Scam report about ekaterina budkova

First name:  ekaterina
Last name:  budkova
Aka:  anastasia lozovaya
Age:  22
Location:  lugansk in ukraine (artemovsk at weekends)
Address:  sovetskaya street 65/35, lugansk
On websites: as katerina84
Report:  unfortunately was scammed for tickets etc. She offered to show her ukraine passport but i rusted her from her letters (would it have made any difference as they are fake!) Have since googled her name but nothing of note........but then came across this website and saw her pic as well as where she is Anna Livarenko. Have found out the pics are from a pop singer called Tina Karol. She (allegedly) sent sweet e-mails for about 6 weeks with these pics monday to friday. anyway here are 2 of the letters. Letter 1 HELLO, MY DEAR JOHN!!!!! THANK YOU FOR YOUR PAYING ATTENTION ON MY MESSAGE. YOU WILL ASK ME WHAT I AM DOING THERE, I AM LOOKING FOR A SOUL MATE.... YOU KNOW, IT IS HARD TO FIND A GOOD MAN AND PARTNER IN LIFE........ EVEN, THERE, IN THE INTERNET, HAPPENS UNPLEASANT SITUATIONS, YOU KNOW POSSIBLY...... THAT'S WHY I DON'T WANT TO GET SUCH A SITUATION.... YOU NEED TO UNDERSTAND ME, I AM AN HONEST, FRIENDLY WOMAN,I WILL NEVER HURT ANYBODY, AND EXPECT THAT NOBODY WILL HURT ME... I'LL GIVE YOU AN EXAMPLE..... SOME OF MY FRIENDS FOUND A GOOD MEN, SUCCESSFULLY GOT MARRIED, AND LIVE HAPPY TILL TODAY. I AM NOT JEALOUS PERSON,BUT I WANT A REAL FEMALE HAPPINESS. I WANT TO LOVE AND BE BELOVED...... I AM SURE THAT EVERYBODY WANT TO BE HAPPY. DO YOU AGREE WITH ME? WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM LIFE?WIFE,GIRLFRIEND OR JUST A GIRL TO REST WITH HER?I NEED TO TELL YOU,THAT I AM DIFFERENT,I KNOW WHAT I WANT. AND NOW I WOULD LIKE TO TELL YOU SOMETHING ABOUT ME. AS YOU CAN SEE I HAVE LONG BLOND HAIR , I AM 22,NOT TOO TALL JUST 165 CENTIMETERS , 52 KG WEIGHT,HAVE BLUE EYES. I AM AN INDUSTRIOUS, HONEST AND ROMANTIC PERSON . AND WHAT ABOUT YOU ? I WANT YOU TO WRITE ME ABOUT YOURSELF , YOUR HOBBY , YOUR INTERESTS , FAMILY AND SO ON.... AS FOR ME I AM A STUDENT,5 C0URSE, I AM LEARNING ENGLISH AND RUSSIAN LITERATURE . I LIVE IN A DORMITORY (ON THE WEEK), I LIKE STUDENTS LIFE VERY MUCH . I HAVE A LOT OF FRIENDS , BUT I DON'T HAVE THE BEST , TO WHOM I CAN TELL MY SECRETS , TO DIVIDE MY BAD SITUATIONS AND SO ON . ON MY FREE TIME I WORKS AS A TEACHER, IN ORDER TO PAY MY EDUCATION. BECAUSE IT IS VERY HARD TO LIVE NOWADAYS,PAY EDUCATION,STATE DUES,YOU WILL UNDERSTAND ME TOTALLY. I LIVE WITH MY MOTHER(ONLY ON WEEKENDS) IN ARTEMOVSK,IT IS 80 KM FROM LUGANSK, WE ARE VERY CLOSE AND FRIENDLY. WE OFTEN WENT FOR A WALK TOGETHER . SHE IS MY BEST FRIEND , WE ARE GOOD TOGETHER . MUMS SAID THAT I AM VERY GOOD IN HOUSEKEEPING ( I HOPE SO ). I DON'T HAVE FATHER,BECAUSE HE LEFT US WHEN I WAS 8,HE HAS ANTHER FAMILY NOW,2 SONS,HE TOTALLY DOESN'T NEED ME,AND I DON'T NEED HIM TOO ALREADY. I ALSO LOVE KIDS VERY MUCH , AND THEY LIKE ME TOO ... I ALSO LIKE SUMMER , IT'S GREEN GRASS , THE SMELL OF FLOWERS , BEES BUZZING , THE NOISE OF THE SEA , SANDY BEACHES..............I LIKE FORESTS , THE TREES , SHINNING SUN , WARM BLOWING WIND .......... I ALSO LIKE ANIMALS VERY MUCH , ESPECIALLY DOGS . I WANT TO HAVE A DOG VERY MUCH. DO YOU LIKE DOGS? I THINK THAT'S ALL FOR NOW I CAN TELL YOU , I WILL BE WAITING FOR YOUR ANSWER IMPATIENCE .... I AM VERY INTERESTED IN YOU. DON'T FORGET TO WRITE INFORMATION ABOUT YOU , AND SEND PHOTO ....... IT SEEMS THAT YOU ARE GOOD MAN AND REALLY WANT TO FIND YOUR OTHER HALF,BECAUSE I WANT IT TOO. TAKE CARE AND BE WARM... SINCERELY YOURS KATYA Letter 2 Hi my dear John!!!!!! Very nice to find your letter in my box. Thanks,that you are interested in me,and I hope that this interest will not hurt me. It depends from you,dear John... I am really interested in you,I like your picture and I feel,that you are good nice man,who I need...You wrote very nice letter,and I hope everything will be ok between us.... Funny you are,of course,it