Scam report about misbau labala

First name:  misbau
Last name:  labala
Aka:  eva dunn, betry_no_baby.
Age:  25-32?
Location:  ghana/Accra
Address:  120 west street accra ghana 00233
On websites:  quite of few and she is on all stop scammers! sites lie this one
Report:  she is stunningly beautiful and looks more latin/caucasian than african/black,she has a generic sob story she gives to everybody who bites..she begins asking for phone card and quickly escalates to a couple of thousand dollars for passport,visa and plane ticket..The more you deny her more inistant she gets!!If you look at her passport carefully you can see she pasted her photo name and DOB over the original owner entries. I do think she is from Ghana cause she insists that you send money to the local western union in that town, perhaps the faimly is part of scam cause she keeps bringing up her mum as having the final say so in any everything I asked of her.When I started to pull away she sent me some nude photos as a last ditch attempt to hook me again, I must say she is stunningly sexy! Too bad she is a criminal..I have all her info and dont know who to turn it into so they can stop her from hurting more nice guys like myself that are just looking for a mail order bride, nothing more...Any advice anybody?

Status of report:  is published in main database with photos

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