forest, IL
On websites:  Yahoo Personals
Report:  Don't fall for anybody that says they are from Nigeria or are in Nigeria, period. Also, really bad grammar is something that should tip you off immediately. Don't fall for it! Here is the first response I got: Thank you for the message you sent to me...It's nice reading from you and i am not sure if i get the correct e-mail address...Let me know if you get this message so i will be assure that i get the right e-amil address...Write back to me and tell me more about yourself and never hesitate to ask me anything you feel like asking okay? Hope to read back from you. Tracy Second Response: Thank you so much for the e-mail you just sent to me...I really much appreciate that....It's nice reading from you and hope things are working fine with you....I have read you mail and i have read through your profile....I guesss it's suits mine or what do you think? Now to tell you a little about myself....I am Tracy and I was born in Lake Forest IL, United States ...I had my elimentary education in the state and i moved down to Nigeria afater my dad's death...My mom and my self and and my younger brother move here just because my mom is originally born there.Afterthat, i proceeded my high school education here in Nigeria and also my university education and masters' degree at the University Of Lagos...I had a BSC in Sales and makreting and it has an international accreditations which means that i can work in any company all around the globe with my degree.I help my mom in the store where she sells food stuffs and provissions....I think i have told you a little for now and it's now left for you to let me know if we can proceed further or not or have i scared you off at all?Well i will be waiting to read back from you soonest. Tracy If that second one isnt a dead giveaway, I don't know what else you need. Just wanted to post this here to make sure other people out there aren't so desperate to meet someone that they fall for some Nigerian guys scam.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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