is my photos,why did you ask me this question? Let me tell you about what I am looking for in my search. I think it is fairly close to what you want. I will leave it up to you to decide. I am searching for a long term (life-time) commitment. I am not interested in short term relationships. I want to find someone who is open to all ideas. I need to know that we can talk about anything without judging what the other is saying. I know we might have different opinions, in fact I would expect it. However, I expect that we would explore the others position in order to understand why each feels the way they do. Only by understanding the other person completely can you become part of a couple. As a couple, we would face many decisions. Some, like choice of clothes or where to eat lunch, are personal and as such, would be entirely up to that person. Others, like large expenditures, lifestyle changes, where to live or anything that would impact both parties, must be approached by both people as a team. Each should take the time to express their own opinion and must be willing to listen to the others opinion. I think that this is a very important point. Respecting the others opinions is just as important as respecting the others person. (Although it really shouldn't need to be said, physical and emotional abuse are definite no-nos.) The most important quality in the relationship is trust. I think that it is vital that we trust each other. Trust means that we know that the other person will never do anything that will harm the other physically or emotionally. I really want someone who I can talk to, share my dreams, joys and disappointments. I'm seeking a shoulder to cry on and offering one back. I would want him to support and encourage me in my pursuits and dreams, professional and personal, as I would do for him. I know it is a lot, but I think it is the least that anyone should expect in a relationship leading to a marriage. All of the above is important, but it also only the serious side of a marriage. I also believe there should be a lot of laughter and joy in a marriage. A family, including children, balances the serious with the joyful. Raising a child is the most important thing that we do as adults. It's a serious job, but one that brings great joy and pride to the parents. I hope this gives you some idea of what I am here for. If it seems like it is something which interests you, lets pursue getting to know each other. If not, I'm glad to have had the chance to meet you (even if it was only in print). Frankly speaking, I have never associate in chat, you are the first!It is too hard to trust somebody here. It is sad, when you trust person, and she doesn't justify your hopes!!!I don't like liars. I want to trust you,Dear John, very much. I don't want to be a toy in your hands. I hope that you are truly with me..... As I have never been abroad,unfortunately,but I would like to visit Paris,with my beloved one day. I think it is a city of love and it would like to visit it. UK?Maybe,maybe,one day,if you will be sure you want see me,I would gladly come,but,you are right,I don't have international passport and visa..I can't afford all this, even I work as teacher,I don't earn much money,my salary is only 110$. I think,if we will decide to meet,I will try to save some money for trip,and will come for 1 month,by tourist visa,and if we will be sure we want be together and marry,I will turn back to Ukraine and will make Fiancee visa. What do you think,John? I don't have a man, because I am disappointed by our men. They don't need real feelings,only sex. That is why I looking for a real man here, in the Internet. I want to find a man, who will be my future husband, the father of my future kids and just a devoted friend. It is all that I am looking for..... Answer me.... Yours Katya

Status of report:  is still without proof

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