First name: Sandra
Last name: Kerly
Aka: Sandy Jo
Age: 29-30
Location: Meriden, Conneticut
On websites:
Report:     Started out as a love affair. we found out what each other did for work. She worked for a company called Oriental Petrochemicals Company. Name dealt with the company Jack Davis, Kenneth Haeussler, Mike Oniel and her uncle Ken Kerly. Emails at: As a couple we were to make more money. First they wanted a 400.00 registration fee. Then when we got first contract we were suppose to come up with 22,000. who does that. She wanted me to go to the bank tomorrow and get a loan so we could do the contract. tomorrow is Memorial day. I asked her if she knew what day tomorrow was, she could not answer, I asked her to name at least one of the 3 major holiday's of summer, she could not give a answer. She had to look up and find out what day it was. She would not give me her phone number, she would not call me and let me hear her voice, she would not let me come and see her in person. She lives with her uncle in Meriden CT. She first said she had no other relatives, then she said she had a brother that lived in Manchester United, England. She said she was born in CT and lived in England when she was younger. Both parents are dead. She is a good scammer, what triped her up is she would not give personal imformation and did not know the U.S. holidays
Status of report: is still without proof