SCAM REPORT ABOUT  Valentina Voloboy

First name: Valentina
Last name: Voloboy
Age: 22
Location: Ukraine,Kherson
Address: 121, Poroshenko Street atp 45
Phone: 80677323457
On websites:
Report:     I am a british man, who was meanly decieved by this ukrainian girl. she contacted me through the website and was very nice for the beginning, she said she has a visa to come to study to the UK and she wants to stay with me becuase she likes me.. She was really very sweet over the phone and i was even thinking i might consider marrying her one day, despite the fact that i am 30 years older.. who knows- I thought.. on was only a couple weeks after we made a contact that she said she gave up trying to find the money for her travel expenses to UK. I, being a gentleman offered to pay for her expenses and i sent her 1000 dollars. she desappeared right after she picked the money. honestly, I thought somthing has happened to her and I travelled to Ukraine ( where I am now)both on business and to find valentine, the bog was my surprise when I did not find her on the address. I think the person is fake and i was decived, what a nuisence Gary W ( UK)
Status of report: is still without proof