First name: astra
Last name: cole
Age: 33
Location: 31,ICELAND AVENUE LAGOS NIGERIA &plains,virginia,united states
Address: 23401
Phone: 0112348063097884 Mr James
On websites: myspace
Report:     Hello...Thanks for your mail.. you actually sound like somebody I can get along with.. I feel I should let it out... to you since you are interested in getting to know me..., I was actually into a very wonderful and sweet relationship... we had everything going well... he was my dad and mom... because I did grow up not knowing them, he was everything to me... He was the best thing that ever happened to me .. untile one night... it was like a turn around, everything that ever made me want to remain alive went away just within a night... I caught my boyfriend cheating on me with my Bestfriend.... I couldn't think straight for some days... I wanted to leave, wanted to be left alone... go some where very far away from home... I then thought of an online friend that has wanted me to pay her a visit... I had to go... and presently I am in lagos Nigeria... it was okay for the first week... you know how its when you are in a foreign country.. I was being treated has a queen... the situation I have here now is that... the friend I came visiting became ill we had to take her from one place to another...I was scared I would lose her... she was seriously ill...this is the 5th weeks here not taking note... because I actually had to concentrate on her, I wanted to make sure she didn't die on me, since i couldn't be there for my parents... i didn't want to lose the most periouse thing I had left...I was carried away didn't look up for my was suppose to last for a month... even at the moment I am telling you this, she is still at the hospital and hope she gets well soon... so i thought I did be heading back to the state, since my stay here was already due... when I visited the ticketing office they said I would have to make a re-schedule, and that I can not afford now... that was really stupid of me... not to remembering my flightschedule.... I have spent everything I came here with on her hospital bills....I really wana get back to the state real soon.... I don't know how to askyou... but I feel i have got no choice but do this... i feel I am a victim of circumtances nothing really works well for me.. how come no body wants come I never grew up to know my parents... this questions I get to ask my self... every day... can all this wounds really be healed?...I hope you write back soon..Astra ----------====================thats the first story line i have many,lol,,i still got them goin if you need more info. i think i just found my new thing to do.,,lol,,,anyways let me know we were at 650 and now there beggin for my last 150 knowin i had to send my mom out of town and real stuff happin to me,,,i want to take em out bad,,sooooo use me or ill just end up sendin them a virus or jp thank you guys this site is very helpful and i hope i can help someone so please contact me asap and let me know what to do thank you
Status of report: is still without proof