Scam report about ashley mee

First name:  ashley
Last name:  mee
Aka:  ashley williams
Age:  25?
Location:  silver ciyt,maryland..USA...
Address:  1 glover street,lagos mainland,lagos.23401.nigeria
Phone:  2348034638994 nigeria/ 3014391417 usa
On websites:  my space/yahoo messenger/
Report:  this is the same person on this page by the name of ashley williams..on the site dave gave the same address if you look ..i ask her about this she said she was a model and someone stole her pics and i'd. but that dosen't explain the same address in nigeria,that she's at now and what are the chances that i met a fake in dec and the real one in may..keeps talking bout money everyday. she must of saw what i posted i was speaking with her and she just cut off in the middle of our always about money with her as much as i try to stay away from it she brings it back up. the other picture of ashley williams on this site is her as well she admitted that to me,when she said it was stolen.that her father had told her about this site i ask her then why is she on here she never answer that.only saying it was someone pretending to be her. but lets face it she's a scammer.she will ask you to speak with her on yahoo messenger. i think she knows now.she cut off and has'nt come back on. i think she thought she was going to get money from me..i've only spoke with her since this past friday.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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