SCAM REPORT ABOUT  melvin doherty

First name: melvin
Last name: doherty
Aka: kelly jones, annie evans, anita evens,anita smith, anita wills
Age: 29
Location: lagos
Email: and stop scammers report
On websites: love access now deleted
Report:     i havent submitted this person but will, CONSIDER THIS PERSON DANGEROOUS, as of may 25, 2007, i have recieved death threats from this person claiming to be jamacian american, i have phone # linking to miami, I am in the process of giving all info I have to the FBI rhis person is also link to stealing from companies acct # I recieved a check for this person but the company has no connection, this is when the death threats began , anyone conntected with this person should some how let me know, so that imformation can be link to mine, so this person can be found and dealt with again this person is DANGEROUS. once all informaiton is turn over to FBI i will give a complet posting
Status of report: is still without proof