Scam report about Ginlove Mendoza

First name:  Ginlove
Last name:  Mendoza
Age:  30
Location:  Phillipeans
Phone:  63 926 966 4617
On websites:  Tango Wire
Report:  she was pictured under 5 different names on Tango Wire. She made the first contact. Cost me a bunch for docs such as Passport lots of travel and other documentary expense put in a very detailed report, insisted on money to buy ticket there as she said embasy only allowed it that way, then said she had to have show money for the embasy. total fraud. I heard chickens in the back ground on lots of calls. The e-mails as I look back were done in different fonts and if I not total fool would have seen it easy. Very early on started complaining how poor she was and fell in love alledgely I never got copies of the documents she alledgely got how ever I could pull up all e-mails on my aol site under search.Change in type styles alone should have alerted me same thing from one Florida that actually was in Nigeria Thank goodness she did not show when she let me even go to airport and wait.

Status of report:  is still without proof

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